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It's the beginning of our Freak Show
Step on up! Step on in!
For here marks the beginning of sin

"You lied!" Usopp exclaimed from across the deck, his index finger pointing to Suki beside me as we laid on the lawn deck, basking in the sun of a brand new day. "There was no full moon last night!"

"I don't know what you're talking about, Usopp," Suki pressed her lips together to conceal a smile.

"You know exactly what I'm talking about!" Usopp shouted, coming down the stairs. "And I don't know how you did it –since I searched the men's quarters from top to bottom –but that annoying voice kept at it all night!"

"That's what happens when you don't believe," Suki smiled gently, her acting skills coming into play. Oh, to be an idol.

"And I thought you and Usopp were the best liars," Harumi murmured to me.

"Yohoho!" A voice came from up above. "What do we have here?"

"Brooke!" Suki exclaimed, jumping to her feet, knocking Usopp to the ground and rushing up the steps to greet him. "Have you written it? That new song of yours?"

"I did indeed," Brooke grinned. "And I must say, it is quite pleasant to the ears! But I have no ears to hear it with, so I was wondering if you ladies would give it a go."

"We can't say no to your music, Brooke," I smiled up at him.

"But, Nami, you have said no to my music before," Brooke frowned.

"That's what happens when you write a song asking if you can see our panties," I rolled my eyes.

"I never did get to see them," Brooke sighed. "Well, it's in the past. And here we are today with a brilliant new piece, inspired by last night."

"This is going to be good," Harumi grinned at me.

"A-hem," Brooke cleared his throat. Suki perched on the railing in front of Brooke, kicking her feet in the air like a happy child.

"In a small bay, in the middle of the night,

Where the ghosts and ghouls do take flight

And a storm cloud covers any kind of light

We gave long-nose such a fright!"

"Oh, shut up," Usopp took my shoe off my foot and threw it at him.

"Hey –" I began.

"Don't mess with me, Nami!" Usopp puffed up his chest. "I'm cranky and running on less than an hour's sleep! I don't need your attitude."

"My attitude," I repeated, rising to my feet and placing a solid hand on my hip. "What attitude is it, may I ask, that you speak of?"

"Your –Your gracious, kind, warm-hearted attitude," Usopp said quickly, withering on the spot. "Ah, damn it all, I'm going back to bed."

"Your shoe, Nami-san," Brooke came down the stairs.

"Thank you, Brooke," I dropped it to the ground and slid my foot into it.

The boat lurched, throwing us all forward. My foot turned funny in the shoe as I went down, and pain shot through my leg. I yelped in pain, as another lurch sent us in the opposite direction.

"Are you okay, Suki?" Brooke asked her, who had dropped from the deck above us. She had, however, landed on her feet. Harumi sat on the ground beside me, already getting to her feet.

"I'm fine," Suki straightened up, dusting herself off.

"Nami?" Luffy leapt over the edge. "Are you okay?"

"Fine," I lied, gritting my teeth as I slowly maneuvered myself to a standing position.

"I thought I heard you…" Luffy frowned. He watched me for a long moment as I headed towards the upper deck, where Franky should have been behind the helm. I tried my hardest not to limp, but Luffy swung me up over his shoulder. "You're mean, Nami. Lying to me."

"I'm fine, Luffy, let me down."

"Let's go see Chopper," Luffy said.

"First, let's go see Franky," I tugged at his rubbery skin in an attempt to turn him around. "I want to know what happened. Luffy!"

"Fine," he grumbled, turning around and taking us up to the helm.

"Franky!" I called out.

"He's already gone to look at the damage," Zoro was climbing down from the crow's nest.

"What happened?"

"I guess we hit something," Zoro shrugged.

"What an understatement," I muttered, forcing Luffy to put me down. I limped over to the railing, not bothering to hide my injury now that it was already out of the bag. "Franky!"

"Yeah?" he came up the other side of the boat.

"What'd we hit?" I asked, turning to face him.

"I went below to check it out," Franky frowned, looking back down at the water.

"And?" I pressured when he didn't go on.

"There wasn't anything there," he shrugged. "No rocks, no sea king. Nothing."

"Impossible," I rolled my eyes.

"Go have a look yourself," Franky waved down to the water. "But the coast is clear."

"Zoro," Luffy said, a hand going around my waist to keep me from diving over. Without a word, Zoro obeyed, leaping over the edge while Luffy brought me close to him. "Now, it's off to the infirmary."

"No –Let's wait until Zoro comes back up," I protested.

"I can check her out here," Chopper said, arriving at the top of the stairs. "Robin said Nami injured herself."

"It wasn't me, it was Franky sailing us into a reef," I muttered.

"There is no reef," Franky shook his head. "I'm going down to repair the ship."

"Here, sit," Chopper said, gesturing to the seat behind the helm. Luffy carried me over, placing me down gently. "The ankle?"

"Mm," I nodded, looking up as Zoro pulled himself onto the deck from the bow of the ship. "And ? –ffff," I winced in pain as Chopper began moving my foot gently. He barely glanced up at me as he continued to poke and prod.

"Franky's right, there's nothing down there," Zoro gave himself a shake, sending water everywhere.

"That's impossible," I shook my head. "It doesn't make sense."

"It's the Grand Line," Chopper reminded me.

"Even then…" I sighed. "So what's the damage, Doc?"

"It seems like a strain," he set my foot down carefully. "I can bandage it, give it more support, but all that can really help it is rest. It doesn't seem to be too bad though, definitely not broken. I think some ice and elevation will help it a lot."

I groaned, "And the worst part is, I can't blame it on anything –since we don't know what caused it."

"A week's rest, Nami," Chopper ignored my rambling.

"A week? No way," I told him.

"No! She'll miss the circus!" Luffy exclaimed.

"That's all you've been thinking about since I told you, isn't it?" I turned to him.

"Shishishi," was his reply.

"I'll go get the bandages and ice, Luffy, you take her down to bed," Chopper instructed.

"But –"

"Nami," they both warned.

I scowled, unable to fight against the both of them. It's not like I wanted to hurt myself further, I just didn't like being held back because of such a minor injury. While I wasn't childish like the two of them, I still wanted to see the circus, and run around town after them.

A let out a long breath. The circus would start the day after we arrived on the next island. Which meant it started tomorrow, which means a week from now, I would be catching the tail end of it –if any at all…

Another sigh. Well, they always say the final act is the most tremendous. Maybe it'll be worth it.