Kori: So, remember those short comic strips at the end of Volume 2 when Joi invites Takemaru to go to the theme park with them and Takemaru lists why he doesn't want to come but Joi mentions Kakeru and Takemaru ends up going but says he had no choice? This is based off of that. Kind of a what happened after that kind of thing. Only with Takemaru x Kakeru blended in there. Wrote (texted using email) this on my way to visit the dog we're adopting and back. Fixed it up and added some when I got home.

I'm only coming because I had to! I didn't have a choice!

That's what I told him with my arms crossed and I'm sure there was a blush on my face. I turned my head slightly and saw him staring at me so innocently. If i didn't have a blush before, i definately did now. Why did i agree to come? I don't like any of these people. How did Joi convince me to come?

Kakeru's coming, too.


Why did I instantly agree to come when those words left his mouth? I probably look like some kind of schoolgirl in love- Wait... Could it be? No no no no no no no no no no no! That's impossible! That's not right! Not right at all! There's just no way!

"Takemaru-kun?" he asks, his innocent electric blue eyes staring into my one visible midnight blue eye. His hand touches mine and he leans closer to see if I'm paying attention, not helping with my blushing problem. His soft lips were slightly open and i just want to- No! Stop! Get out of my head, you indecent thoughts! He's a male that's in love with that Ayano girl and i'm a male who's not in love with him! There's no way this could work out! It's just-

"I'm sorry if they forced you here," Kakeru apologized, snapping me out of my thoughts. I stared at him, about to tell him that he shouldn't be the one apologizing but he continued speaking, "You probably don't like theme parks but you came anyways without trying to escape and... and..."

A small smile crossed his apologetic face along with a slight blush and he looked... happy? With a relaxed sigh, he finished, "I'm just happy you decided to come"

He gave me one his beautiful smiles that made my heart skip a beat and a blush to conquor my face. His expression quickly turned into one of confusion then concern. He place his hand on my forehead.

"Your face is red," he said, "You don't have a fever, do you?"

I quickly shook my head and he gave a relieved sigh and continued smiling. These feelings filled my chest till they hurt and the voice in my mind that told me these feelings were wrong tried to break through with more force then ever. Too focused on my mind, I didn't realize the shuttle came to a stop and the doors opened until Kakaru caught my attention.

"Ah! There they are!" Kakeru exclaimed when he spotted his friends outside the shuttle, "Come on, Takemaru-san!"

He grabbed my hand and dragged me to them like a child excited to show his best friend something really cool. As much as I didn't like being dragged around, I didn't mind Kakeru doing it. How can I when he looks so adorable and... happy? I let him drag me. I didn't mind. How can I when his happiness makes me so happy my chest begins to hurt. How can I when the thought of him suddenly disappearing and never coming back stabs my heart? I tightened my grip on his hand, making sure to never let go. I don't care if these feelings are wrong.

So, I told that voice in my head that said these feelings are wrong to shut the #!*% up.

Kori: I think this is meh but whatever. I only wrote this because last time I checked, there were about ten fanfics for Psycho Busters and one or two for TakeKake. Nevermind, I checked. There are actually seven Psycho Busters fics. Whatever. So yeah, hoped you enjoyed this little thing that takes up space.