Interdimensional: Long Days' Journey

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A/N: Same as last time, I'll begin each chapter by indicating the POV it is set in.

Chapter One


"Boys, exactly what have you been doing this summer?" Major Monogram asked, examining the boys closely. They were in the hall at the O.W.C.A. veterinary facility, just outside Perry's room.

"We build things, sir," Phineas replied. "We're a little young, but we make sure to have all the permits in place whenever possible. Wanna see what we were working on before this madness started?"

"Is it some sort of machine on a grand scale designed to solve one unique problem which will vanish somehow before your sister can bust you to your parents?"

"How'd you know all that?"

"Apparently Agent P. is keeping very close tabs on you."

"Wouldn't surprise me. He does love us."


Phineas rubbed the back of his head and looked down at the corner between the floor and the wall. "Uh, well..." he began.

"I hope he didn't say too much."

"He doesn't really talk. He is a platypus, after all."

"Oh, well then. If you would please come with me." Monogram turned to walk down the hall. Phineas and Ferb followed anxiously.

"Do you have to send him away?"

"Given your technical skill, we would like to observe you two until you are eligible for employment."

"You're gonna give us jobs?"

"Platyborg was kind enough to point it out to me, because even though I wrote the O.W.C.A. rulebook, I forgot about the possible employment of technical prodigies in agents' host families."

"Wait, because of everything we did this summer, you want to employ us?"

"Yes, when you're old enough. Child labor laws and all that, and it's much too risky to involve children in missions, even if all they do is make the gadgets." The threesome walked into Perry's lair, and Monogram pulled up the slideshow of their inventions. "The trouble is, you boys have to agree to keep this place a secret, along with the identity of your pet as one of our operatives."

"Don't worry. We're pretty good at it."

"Good, because this portal situation is getting touchy. Agent K. never reported back to us, and Agent P. is in no condition as of yet to share with us what he's learned."

Phineas glanced at Ferb and then returned his attention to Monogram. "Is it unusual for Agent K. to not report back?"

"After twelve hours, yes. She is a close second to Agent P. and is able to foil Rodney in a matter of an hour."

"What if Agent K. is the reason Perry is in the hospital?"


"Nothing's impossible," Ferb said.

"I'll tell Carl to run a check for Agent K. He'll need something to do, anyway, considering what a wreck he's become."

"Does that kid Carl work here?"

"He's an intern."


"Anyway, what do you kids say?"

"To your job offer?" Phineas looked at Ferb, who nodded. "Okay, we're in."

"Excellent. Based on what I see here, you two will make fine agents."

"Thank you, Mr. Monogram."

"Major Monogram."


Monogram nodded and walked out of the lair to a secret room that the brothers pretended not to notice. Phineas and Ferb walked down the hall to the veterinary facility, specifically Perry's room. Carl and Platyborg were seated at his bed, and Perry smiled at the brothers when they entered, despite the pain he was probably in. "Hey, boy," Phineas said, ruffling Perry's fur. "Major Monogram wants us to work for the agency when we grow up." Perry smiled broader.

"I knew once he saw all the stuff you made he'd come around," Carl cheered.

"Oh, and he wants you to check up on Agent K."

"Okay. I guess I better go do that." Carl nodded and walked out of the room. At the door, he paused and added, "Take care of Agent P."

"We will." Carl closed the door behind him, and Phineas looked back at Perry. "You're in good hands, pal," he whispered, still rubbing the platypus' fur. Perry smiled up at them, and Platyborg smiled as well. Ferb checked his watch and brought the time to Phineas' attention. "Well, we better go," he said. "We'll tell Mom, Dad, and Candace that you're okay." Phineas rubbed Perry's head yet again, and with that, he and Ferb walked out of the hospital room.