An ancient being of immense power threatens to destroy the Multi-Verse who will stop this insane threat.

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Beyond the four Kai's planet is an ancient race of Gods who are said to be even higher than them they call themselves Supreme Kai , all killed by a demon except for two ,Western Kai and Northern Kai during which they mated creating a life form know as Mustafa little did they know he was an Evil hell spawn with only one goal Supreme power. For questioning their role in Universe calling them weak he was banished at the tender age of 13 into a Star. But he escaped and begged his parents for forgiveness. Instead of forgiving him completely they said 'you must first learn to live on your own in the universe''


On his adventure Mustafa has picked thousands of abilities one of them is abilities theft, which means he can absorb physical , mental and spiritual powers, but their is one Power that interest him, one that his parents never taut him it was called the Instant Trans-mission and since he was near Planet Earth he decide to pay Son Goku the apparent Warrior Emperor a little visit .