Mind Games & Cruel Words

Things with them were never simple. They fought and they argued and they constantly challenged each other to battles that neither of them could win. They started things with one another that they both knew would be dangerous for the already strained relationship between them.

They argued, he knew, because there were feelings between them. Not wholly unpleasant feelings either. Kind of nice ones, actually. Surprising? Perhaps, considering the horrible things they did to one another, the mind games and the cruel words they exchanged. But not entirely stunning. They were both on opposite sides of the war, she aligning herself with the Alliance and he with the Browncoats. They were both proud. Too much so.

All of those things made it most difficult to admit to anything even edging on attraction or anything that might mean having to put those differences aside. What they had was strong. It was a connection so deep that they kept coming back for more, even when that meant taking pain instead of the pleasure for which they so desperately longed. Beneath the faces they put up, vulnerability was aplenty.

Acceptance was not something they tried to achieve because they were so far from it that to try would give them more trouble than they were already in. It was further from their reach than anyone might think. Put in simple terms, it was complicated.