So everyone, this is the last theme. And since it was the last theme, I wanted to do something big to celebrate. Hopefully this story is the kind of finale you were all hoping for :)

It's AU (no surprise there), although that'll be obvious after you read it.

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My little brother has recently been into Star Wars, and since he was the reason I got into Megamind in the first place, I decided to join him when watching the first film. Then the second. Then the rest. Now I've been reading up on the Extended Universe (dragging Mia along with me, although she's not complaining), and have come up with a story idea. So if there's anyone into SW, I'll have a story up within the next few days.

But back to this. I hope you all enjoy the last theme!

Through the Fire

Roxanne coughed as the smoke swirled around her, and behind her, she could hear the crackling flames as they consumed the Lair and everything Megamind had created. She had left the ropes and the kidnapping chair behind, and was trying to find her way out.

The kidnapping had gone as it had usually gone – until Megamind's newest creation had exploded. Roxanne had been able to wriggle from her bonds. She briefly wondered what had happened to Megamind and Minion. A feeling of dread passed through her at the thought of the blast killing them; despite the fact that they had kidnapped her too many times to count...she didn't wish for them to be dead. They didn't deserve it. In reality, they really were quite harmless.

She tried to crawl across the floor, holding her breath for as long as she could, but eventually she had to breathe and the smoke entered her system. The woman coughed again, and fell to the floor as her vision became clouded. She tried to get up, determined to make it out alive, but she couldn't. Her strength was fading away as the smoke within her did its work.


The call was faint, as if it was miles away, and Roxanne slowly opened her eyes. She could see a figure standing in the smoke. Either her mind was playing tricks on her...or his head was huge.

But she didn't care who it was; Roxanne opened her mouth to call out to him, but she coughed again as more smoke entered. Thankfully the sound was enough; Megamind hurried to her side and fell to his knees beside her, his cape, spikes and gloves gone. Roxanne was able to notice the undeniable fear and worry in his eyes before her eyes slipped closed again.

"Don't worry, Roxanne," he told her. "I'm going to get you out. Don't die on me. Stay strong. Don't let them take you from me..."

He gathered her up into his arms before hurrying away from the flames and towards the exit. Which was easier said than done. The beams above were in flames and were beginning to fall, and knowing that they would block the entrance, Megamind took the risk and ran underneath them, able to make it just in time before they fell. Around him his many inventions were up in flames.

But he didn't care. He had memorized their blueprints; he could rebuild them. All that mattered was getting Roxanne out alive. He couldn't stand the thought of her being taken away from him and into the afterlife.

He finally reached the exit and ran out into the open sunlight. Minion was there with the many Brainbots which had escaped, along with the Spider-Bot, and the fish turned to address his master. But Megamind just ignored him as he passed, and Minion knew better than to say anything when he saw Roxanne.

Megamind laid her down on the ground, just as Roxanne began coughing again and her eyes opened slowly.


His bare hand brushed a bag of hair from her eyes, and all she could do was watch him. The woman couldn't deny it; Megamind had been afraid for her, that much was obvious in his green eyes. It was made all the more obvious when he gently pulled her in for a hug.

"I thought I'd lost you."

Roxanne wasn't sure what to say to that; she knew that Megamind had a crush on her, but...this was more than a crush. She gently patted his back, comforting him, before she coughed again. Megamind pulled away and rubbed her back.

"Take it easy," he said, his voice soft and gentle. "Let it all out."

The woman took in deep breaths, getting fresh air into her system which she continued to cough out the intruding smoke. They sat like this until they heard the faint sound of sirens approaching, although it would be a few minutes before the emergency vehicles reached them.

"Metro Man will be here soon," Roxanne said aloud, wanting to give Megamind a chance to escape since he had saved her.

But Megamind froze. His eyes darted between the skies and her, and Roxanne could see the fear building up as he held onto her again.

" won't let him... No, he can't... I won't... He'll have to go through me... I can't... I won't let him...take you... I won't let anyone take you...from me... No..."

Roxanne blinked in surprise. Metro Man had "rescued" her many times before whenever Megamind had kidnapped her, and the villain hadn't cared. He'd been too busy pouting. What was the difference now?


She looked back at the burning building, remembering his worried eyes, how frantic he had been, and what had happened after she had come round again. He had almost lost her, for real. And if what she suspected about his feelings for her was true, then he wouldn't want her taken away from him again so soon. Especially if it was his rival doing the taking.

Megamind's arms circled around her, clutching her to him, and his eyes were scanning the air, looking for any signs of the hero in white.

"Sir, the escape is ready."

Both Megamind and Roxanne turned to see Minion standing next to a large open hatch in the ground, which the last Brainbot disappeared down. Both then turned to each other, and Roxanne noticed the alien giving her an honest look of apology.

"I'm so sorry about this."

He then gathered her into his arms again before hurrying towards the hatch, and all Roxanne could do was grip his shoulders as he ran. Minion gave his master a confused look, but must have realized there was no time for questions. Megamind leapt through the hatch, and Minion followed suit before closing the hatch behind him.

They travelled in the dark, the lights from the Brainbots guiding them. Roxanne opened her mouth to speak but Megamind covered it with a hand, giving her a silencing look which was also full of worry. Roxanne understood; Metro Man would hear them. So she remained silent for the rest of the journey.

They finally arrived in what appeared to be some kind of secret underground lair, one which Roxanne had never seen before. It was filled with blueprints, tools and half-finished projects, along with household items like a TV, a fridge, a couch, a table and some chairs, along with various other things. It branched off to what Roxanne could assume were other rooms.

But what she noticed most of all was that the ceiling was made of glass, and above her, she could see what she assumed was the lake.

"Won't anyone see us?" she wondered aloud.

"It's one way," Megamind explained, putting her down. "We can see out, but from the outside, no one can see in. Kind of like the Invisible Car."


They were silent for a few minutes, standing awkwardly as they watched Minion tend to the Brainbots who had damaged themselves in the fire.

"Listen, I'm...sorry about...kidnapping you again," Megamind spoke, breaking the silence. "It's just...after that...I couldn't..."

"No, I understand," said Roxanne. "And truthfully, I don't think I wanted to see him after that."

"You don't want to see your boyfriend?"

"He's not my boyfriend."

Usually Megamind wouldn't have believed her. But that was when he was in his element and not really listening to anyone; now he was, and he was able to see the truth in her eyes. He looked away, surprised by this fact, but also secretly thrilled.

"I...should return you to the surface soon," he continued.

"What about you?" asked Roxanne.

"I'll wait down here for a little while," he replied. "A lot of stuff needs to be rebuilt. We need to relocate to a new topside Lair. Don't expect a kidnapping for a least a month, maybe longer."

Roxanne looked at him – really looked at him. He was avoiding eye contact with her, staring at the floor with sadness as he said those words. It made Roxanne realize something she had – deep down – suspected for a long time.

"Why not just fake your death?" she suggested. "Then you can start over. You won't have to deal with anyone hating you again. You could do whatever you wanted to."

Megamind appeared to consider this...but then the excitement faded and he sighed.

"Nice idea, but...I couldn't. I wouldn't be truly happy. I'd feel...lonely," he replied. "I know there's Minion and the Brainbots. They're good company. But I'd still feel lonely."

Roxanne knew exactly who he was referring to. After all, why would he reveal his entire plan to her if he knew she would use it against him? It was to impress her. She'd learnt that a long time ago. He wanted to kill Metro Man, but he also wanted attention – her attention.

Something he had captured a long time ago, although Roxanne kept this hidden deep down to prevent being diagnosed with Stockholm Syndrome.

She sighed. Her career wouldn't last much longer, despite the kidnappings. Her boss was already looking for a younger reporter to replace her.

"I'm looking for an open window; I want to start a new life, too. Any room for me?"

Megamind's head snapped up and he looked at her with hope; hope which she had never seen before, and it made her heart swell.

"You... Really?"

"Yeah," she said with a nod. "My career won't last, and I'm kind of sick and tired with everyone assuming Metro Man and I are a couple. He's really not my type."

She didn't tell him that he had left many bruises on her accidentally, and that the hero had assumed that her supposed love for him would see past these constant minor injuries.

"So you want to live here?"


"With me?"


He stared at her. Then he laughed happily, taking Roxanne into his arms, picking her up and spinning her above his head. Roxanne laughed out loud too, unable to resist. When he put her down Megamind's hand found itself resting against her face, his thumb gently stroking her cheek.

"You...really mean it?"

Roxanne knew actions spoke louder than words. A simple 'yes' wouldn't be enough. So instead, she leaned in and placed her lips upon his.

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