This is the first out of...50 oneshots, which are a response to The Mega-Theme Challenge over on deviantArt, set by spiceprincess. I know it was for art, but...writing is an art form. That, and I can't draw to save my life.

And I'm not writing them in order, either. They'll just be coming in whatever order I feel like.

Disclaimer: Don't own Megamind. Simple as.

Also, an element of this oneshot was inspired by How To Train Your Dragon and the original script Mastermind.

Seeing Red

Great, another kidnapping, were Roxanne's first thoughts when she came to. It didn't take her long to realize she was sat upright in a car with her hands and feet tied; then, glancing left, she noticed she was sat in the passenger seat in the front of the car, and instead of Minion, Megamind was driving.

"Not Minion today, then?" she asked.

"It's his annual day off," Megamind replied. "From what he told me he's teaching a cooking class for a bunch of Delia Smith wannabes."

Roxanne couldn't help but raise an eyebrow.

"A fish in a robotic gorilla suit is teaching a cooking class?"

"It's not that hard to believe," the villain informed her. "And he's in disguise. Whether or not his blonde wig and pink apron can be called a disguise, we'll soon see."

The reporter almost smirked at the headline: Megamind's evil Minion teaches cooking classes in spare time. That would be a report to remember.

"And yet, you're still going to kidnap me," she said flatly.

"Evil never rests, Miss Ritchi," Megamind proclaimed.

"A shame. I'm going to miss Minion taking my side and you blaming him for everything. Although, you probably still will, even when he's gone."

"Ha, ha."

The traffic lights ahead of them turned red, and Megamind drew to a halt. Roxanne, once again, raised an eyebrow.

"Since when did you obey the law?" she asked. "Then again, we aren't wearing seatbelts..."

"The invisibility field in the Invisible Car malfunctioned last night, and I haven't had a chance to fix it," the villain explained. "And I can't drive through traffic like a maniac whilst being seen. This is an old car I used back in my rebellious teenage years."

The lights turned green, and they were away. Roxanne casually peered right to see the red light stopping the other traffic from crossing the crossroads...but then she saw red again when she realized a truck driver had ignored the light, and was speeding straight towards them.

"The guy- the red light- he-!"

Within seconds Megamind turned and noticed too, and without hesitation, he leapt across the seat and wrapped himself around Roxanne – only moments before the truck slammed into them, sending them flying through the air and above the traffic on the opposite side. The car crashed to the ground again, and oncoming cars were forced to swerve out the way as the car bounced and rolled. With every bounce the metal which made up the car dented, and the front bonnet even crushed on impact with the hard ground.

After the long descend down the hill, the car finally rolled off the pier at the bottom and into the lake, becoming submerged underwater.

Water didn't pour in immediately, but it was still coming in. Roxanne didn't waste time catching her breath; she quickly slipped out of her ropes before she hauled Megamind off her, and only then did she realize he was unconscious. There were scratches and bruises all over him while she was mostly unharmed – apart from a headache which she knew would soon become a concussion. She had to move fast.

Opening the doors would only make the water pour in faster, but she had to take that chance. Taking in one last deep breath, Roxanne grabbed the handle and shoved it open; like she predicted, water came pouring in and caused the car to sink faster. With Megamind in her other arm she began to drag him out...but met resistance.

Glancing over her shoulder she realized to her horror that Megamind's foot was trapped under the crushed bonnet of the car, and no matter how hard she tried, she couldn't pull him out. Not without ripping his foot off.

She was losing air; Roxanne glanced upwards at the surface, then back at Megamind. She could just leave him...but no. No matter how much she told herself that he was the villain and didn't deserve to be saved, the woman found she couldn't bare to leave him. He'd terrorized the city, kidnapped her too many times to count...but she couldn't leave him to die.

But if she tried to help him, there was no doubt that she would die, too.

Suddenly something grabbed the pair of them, and within seconds Roxanne found herself panting for breath on the pier with Megamind laying motionless beside her. She glanced up and saw a soaking wet Metro Man.

"Oh god, I don't think I've ever been so glad to see you, Wayne," she gasped.

And there was truth in her words; whenever Megamind had kidnapped her before, sometimes she was annoyed to see him, while other times she'd been a little glad. But not as glad as she was at that moment, when her life had actually been in danger.

"I saw what happened," he explained. "I would have been here sooner, but the driver who ran the red light tried to make a break for it – by driving into oncoming traffic. And since he was driving a truck that would have only caused more accidents. So I stopped him and handed him over to the cops before I came here."

Roxanne understood. She coughed up the water from her lungs before turning her attention to Megamind; he was still unconscious, and Roxanne began to panic when she couldn't feel a pulse.

"No... Please, no!" she found herself crying.

Somehow, life without the villain seemed unbearable to her. Megamind didn't die. He'd lived through explosions and who knew what else... His life couldn't be taken because of a simple car accident. It just couldn't.

Megamind could feel a dull pain in the back of his head as he awoke from his...slumber? He certainly couldn't remember falling asleep. His last memories were kidnapping Roxanne, their talk in the car, the red light...the truck...

The villain shot up, but hissed in pain. Yeah, his ribs were definitely broken.

To his right he heard a gasp, and turning slowly, he saw Roxanne in the seat next to his bed. Her blue eyes were wide That wasn't right. His green eyes briefly took in his surroundings; he was in the prison infirmary with wires attached to him. He turned back to Roxanne, who was waiting for him to speak.


He tried to move again, but winced.

"Don't move," she informed him. "You took a nasty beating."

"What happened?"

She hesitated.

"The car ended up in the lake once we stopped bouncing and rolling," she finally explained. "I tried to pull you out but...I couldn't. Metro Man pulled us out as soon as he caught the guy who ran into us."

Megamind found that his ego was a little bruised at the fact that his nemesis had to rescue him.

"What about you?"

"Only a concussion, and a nasty bruise on the back of my head," she continued. "You took most of it."

"That's because my body can take more than yours can," the alien explained. "An accident like that would have killed you."

Biting her lip, Roxanne avoided eye contact with him and stared down at her lap, instead. She refused to shed more tears, especially in front of him. Roxanne Ritchi didn't cry. Megamind noticed her expression so tried to lean towards her.

"Roxanne, why are you...?"

But he trailed off. Something didn't...feel right. More specifically, his left foot didn't feel right. So he removed the covers...and stared. His entire left foot was gone, and in its place was a robotic one which he recognized from one of Minion's old suits. Feeling behind his head, Megamind felt the transmitter which went with it; it was connected to his brain so he could control the foot, just like Minion could control his suit. He glanced at Roxanne again, who sighed.

"Minion came in as soon as he heard," she explained. "He brought that in and with his guidance, the doctors attached it to your leg after they cut off the crushed foot. Apparently the pair of you had been looking into this sort of thing."

"Just in case anything like this ever happened to me," Megamind informed. "We were also thinking about selling the idea for money – to fund my evil plans, of course."

Seeing the robotic foot again, Roxanne couldn't hold back her tears any longer. They spilled from her eyes, and her sobs got caught in the back of her throat as she tried to speak.

" almost died... You're so annoying sometimes, but... When that truck came your first instinct was to leap and protect me... I've always suspected you weren't as evil as you say, but this..."

Megamind didn't know what to say, or what to do. The fearless Roxanne Ritchi...was crying. Over him. The thought of keeping his evil persona was out the window in a second, and he reached out his hand to cup her cheek. His thumb wiped away her tears.

"Don't cry, Roxanne..." he spoke. "I'm fine. It could have been worse."

Roxanne looked at him, her eyes more red than before. He was right; he was alive, and no doubt he'd be up again within a week, scheming and trying to take over the city – if he would be doing that any more. After that scare, Roxanne would never be able to look at the villain the same way again. Maybe now...she could steer him towards the right side of the law.

Yes. Things could definitely have been worse.

Reading back over this... oh my god, why did I write this, it's horrible.

But I'm posting it anyway. I think I might be losing my writing touch...