Disclaimer: George Lucas owns Star Wars. I don't, so I am not making any profit from this story, which is purely a work of fan fiction.

Author's note: 335 words of Ani/Padmé schmexy-schmoop, set somewhere early in their marriage.

Title: levitation

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It's so good that when he touches her, she bucks under his hand, unable to hold still.

Anakin laughs at that, at her eagerness, at how ready she is for him, and ducks his head to nuzzle into her shoulder. "So beautiful," he whispers, and touches her again.

For a second something - a shadow on the wall behind him, maybe, or the weight of him, pressing down - reminds her of Rush Clovis, and Padmé freezes, just for a second, drawn out of the heat and passion and unity of them, pulling back and away.

"Love?" Anakin asks, uncertainly. "Did I ... are you okay?"

Padmé closes her eyes and soaks in his voice, comforting and familiar and not remotely like Rush's smooth, cultured tones. "I'm fine." She twists her hips against his, just to feel the friction between them. "Talk to me."

"Padmé?" His confusion is rife, but it feels good - no practiced moves here, just a fumbling discovery of shared pleasure. "What do you want me to say?"

Padmé grins, eyes still closed, and pulls him closer. "Tell me you love me."

"I do," Anakin whispers, kissing her again. "I love you so much, Padmé ..." kiss "... I'd do anything for you ..." kiss "... I can't believe how lucky I am to find you again ..." kiss "... I can't live without you ..." kiss "... never leave me..."

He presses his lips against hers to kiss her again, but Padmé takes the initiative away from him and rolls them over until she's on top, kissing him this time instead of waiting.

When she lowers herself awkwardly onto him - she's never done this before, it feels strange to be on top - Anakin doesn't stop her. Just trembles a little, and moans her name.

She doesn't stay on top for long, but when Anakin switches positions, she doesn't really mind. It turns out that "act on instinct" is pretty good advice for other things besides using the Force, and Anakin has talents that do not involve floating objects.

They might involve levitating.