John continued to flail his arms screaming while the three kids continued their descent. Rose stopped her efforts with the parachute, and looked at Dave, "Strider, I won't be able to get this undone before we hit the ground. It appears that the impact with the ground at terminal velocity will cause our untimely demise."

Dave just adjusted his frames, "That's… fucking swell. I guess if a coolkid has to go out, he goes out like this… Although I imagined it being a bit more flashy…" Dave turned, irritated, at John, "John, I swear, SHUT THE FUCK UP." John quickly stopped screaming, but was still panicked. "Honestly, John, have some dignity."

John yelled, "Dave! Come on, don't you have something in your grab bag of ninja tricks to save us? I don't wanna diiiiieeeeeeee!" Dave thought for a couple seconds, while the ground grew steadily closer. "Maybe" Dave mused, "Just maybe…. I'm not that good at flash stepping, but I might be able to catch all of you." Rose nodded, "That would be acceptable, Strider. Please execute your plan flawlessly, else one or both of us will die when we finish our descent."

Dave announced, "Get ready! We're almost there! 1…2…..3-!" All of a sudden, right before they hit the ground, as Dave braced himself to save his two friends, green light enveloped his vision, and he was dumped unceremoniously into something squishy. He flailed about for a bit, before righting himself, and trying to look around, but his shades were only hindering in this barely lit room. He could hear John's muffled cries, and another set of movements, most likely Rose.

"Dave, I can't see anything, am I dead? I didn't want to die! Dave you asshole, how could you let this happen to me?" John cried, Dave quickly trudged over to him, and extracted him from the large pile of squishy things they were both in. "Cool it, John, we're safe." Dave sighed. John looked around, "Huh, where are we?" Rose in the corner spoke up, "Judging from the feeling of the objects making up this pile… I would assume they are Squiddle plush toys." Dave accepted this fact as only coolkids could, while John examined one of the Squiddles in the faint light.

Suddenly, a light overhead turned on, indeed, they were waist deep in a giant Squiddle pile. Jade was standing near the door with her pet dog Becquerel behind her, "Oh thank goodness!" she exclaimed cheerfully, her face bright and smiling, "I was almost afraid Bec wouldn't be able to catch you, but he did it! Isn't he such a good dog, very best friend?" She gave Bec an affectional pat on the head. Dave glared at the dog through his pitch black shades, muttering, "This changes nothing you fucking devilbeast."

Bec bared his teeth and just pushed his head into Jade's hand.