Jade lay sleeping on her bed, in her cool satellite bedroom. Today was a special day, and no, not a day that she would begin a game that would lead to the annihilation of Earth. No, that would never happen. Disappointed? Well that's too bad. Today was when she would finally meet her friends! She had talked to them, video chatted, and mailed, but today she would finally meet them in person! But she's sleeping right now, and will continue to sleep for a couple of hours, so it would be a waste of time to observe her for the moment. Why not observe her friends?

John walked out of the small airport, shouldering his backpack. It was filled with clothes, the essentials, and of course, a hammer. Never know when you could use a hammer, after all. As he surveyed the miniscule runway, he saw a kid with blonde hair struggling to untangle his backpack with what appeared to be a katana. "Hey!" Egbert exclaimed, as he rushed over to him, "Let me help with that!" The blonde kid turned around, his black shades glinting in the sun, "Hey, I can handle this." John gaped, and immediately broke out into a large grin. "Dave! You're about as cool as I thought you'd be!" Dave blinked (or we assume he did, as his cool shades block his eyes)"Wait a second," he started, "You're John Egbert, aren't you?" John nodded excitedly, "Dave Strider, I'm so glad to finally meet you! Are you excited for Jade's birthday party?" Dave went back to untangling his katana, "I'm about as excited as I can be. I'm flying out into the middle of the f*cking ocean to some goddamn forsaken island to visit my friend for her birthday party. Jegus. I mean Jesus."

John just continued smiling. "but despite that, Dave, you're still going. I think you care more than you let on." Dave yanked his sword out of the backpack's shoulder straps, which were still a tangled mess. "Perceptive, aren't you, Egbert? By the way, where's Rose?" John looked around the deserted runway, "No idea, she better get her shortly, the plane's gonna get here soon. By the way, what's with the katana?" Dave finally untangled the backpack, and turned to John, "This?" he asked, gesturing to his sword. "Yeah," John answered, "that." Dave smiled, slung on his backpack, and deftly unsheathed the sword, presenting it to John "My bro just got me this, ordered it straight from Japan. He said it was time for me to stop using my piece of shit sword and finally get a real katana. John ogled at the blade, it was finely forged, and glimmered in the sunlight. "Can…" John began, "Can I touch it?" Dave quickly resheathed the blade, "Gog, I mean God no, John." He attached the sword back to his hip, "You'd probably cut yourself and bleed to death on the f*cking pavement." John made a pouting face, "Fine, be that way, but why are you taking it to the party?" Dave pushed his shades farther up his face, "Well, if you must know, since I just got this, I want to practice with it…." Dave then smiled deviously, "and if I get the chance, I can kill that f*cking devilbeast Jade calls a pet."

John recoiled in shock, "What? Bec is a lovely animal! Why in god's name would you want to kill it?" Dave frowned, "I don't like that dog. It's about as bad as my Bro's ass puppets." The argument would have continued on, but the clicking of high heels got both of their attentions. "If you fine gentlemen can stop bickering for a second, then maybe you could take a second to greet me." John immediately brightened up, "Rose! You look…beautiful." She did. She had on a nice dress, purple and black in color, and had nothing more than a small handbag. Dave smirked, "You look like dressed to the nines, Rose." Rose gave both of them a patronizing smile, "And both of you look like you don't even care about your friend's birthday." John was about to make a very good (in his opinion) comeback, when the droning of a plane's engine made them all turn on their heels, to see a rickety old one prop Cessna bounce down to the pavement.

"There's no f*cking way I'm riding on that thing." Dave breathed, but John patted him on the back. "Come on Dave! It'll be fun, and I'm sure that Jade will be really happy to see you!" Dave grumbled consent, and slowly, all three kids approached the plane.

Jade yawned, stretching her arms; she had just woken up. She had peered into the Skaian clouds, and saw her friends boarding the airplane. "Hm.." she mumbled drowsily, "I wonder if I should have told them that they have to parachute onto the island."