A/N: The prologue to my next story, you guys.
I'm excited to write it, honestly *sighs*
But I'm going to be finishing up "No Danger Allowed" first,
And curb you all of your ZoRo pregnancy thirst

This one will be exciting, for you and for me.
With my four love-pairings here for you all to see

I won't go too much into detail, but hopefully this prologue will draw you in
So join me here, in this story of love, fear, hope and delightful sin
So take a step inside, find a seat
In this dark story that won't be beat...

Welcome to the

Freak Show

Ladies and Gentlemen
Why don't you come on in
Into our high-rise tent
For we're about to begin

There'll be strong men, animals
Freaks and Trapeze artists, too,
And everyone's here
To tell a story to you

It's a tale about pirates
Such a fabulous crew
Sailing the seas
Under the sky so blue

Their cheerful laughs
Carry on from day to day
Going from island to island
And bay to bay

But all good things end
And bad things do follow
And I'm afraid this is a tale
That may be a bit hard to swallow

Loved ones will be taken
Put on display in utter shame
In the very best kind
Of twisted circus game

So take your seats,
The front row is the best,
And watch as we put
Our fair straw-hats to the test…