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The One With the British School

As the Doctor and Rose walked into Central Perk that morning, hand in hand, Jack Harkness grinned. Seeing Jack's expression, the rest of the friends turned just in time to see Rose and the Doctor slide into only remaining armchair in 'their area' of the coffee shop.

"Well well," Jack drawled, smirking "so much for you two taking it slow and dating! Didn't know you had it in you, Doctor! Most people don't get more than a kiss goodnight on the first date, but I suppose most people aren't already sharing a one bedroom apartment!"

The Doctor merely rolled his eyes at the comment, while Rose blushed and hid her face in the side of the Doctor's neck.

"So I'm guessing you two had fun last night, huh?" Ross commented, chuckling.

Monica hit her older brother on the arm as Rose blushed even more and nodded meekly.

"How did you like the restaurant?" Monica asked eagerly; keen to change the subject slightly.

As the girls' discussion moved to the meal, Jack noticed idly that Phoebe seemed rather quiet, and had been keeping her distance from Rachel. Figuring there'd been an argument last night, he decided not to mention it. By now, however, Monica and Rachel had dragged Rose nearer the door to Central Perk, eager for details of her date with the Doctor. However, Rose was saved by her mobile going off.

"Hi, Mick, what's up?" she asked, frowning.

"Who's 'Mick'?" Rachel asked quietly, confused.

Monica shrugged just as Rose mouthed 'old friend' and turned her attention back to the phone call.

"What? Right, ok. Yeah, I'll let 'im know. 'Kay, bye."

Then, before Rachel and Monica could ask what was wrong, Rose hurried over to the Doctor.

"That was Mickey on the phone, said there's something weird goin' on at a school back in London. Think we should check it out?" Rose told the Doctor uncertainly.

"What kind of weird?" the Doctor asked as the friends gathered round in interest.

"Dunno, Mick says that they've got a whole new load of staff there, and loads of kids have been really ill and stuff," Rose replied, shrugging.

"You sure we need to check this out, Rose?" Jack asked "Sure Mickey the Idiot's not just pining for you?"

Rose rolled her eyes and pointedly ignored Jack, returning her attention to the Doctor. The Time Lord sighed and stood up.

"Right," the Doctor said to the rest of the friends "who's up for working in a British school for a few days?"


"So. Physics!" the Doctor announced to the perplexed class of teenagers. "Physics! Eh? Physics! Physics, physics, physics, physics, physics!"

As the class merely stared at him, he muttered "I hope one of you is getting all this down." He then raised his voice again "Um, okay - let's see what you know. Two identical strips of nylon are charged with static electricity and hung from a string so they can swing freely. What would happen if they were brought near each other?"

A boy in the front row raised his hand.

"Yes! Uh...What was your name?" the Doctor asked, pointing at the boy.

"Milo, sir." The boy replied.

"Milo!" the Doctor exclaimed "Off you go!"

"They'd repel each other because they have the same charge," Milo announced matter-of-factly.

"Correctamundo! A word I have never used before and hopefully never will again." The Doctor announced, grimacing at his choice of wording "Question two - I coil up a thin piece of micro wire and place it in a glass of water. Then I turn on the electricity and measure to see if the water's temperature is affected. My question is this; how do I measure the electrical power going into the coil?"

Again, Milo stuck his hand up.

"Someone else," the Doctor prompted, but the rest of the class merely stared at him "Nope?" he asked, a little annoyed "Okay, Milo, go for it."

"Measure the current and PDs in an ammeter and a voltmeter." Milo answered quickly.

"Two to Milo!" the Doctor announced, hoping to spur on a few more class members "Right then, Milo, tell me this; true or false - the greater the dampening of the system, the quicker it loses energy to its surroundings."

"False." The boy replied quickly.

"What is a non-coding DNA?"

"DNA that doesn't code for a protein."

"Sixty-five-thousand-nine-hundred-and-eighty-three times five?"


Some of the other pupils were looking impressed at this, while others looked disturbed.

"How do you travel faster than light?"

"By opening a quantum tunnel with an FTL factor of 36.7 recurring."

For once, the Doctor was speechless.


Monica stepped nervously into the classroom. The class was already seated, some children chatting with their friends, some with their noses in books, and some on the mobile phones and iPods.

"Good morning, class!" Monica announced with false joviality.

The class looked up at her sceptically.

"I'm Miss Geller, and I'll be your cooking teacher for today. Have you all got your ingredients?"

Again, the class remained silent, and Monica's smile was becoming more and more forced. Finally, one of the students spoke.

"Are you American, Miss?"

"Yes, I am." Monica answered quickly "Now, how about we start cooking?"

"Don't have my ingredients, Miss." The same student replied loudly.

As many other students voiced this problem, Monica sighed. This was going to be a long day.


The Doctor slipped into the lunch queue, holding a red plastic tray.

"Hey," a voice from behind him announced.

Glancing over his shoulder, the Doctor saw Monica beaming at him, with Phoebe just behind.

"Hi, you two. How's it been for you so far?" the Doctor asked, stepping forward as the queue moved along.

"Ok, I suppose," Monica replied, shrugging.

"My class is great!" Phoebe announced excitedly.

Phoebe was posing as an art teacher, and from the few other art teachers the Doctor had met so far, she seemed to fit in pretty well. As the queue moved up again, they were finally close enough to the counter to get some food. The Doctor grinned at the dinner lady as she slopped food onto his plate. Rose glared back at her boyfriend as he moved along the queue to Rachel, who gave him the same treatment. Once he'd gotten his food, the Doctor went and sat at a table in the canteen, where he was soon joined by Phoebe, Monica and- eventually- Ross, Joey and Chandler.

"Two days we've been here," someone announced suddenly.

The Doctor looked round to see both Rose and Rachel stood at the end of their table, glaring at their friends and dressed in their dinner lady uniform. The friends smirked, and Ross pointed at a spot of gravy on the table with his fork.

"Sorry, Rach, could you just…There's a bit of gravy," Ross told them, unable to suppress a grin.

The Doctor, Chandler and Ross smirked when Rachel glared and began to mop up the gravy, while Monica and Phoebe watched sympathetically.

"Yeah, two days and nothing!" Rachel continued.

"Hey, blame Mickey the idiot, he's the one who put us onto this," the Doctor replied "and he was right."

Rose looked up sharply at that, from where she had been wiping the table in an effort to look like she was actually working.

"Boy in class this morning; got knowledge way beyond planet Earth," the Doctor continued, poking his food around his plate.

"You eating those chips?" Rose asked bluntly.

"Yeah, they're a bit…different," the Doctor answered, clearly unsure.

"Hey, they're great!" Joey protested as he shovelled chips into his mouth.

"You eat anything, Joe," Chandler reminded his friend, rolling his eyes.

"I think they're gorgeous!" Rose added "Wish I'd had school dinners like this!"

Rose and Rachel sat down at the table, having had enough of pretending to work.

"It's very well behaved, this place," the Doctor murmured, gazing around the canteen.

Rose merely hummed in agreement, continuing to steal the Doctor's chips, while Monica scoffed.

"They're not that well behaved! I just had a cooking class where none of the students brought their ingredients in!" Monica informed them.

"Well, it's not that bad. I thought there'd be happy-slapping hoodies. Happy-slapping hoodies with ASBOs. Happy-slapping hoodies with ASBOs and ringtones."

The friends merely stared at him while the Doctor nodded enthusiastically and continued talking.
"Yeah? Yeah? Oh, yeah! Don't tell me I don't fit in."

"You don't fit in," the friends chorused, all grinning at him.

"Where's Jack?" Chandler asked suddenly, noticing he was missing.

"Apparently the caretakers have to eat in their office, not the canteen," the Doctor answered.

"Hang on, you've got Jack working as a caretaker?" Phoebe asked in confusion.

"Hey, I told him to go for a teaching position, wasn't my fault the psychic paper mucked up!" the Doctor complained.

Rose grinned and was about to speak when Rachel tapped her on the arm. Eyes wide, both women jumped to their feet, causing their friends to stare at them in confusion.

"You are not permitted to leave your station during a sitting," a dinner lady told them as she approached the table.

"We…We were just talking to these teachers," Rachel announced hurriedly.

The Doctor, Phoebe, Monica, Joey, Chandler and Ross all waved at the dinner lady, who pointedly ignored them.

"This one doesn't like the chips," Rose added, nodding at the Doctor.

"The menu has been specifically designed by the headmaster to improve concentration and performance. Now, get back to work." The dinner lady announced, clearly affronted.

As she left, Rose and Rachel sighed and begun to head back to the serving stations.

"See? This is us." Rose told the Doctor in annoyance, gesturing at her uniform.

"The dinner ladies." Rachel finished bitterly.

"I'll have the crumble!" the Doctor called at their retreating backs.

"I'm so gonna kill you!" Rose muttered as she walked away.


Joey edged nervously into the room. It was his first class of the day, having had free periods until lunch. He had been hired as a drama teacher, and figured that it would be a doddle as the class he was teaching had already received their scripts for their upcoming performance. The class were already in the room, sat on chairs in a circle, chatting. However, as Joey entered the room, the class fell silent and stared at him.

"Umm, hi," Joey announced nervously as he introduced himself "I'm Joey Tribbiani, and you may know me from a little show known as 'Days of our Lives',"

The class all glanced at each other before turning back to Joey and shaking their heads. Joey gaped at them.


Jack watched in confusion as a group of dinner ladies made their way down the hall with what appeared to be a large barrel of cooking oil. One of the dinner ladies kept muttering things such as "Careful!" and "Take it slow!". He was pretty sure that you shouldn't have to be that cautious with some cooking oil for the school lunches. Jack made a mental note to tell the Doctor about it the next time he saw him, but for now figured he should follow them. As he made his way quietly down the corridor, he saw the dinner ladies move the barrel of oil into the kitchen. Jack waited for a while and then hurried over, pushing the door open uncertainly. The door appeared to lead to the back of the kitchen, and Jack couldn't see any of the dinner ladies around, so he crept inside…and bumped straight into Rachel. As Rachel made to scream in shock, Jack put a hand over her mouth and dragged her behind some shelving. Just then, a rather confused Rose bumped into them as she too crept behind the shelving.

"Those dinner ladies are up to something," Jack whispered, removing his hand from Rachel's mouth.

"But it's just cooking oil, right?" Rachel asked as they watched the dinner ladies wheel the barrel across the kitchen on a trolley.
"Careful, keep it steady…Don't spill a drop!" one of the dinner ladies said.

"Somehow, I don't think it's 'just cooking oil', Rach," Rose muttered.

As the dinner lady continued repeating phrases such as 'keep it steady' and 'easy now', Rose's phone went off. Rose quickly dug it out of the pocket of her jeans and answered the call.

"Hello?" Rose whispered.

Jack and Rachel continued watching the dinner ladies as they fetched another barrel of oil when they noticed that Rose seemed frustrated with the person on the phone.

"No, Mum! This is not a good time! Look, I'll call you later…Yes, I'm in London, but…No, Mickey tipped us off because there's something strange going on…No, I'm not…Mum, it's over between Mick and I, I told you…I'm whispering because I'm trying not to be caught! No, Mum, look…No, I need to tell you something, but I'll call you later, ok? No, Mum, no…Goodbye, Mum!" Rose hissed down the phone.

Rachel and Jack smirked as Rose finally managed to hang up the phone, rolling her eyes. However, just as she was about to put it in her pocket, it went off again. Rose growled and answered it quickly.

"Look, Mum," Rose hissed in annoyance "I'm not here to get back with Mickey! If you must know, the Doctor and I got drunk in Las Vegas and got married. We got divorced, but we're dating, alright?" Then, suddenly, Rose's eyes widened "Oh, hi Mick…"

Rachel and Jack's heads snapped up at that, both completely shocked.

"'M sorry, Mick, we'll talk about it later, but right now, we need to get this sorted…"

There was silence for a few moments before Rose spoke again.

"Ok, cheers Mick."

"What did he say?" Rachel whispered urgently.

"Three months ago, all the kitchen staff were replaced by this weird lot," Rose answered as she slipped her phone into her pocket.

Suddenly, the barrel of oil the dinner ladies were moving toppled and spilt its contents on one of them. The dinner lady screamed in agony as smoke started coming off her body. In their hiding place behind the shelves, Jack, Rose and Rachel watched in horror.


The Doctor munched on a biscuit as he talked to one of the other teachers. It seemed that this other teacher- Mr Parsons- also suspected something strange was happening, and had been explaining how several teachers had disappeared after Mr Finch became headmaster. The conversation ended, however, when Ross, Phoebe, Joey, Monica and Chandler arrived.

"I'm telling ya, Chandler, that drama class said my acting skills were rubbish! Just because they're doing Shakespeare…" Joey complained.

Chandler rolled his eyes and straightened his tie.

"At least you've had a lesson! I'm covering for some Mr Scott, and I haven't got a lesson until last period!" Chandler groused.

"You wanna take my history class?" Ross asked "Because they're…Wow, they're bad. I had a girl ask me if the Pope was Catholic,"

Just then, the headmaster Mr Finch stepped into the room.

"Excuse me, colleagues - a moment of your time." Finch announced, a forced smile on his face "May I introduce Miss Sarah Jane Smith. Miss Smith is a journalist, who's writing a profile about me for the Sunday Times."

Ross frowned as he saw the look on the Doctor's face. It was almost as if something had just dawned on him, beginning to smile. It was clear that the Doctor knew this woman.
"I thought it might be useful for her to get 'a view from the trenches', so to speak. Don't spare my blushes." Finch concluded, smiling before leaving the room.

Sarah Jane Smith caught the Doctor's eye, and made a beeline straight for him.

"Hello!" she announced, grinning and holding out her hand.

"Oh, I should think so!" the Doctor exclaimed, shaking her hand enthusiastically.

"And, you are... ?" Sarah Jane prompted as she pulled out a notepad and pen.

"Hm? Uh, Smith. John Smith." The Doctor said, still beaming.

Ross frowned even more, and nudged Monica. The Doctor was almost tripping over his words.

"John Smith? I used to have a friend who sometimes went by that name." Sarah Jane noted, looking wistful.

"Well, it's a very common name!" the Doctor announced, still grinning.

"He was a very uncommon man." Sarah Jane reminisced, smiling softly "Nice to meet you!"

"Nice to meet you! Yes! Very nice! More than nice - brilliant!" the Doctor enthused, and Ross seriously thought his face must be aching now from all the manic smiling he'd done in the last two minutes.

"Um... so, um, have you worked here long?" Sarah Jane asked.

"No! Um, it's only my second day." The Doctor admitted.

"Oh, you're new, then? So, what do you think of the school? I mean, this new curriculum?" Sarah Jane questioned, pen poised above the paper now. She hadn't seemed to notice that the Doctor hadn't stopped staring at her since she stepped into the room."So many children getting ill - doesn't that strike you as odd?"

"You don't sound like someone just doing a profile." The Doctor told her, grinning still.

"Well, no harm in a little investigation while I'm here." Sarah Jane replied, smirking.

"No. Good for you!" the Doctor agreed.

As Sarah Jane made her way across the room to talk to some other teachers, the Doctor watched her leave.

"Good for you! Oh, good for you, Sarah Jane Smith!" the Doctor murmured.


The school day finally drew to a close (but not before Chandler finally covered his first class since arriving at the school in two days and it turned out to be PE) and the friends returned to the school once night had fallen. They were joined by Mickey, Rose's ex-boyfriend, which led to an uncomfortable silence as they made their way through the deserted school. Monica desperately wanted to speak to Rose about this 'Sarah Jane', but hadn't yet had the time. While Jack led Ross, Chandler and Mickey off to the maths department where all these new teachers had come from, the girls and Joey headed off to snoop around the kitchens and get a sample of the oil. The Doctor, meanwhile, headed straight for Finch's office. However, the Doctor's plans were soon sidetracked when he saw none other than Sarah Jane Smith sneaking into the gym. He followed quickly, sure she'd find the TARDIS. As he watched Sarah Jane back out of the room the TARDIS was in, he waited until she turned around to speak.

"Hello, Sarah Jane." He announced quietly.

"It's you. Oh... Doctor..." Sarah Jane murmured, edging towards him.

From there, things went from bad to worse. It turned out that Sarah Jane was investigating the school for the same reason as the Doctor and his friends. After an awkward conversation where he had to explain to Sarah Jane about the Time War, the Doctor was grateful when a scream pierced the air and they set off running towards the sound. When they arrived (but not after an awkward encounter with Rose), however, it appeared to be that Joey and Mickey had found a cupboard full of vacuum packed rats. As Sarah Jane and Rose began talking, it was soon discovered by the rest of the friends that Rose knew nothing of this 'Sarah Jane Smith' woman, which only made them feel even more awkward.

"Mate! The missus and the ex. Welcome to every man's worst nightmare!" Mickey announced to the Doctor as they set off down the corridor.


After discovering that the teachers were, in fact giant bats sleeping in the headmaster's office on the ceiling, Sarah Jane had dragged them outside to her car, claiming she had something that would help assess the content of the oil Rose had collected. That something had turned out to be a robot dog called K9, who was more than a little beaten up and rundown. And so, the gang gathered in a chip shop a short way away from the school. The Doctor and Sarah Jane were pouring over the robot dog, laughing and chatting as the Doctor fixed it. Rose was waiting at the counter to be served.

"You see, what's impressive is that it's been nearly an hour since we met her and I still haven't said 'I told you so'." Mickey announced smugly as he stood beside Rose.

"I'm not listening to this." Rose told him, finally managing to look away from Sarah Jane.

"Although," Mickey continued "I have prepared a little 'I was right' dance that I can show you later."

Rose didn't reply as she payed for her chips and took them over to one of the tables further away from the Doctor and Sarah Jane.

"All this time you've been giving it, 'he's different!' - when the truth is, he's just like any other bloke!" Mickey continued as he sat opposite her.

"You don't know what you're talking about." Rose replied stiffly.

"Maybe not. But if I were you... I'd go easy on the chips." Mickey replied.

Rose immediately dropped the chip she was about to eat and pushed the portion of chips across the table. Mickey opened his mouth to speak, but was interrupted by Jack sitting beside Rose and pulling her in for a hug. The ex-Time Agent glared at Mickey, who promptly shut his mouth and gazed around the shop instead, only to see Rose's American friends all watching him suspiciously at a nearby table. Meanwhile, across the room, Sarah Jane and the Doctor were seemingly oblivious to everyone else in the chip shop.

"I thought of you on Christmas Day. This Christmas just gone? Great big spaceship overhead - I thought, 'Oh, yeah. Bet he's up there'." Sarah Jane said, grinning.

"Right on top of it, yeah." The Doctor answered, smirking.

"And Rose?" Sarah Jane asked tentatively.

"She was there too." The Doctor answered, still grinning.

There was then a pause as the Doctor fiddled with a few of K9's wires.

"Did I do something wrong? Because you never came back for me. You just... dumped me." Sarah Jane asked quietly.

"I told you. I was called back home and in those days humans weren't allowed." The Doctor answered, brow furrowing.

"I waited for you. I missed you." Sarah Jane told him softly.

"Oh, you didn't need me! You were getting on with your life!" the Doctor scoffed, not looking up.

"You were my life." Sarah Jane answered.


"Confirmation of analysis - substance is Krillitane Oil." K9 confirmed.

The Doctor had finally managed to get K9 working and successfully analyse the oil. Everyone was now gathered around the table.

"They're Krillitanes!" the Doctor realised.

"Is that bad?" Rose asked, confusing.

"Very. Think of how bad things could possibly be, and add another suitcase full of bad." Jack chipped in as the Doctor nodded.

"And what are... Krillitanes?" Monica asked, gripping Chandler's hand.

"They're a composite race. Just like your culture is a mixture of traditions from all sorts of countries - people you've invaded or have been invaded by, you've got bits- bits of Viking, bits of France, bits of whatever - the Krillitanes are the same. An amalgam of the races they've conquered. But they take physical aspects as well. They cherry-pick the best bits from the people they destroy. That's why I didn't recognize them. The last time I saw Krillitanes, they looked just like us except they had really long necks." The Doctor explained.

"What're they doing here?" Phoebe asked as Joey still watched K9 warily.

"It's the children. They're doing something to the children!" The Doctor realised, eyes widening.


"So, what's the deal with the tin dog?" Mickey asked as he, Sarah Jane and Ross loaded K9 into Sarah Jane's boot.

"The Doctor likes travelling with an entourage. Sometimes they're humans, sometimes they're aliens, and sometimes... they're tin dogs." Sarah Jane answered, smiling.

Ross chuckled while Mickey grinned.

"What about you two? Where do you fit in the picture?" Sarah Jane asked.

"I…I don't know," Ross admitted, shrugging.

"Me? I'm their Man in Havana. I'm the technical support, I'm... Oh, my God. I'm the tin dog!" Mickey realised, sinking down to sit on the boot of the car.

Ross smirked and patted him on the shoulder. Just then, the rest of the friends came out of the chip shop, Rose hurrying after the Doctor and clearly upset.

"How many of us have there been, travelling with you?" Rose asked.

"Does it matter?" the Doctor asked in annoyance.

Phoebe, Monica and Rachel all scoffed at that, while Jack slapped a palm to his forehead and Chandler and Joey gaped.

"Matter?! Matter?!" Monica screeched, starting towards the Doctor.

Chandler quickly grabbed her and steered her to the car to wait.

"Yeah, it does, if I'm just the latest in a long line." Rose replied eventually, as Rachel rubbed her back soothingly. That didn't, however, stop her voice from shaking.

"As opposed to what?" the Doctor asked, anger beginning to show. However, he also appeared to be hurt by Rose's comments, which Rose herself found rather ironic as she was the one close to tears.

"I thought you and me were... but I obviously got it wrong. I've been to the year five billion, right, but this... now this is really seeing the future. You just leave us behind. Is that what you're going to do to me?" Rose asked, stepping forward.

"No. Not to you." The Doctor answered swiftly.

"But Sarah Jane... you were that close to her once, and now... you never even mention her. Why not?" Rose questioned, voice trembling again.

"I don't age. I regenerate. But humans decay. You wither and you die. Imagine watching that happen to someone you-" the Doctor broke off quickly, catching himself just in time.

"What, Doctor?" Rose asked, eyes wide as hope ignited inside of her.

Over by Sarah Jane's car, everyone had stopped talking now, listening to the Doctor and Rose's conversation.

"Someone you love." The Doctor concluded sadly "You can spend the rest of your life with me. But I can't spend the rest of mine with you. I have to live on. Alone. That's the curse of the Time Lords."

Everyone was gaping now, Phoebe, Rachel, Monica, Ross, Chandler, Joey and Jack trying not to grin while Sarah Jane and Mickey just looked hurt. Suddenly, however, a krillitane swooped down towards them, and everyone dropped to the ground, covering their heads.

"Was that a Krillitane?" Sarah Jane asked as she slowly got to her feet again.

"But it didn't even touch us, it just flew off! What did it do that for?" Jack pointed out, frowning.

Behind them, the krillitane flew over the buildings and into the night.


"The Skasis Paradigm. They're trying to crack the Skasis Paradigm." The Doctor realised, looking round at his friends.

They were in one of the computer rooms in the school and, since arriving for work that morning, the Doctor had found out the reasons the Krillitanes were there, Sarah Jane and Rose had made up and Mickey had been left in the car to 'keep K9 company'. The hardest part of the day, however, was for the rest of the friends, who had had to carry on teaching as if nothing was wrong. Joey, of course, had freaked out.

"The Skasis what?" Sarah Jane, Ross and Joey echoed, all confused.

"The... God-maker. The universal theory. Crack that equation and you've got control of the building blocks of the universe. Time and space and matter, yours to control." The Doctor explained hurriedly.

"I thought it was a myth!" Jack piped up, frowning.

The Doctor shook his head.

"What, and the kids are like a giant computer?" Rose asked.

"Yep." the Doctor replied, beginning to pace up and down, hands in his hair "And their learning power is being accelerated by the oil! That oil from the kitchens, it works as a- as a... conducting agent. Makes the kids cleverer."

"But that oil's on the chips." Rachel reminded them

"Yeah, I've been eating them." Rose added

"What's fifty-nine times thirty-five?" The Doctor asked suddenly, his eyes meeting Rose's.

Two voices quickly answered the question.

"Two thousand and sixty five."

The friends all gaped as both Rose and Joey answered the question at the same time.

"Oh my God..." Rose murmured, shocked, while Joey yelled "What have those chips done to me?!"

"But why use children? Can't they use adults?" Monica asked suddenly, confused.

"No, it's gotta be children. The God-maker needs imagination to crack it. They're not just using the children's brains to break the code... they're using their souls." The Doctor realised.


"They've been deadlock sealed!" the Doctor exclaimed as he attempted to open the oil barrels in the kitchen.

Mickey was hopefully off saving the kids and getting them out of the school, but right now the Doctor just wanted to get rid of this oil and get everyone out of the cramped kitchen.

"Finch must've done that - I can't open them." The Doctor continued as he tried to open another of the barrels.

"The vats would not withstand a direct hit from my laser. But my batteries are failing." K9 explained.

"Right. Everyone out the back door. K9, stay with me." The Doctor instructed.

Jack led everyone out of the back door, including a student named Kenny, who had teamed up with them. Finally, the Doctor was alone with K9.

"Capacity for only one shot, Master. For maximum impact, I must be placed directly beside the vat." K9 said as the Doctor moved the vats about.

"But you'll be trapped inside!" the Doctor exclaimed, rushing to the robot dog's side.

"That is correct." K9 stated.

"I can't let you do that." The Doctor told the metal dog.

"No alternative possible, Master." K9 replied.

The Doctor looked over his shoulder as he heard the shriek of a krillitane. There was no other choice.

"Goodbye, old friend." The Doctor said sadly.

"Goodbye Master." K9 answered.

"You good dog." The Doctor told him, smiling sadly.



As the school exploded, with thankfully all the students safe outside the building, everyone began cheering. The friends were all hugging and congratulating each other after what had been their most worrying trip with the Doctor yet. However, Rose's grin faded as she saw the Doctor with Sarah Jane a little way off, talking quietly. As Sarah Jane began crying, the Doctor tugged her in for a hug. Rose took a deep breath and turned back to her friends.

"The Doctor loves you, you know,"

Rose looked up in confusion at Chandler.

"I know," Rose replied, smiling weakly "I know."


After they'd dropped Sarah Jane and Mickey off home (after giving Sarah Jane a new K9 and Rose and the Doctor had talked with Mickey), the friends headed back to New York. They landed at the Doctor and Rose's apartment, and although they had asked their friends to stay, their friends had all headed home. Sighing, Rose pulled her mobile out.

"Who're you calling?" the Doctor asked, frowning.

He was in the kitchen making them both a cup of tea.

"Mum," Rose answered "she rung yesterday and I'd said I'd call her back. We need to tell her about us,"

The Doctor sighed.

"Can't we just leave an answer phone message?" he asked timidly.