afterlife ever after

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Anime Inuyasha-Bleach

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On top of the high hill in Tokyo Japan sits, a Shinto shrine that once was full of life. Now there is none when the mother and her father-in law loss the two kids that bring them so much joy. What they do not know they are still around and those siblings are about to go on a journey of a lifetime or should it be call afterlife time.

The two kids were standing at the Torii (Shinto gate) holding hands while looking at their home, and then they both look at each other with tears in their eyes.

When Sota look at his big sister, he has hope in his eyes he knows that he will be all right because he has his sister with him. In addition, whatever happens they will do it together. Therefore, when he turned to his sister he then begins to ask her the one thing that has been bugging him.

"Sis why do you think we are still here? And what are those chains for?" He asks while picking up the chain with fear in his eyes.

Kagome did not know what to say to her bother. She had never in her travel in the past had she seen those chains and when she met the soul piper here in her time the kids did not have chains either.

However, she does not want to worry her brother so she tries to hide her fear for his sake, then she smiled before she answers her brother." Sota everything will be okay I will take care of you, I'm going to take us to the soul piper and then he will help us." She had said it with such kindness within her voice that her brother will not worry.

Sota then let go of his sister's hand, then he said with a happy tone, but he also asks her a question.

"Okay sis but how will you understand him once we find him, you told me that he is a floating blob that helps children who had passed by playing a flute and playing with them. So, does he talk?

Kagome look at her brother, and then she replies. "When I first met him he had said nothing to me, but somehow I understand him. However, I can't say if he can talk "after Kagome said this, they begin to walk down the same road they pass every day when they were once alive they pass their friends' house who still morning for them.

They had kept going until they notice they were in a different town Kagome was about to tell Sota maybe they should turn back when she hears her brother yell, then she saw him point at the ugliest thing she ever saw in her life eh never mind, but it is still ugly.

"Hey sis is that the soul piper." Yell Sota who was pointing at a gross monster thing that was round and that had a little girl in it big hands.

I look at Sota with worry in my eyes I have to do something to try to help the girl, but also to try to keep Sota safe.

"Sota run that is not the soul piper, I do not know what it is, but I can't let that thing hurt the girl."

Sota all at once start to pray for his sister and for the girl when he saw his sister runs at the thing head on. Hope that someone will come to save them all.

When Kagome run at the thing, her hands start to glow pink when she had hit it. She had only made the thing mad, but when she hit him with the power in her hands it had surprise him enough so he had dropped the girl. The thing with a bone mask snare at Kagome he then snared out at her.

"You are now going to be my lunch. "Only thing Kagome what to do is too screamed and ran away, but she knows if she does that, then the girl will be killed.

Therefore, she then stands her grand and reply to him, "Try me sick piece of nothing." Just then, out of nowhere a door appears out of sky then within it appears two men with black and white clothes and swords.

When Kagome had seen them all that run through her mind was pleased let them be someone that can help stops that gross thing that wants the others and me for lunch.

Within the back Sota who had been, praying for helped was happy when someone did come to save them.

The little girl with pink hair who had fallen to the ground had awoken and when she saw her friend.