Dearest Richard,

I love you. I'm sorry that I neglected you for so many years. Everything changed when Sheridan was born. I turned my attention from you to him, but Sheridan has moved out and we both need to move on. Can't we start fresh and get closer again? You and I were so close before we had Sheridan. I want to be that way again. I haven't been attentive enough to you and I don't listen well enough to you. You are so special to me and I hate the way that we've become. We're such a stiff, cold couple now and we were never that way before. Even through all this I know I couldn't live without you in my life. You were the person who pulled me away from the family that I longed to be rid of. I've become consumed with becoming high class, but I've since remembered that that's not the most important thing: you are. The affection that was once in our relationship is now missing, but I wish it wasn't. You and I are such an attractive couple and I love you so much. You and I have to learn to love each other again. I'm willing to try anything to get you back into my arms. I'm now unwilling to spend another moment not being close to you. I know you haven't retired yet because you don't want to spend that much time with me. I understand why. I'm an annoying nag. You're bright enough to figure things out without me having to tell you. I have to say out of the two of my sisters who got married I picked the best husband. We know each other so well. I wish we could sit and talk more often. I also wish we could seriously consider sharing a bed. I miss you. I miss your presence and your warmth. The coldness in our bedroom is not just due to the temperature. Come back to me; you'll never regret it. I love you! I'm changing things within me as of now so that we can stay together. Love me the way you used to.