I was blissful as walked to the house. I wanted to talk to Alice. I still had a few questions. I was lost in my thoughts as I walked through the front door. That's when I ran into something that felt like a brick wall, and fell backwards landing on my butt. I heard a roar of laughter and looked up to see Emmett towering over me. He reached down and plucked me off the floor effortlessly.

"Damn, Bella you still make things interesting around here. I'm glad we kept you around," he smirked.

"Thanks Emmett I'm glad to entertain you."

I realized that Emmett was still holding me with his hands snaked around my waist. I looked up and saw a lusty smile cross his face. His hands found my backside and hoisted me up so that my hips pressed into his. I wrapped my legs around his waist to avoid falling, even though I knew he wouldn't drop me.

"Bella, dear, I know another way you could entertain me," he whispered into my ear, and rocked my body against his, creating just enough friction to make me moan. He let out a peal of laughter again and set me back down on my feet.

"Oh, Bella, the next time I make you moan like that, it's going to be followed by you screaming my name." he said and smacked my ass.

I was still a little sore from yesterday so I let out a squeak. Emmett just laughed and sauntered off down the hall.

I quickly regained my composure and continued to look for Alice. I went upstairs to see if she was in their room. The door was closed so I gently knocked. I heard a quick shuffle of stuff being moved around and what sounded like someone jumping out the window. The door opened, and Jasper stood in front of me wearing a maroon terrycloth bathrobe, his hair was wet and in tight golden curls as if he had just gotten out of the shower. I immediately felt a wave of calm hit me.

"Oh. Hi, Jasper, I'm looking for Alice," I said as I felt my muscles relax from the calm.

"You just missed her sweetheart, but she told me to tell you that she loves us both and to have fun." he said with a smile.

"Why would she say that?" I thought out loud and then the realization of what she meant hit me like a ton of bricks. "Oh, she had a vision of us didn't she and that was her I heard jumping out the window wasn't it?" I asked, looking up at Jasper sheepishly.

Jasper grinned down at me.

"She saw that it would be easier if it was just the two of us this time."

I let my eyes trail up his body. Jasper was built so differently than Edward. While Edward had a lean build with broad shoulders like a swimmer, Jasper was more of what I would call lanky, but with chiseled muscles in all the right places. I noticed his legs had a slight bow to them as if he had just gotten off a horse. The image of Jasper in tight Wrangler jeans and cowboy hat flashed through my mind. I was instantly aroused.

"Wow, Bella. Tell me, what could possibly make you send out such a powerful blast of lust? Is it me?' he asked and grabbed my hands pulling me into the room.

Jasper was sending me bursts of calm mingled with desire. In my new state of arousal I pushed my body against his.

"I was just picturing you, dressed as a cowboy," I giggled.

"Well, hell, Bella that's an easy one," he drawled in a sexy Texan accent.

He darted to his closet. I heard things being thrown about, and within seconds he was standing in front of me again.

I had no idea I could be so turned on by just a change of clothes. I felt the heat build between my thighs. He gave a silly little spin with his thumbs hooked through his belt loops. His black cowboy hat sat just right, hiding a little bit of his face. His black collared western shirt had snap buttons and silver piping that showed off his amazing pecs.

Damn! I thought as my eyes continued down his body and took in his tight ass squeezed into a pair of Wranglers. Right above his very obvious erection was a massive belt buckle encrusted with stones in the shape of a longhorn. The whole look was topped off by a black pair of shiny leather boots.

"Trying to compensate for something with that buckle, Mister?" I teased.

"Honey, there is no need for me to compensate for anything, cause everything is bigger in Texas," he exclaimed.

"Well, Tex, why don't you show me just how big," I purred as I strolled over to him and shoved both of my hands into his back pockets to give his ass a firm squeeze.

"Yes. M'am." he said and tossed us both on the bed and kicked off his boots.

I reached for his face to draw him in, but he pulled back. Embarrassment suddenly flooded over me. Had I done something wrong? Did he not want me? But the second the thoughts flashed through my mind they disappeared as he sent me a wave of calm again.

"I'm sorry darlin', I didn't mean to make you feel bad. It's just a little unspoken rule that we don't kiss anyone other than our mates on the lips. Is that okay with you?" he said with hurt in his eyes.

I reached up and pulled his face to mine again, only this time I went for his neck and let my teeth and tongue graze from his Adam's apple to his ear where I whispered, "That's fine as long as that's the only place off limits."

I trailed kisses back down his neck and looked up to see the lust in his eyes, as his waves of desire overwhelmed me. I continued peppering kisses down his chest, while I unsnapped his shirt, and gently ran my tongue along the scars covering his cold, granite abs. He let out a soft moan as my hands grazed over his stiff member while unbuttoned his jeans. He lifted up so I could slide them off along with his boxers . Then in one fell swoop he had me flipped so he was on top.

I grinned at him and he playfully nipped at my ear and whispered, "Everything else is fair game."

"Good," I said as I ran my fingers through his sun-kissed curls.

Mimicking my actions, he unbuttoned my shirt while licking and sucking his way down my stomach. When he stopped at the waistband of my jeans, he looked up at me, checking my reaction to make sure I didn't look scared. I gave him a quick wink to let him know I was okay. After stripping me of the rest of my clothing, he nudged my thighs apart with his knee. I felt his hand lightly skim over my mound, and my unnecessary breathing increased.

"My god Bella, you are so wet, and your smell is absolutely exquisite. I want to make you come for me darlin', may I?"

The thought of Jasper between my legs made me moan.

"God, Jasper, please." I breathed.

He smirked at me and let his head fall between my thighs. He inhaled my scent deeply before nudging my extremely sensitive bundle of nerves with his nose. I gasped at the contact. Using his tongue to tease my clit, Jasper eased two fingers inside me and slowly began pumping them in and out. My hips pitched forward making him go deeper and faster.

"Jasper… I'm….about to…"

"Come for me baby," he growled.

I grabbed the sheets and felt them shred in my grasp as my body began to quiver. As his fingers curled and hit my g-spot, I felt my walls clench as my climax hit me.

"Jasper! Fuck!" I screamed.

He kept his rhythm letting me ride out the orgasm as long as possible, before slowly bringing me back down to earth.

"That was mind-blowing, Jasper!" I told him as leaned against the headboard and settled me into his lap.

"Glad to be of service little lady," he drawled in his thickest accent yet.

I reached down, grabbed his discarded hat and plopped it on my head.

"Now you look like you're ready to ride," He said as he flicked the top of the hat so he could see my eyes.

I pushed him down on the bed and swung my leg over to straddle his stomach. I leaned forward and whispered into his ear, "How about I save a horse and ride a cowboy?"

His lips curled into a sly grin as he snarled,"Yee Haw!"