The Shredder's Daughter


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New York around the summer is normally crowded with tourists. For example, Times Square would get over twenty six million people per year to see shows on Broadway, see the skyscrapers touching the high heavens or see the Statue of Liberty. It's what tourists would expect to see.

What they didn't expect to see was a pale white girl with black hair run away from a red skinned, overweight man with his wife and his laughing son watching in the distance. Yet it was happening. The small girl would dodge her way through the large mass of people whilst the rhino of a man sent people flying, roaring at the girl, "Get back here!"

The girl, dressed in clothes that were too big for her ran across the road, making the yellow taxi drivers slam their brakes and those behind smash into them, causing damage to the bumpers of the car. The large man was quickly caught up in the mass of cars and he lost sight of the small girl among the crowd

The police were quickly on the scene and arrested the roaring, overweight man along with his protesting family. The identities on the family showed them to be an English family called the Dursleys who were carers of the girl with black hair, a Miss Potter. A message went out to all cops on duty to help find the girl. However every cop knew what happened to her.

New York took another one for their own.

Hours later on in the East parts of New York

Far away from the tourists attractions were the people who lived here daily with the problems, one of the main ones was the gang know as the Purple Dragons. The Purple Dragons were the largest gang on the East Side, and the only one that was in the news daily. Most of its members could be told by the dragon tattoos on their bodies.

In order to join the Purple Dragons, possible members would have to commit several crimes with other gang members, such as a murder or robbery. After that, they had to battle each other in an elimination match. If they did well enough, they would be given the tattoo and become a full member.

It was these members who were walking through the dark alley ways, armed with bats and chains as they headed back to their hideout after a hard night's work smashing and destroying some shops to send a simple message, pay your protection money or else.

The group of five stopped when their leader raised his hand, having heard a small sound. The group of men fell quiet and they heard what the leader heard, a small sob from behind a group of bins. The leader quickly walked around and found a girl, around age five or six, with emerald eyes and black hair. Her body looked fragile and several bruises covered her arms and legs.

"What is it boss?" asked one of the other members of the gang.

"It's a girl," replied the boss, before getting down onto his knees and picking the girl up.

"Boss, what the fuck are you doing?" asked the gang member.

"We're taking her back with us," said the leader. "Give her to Cherry, she's always wanted a kid."

"Boss, she's a hooker. I think you should just leave her here," replied another member.

"Who's the boss here?" asked the leader.

"You are Boss," chorused the gang.

"Well, we are taking the kid," said the leader before walking off, carrying the girl. The girl then rested her head on the leader's shoulder and fell asleep only to awaken an hour later by a women with blonde hair and blue eyes. The girl took in her surrounding and noticed she was in a comfortable bed. The room was bare apart from a cupboard and the bed.

"Kid, are you hungry?" asked the women. The girl nodded and gasped when a bowl full of soup along with bread was placed in front of her. She quickly devoured the bread and drank the soup. "Slow down kid or you'll choke," said the women bringing the girl's attention back to the women. "Now what's your name?"

"Harley Miss. Harley Rose Potter," replied the girl.


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