The order of dropping people off was the reverse of that morning. Grace went first, her and Rigsby hugging before she left, Cho next who left without a word, and then Rigsby who felt awkward with all the anger around him, and hid his contentedness till he was home. The drive to Lisbon's house was silent. Neither had spoken, and it continued that way as he pulled up to her house, the sunset beaming into the windows. The engine stopped and Jane toyed with the dangling keys, side glancing at Lisbon.

"I can't believe you did that. I just shouldn't be surprised by your immaturity anymore."

"I can't believe you tried to drown me." Lisbon tightened her jaw.

"I did not try to drown you. I just pushed you in."

"Let us not forget the very important detail that you had just announced that pool kills people."

"Well Jane, for all I know that officer, could be a murderer and now-"

"First off he is not a killer he's just lonely. And second you can't use that argument since you pushed me in before that."

"Whatever." Jane looked over, making a disgusted face.

"You're always so cranky, you're like an old cat. Always hissing." Lisbon shook her head when she spotted the peach, still on the ground but nearly beaten to mush. While Jane was looking out his window, she discreetly gathered up a handful of the fruit.

"Hey Jane." As he turned to face her, she lunged, plastering the mush into his face. He yelped pushing her back. "Eat your stupid peach!"

"Murder! Murder!" He screamed as she smashed a second handful on him. He made a disgusted sound as some of it made it into his mouth. "It tastes like carpet!" He spit out the window and pivoted to face Lisbon who looked a little too satisfied. He flung a chunk of peach at her. "You, Teresa Lisbon are going to pay."

"What could you possibly still do to me?"

"If you have to ask you clearly don't know me very well. Now get out of my vehicle."

"I'll be happy to." Lisbon gathered up her towel and sweatshirt and paused as she stepped out the door, opening her mouth to say something but Jane yanked the door shut, making her voice muffled. He smirked, waving through the window. Lisbon scowled, kicking the door then barged into her house. Jane strolled back to the drivers seat and gingerly patted the wheel.

"Well Large Marge I think its time I return you. Then I go home and wait." He glanced at the time before pulling out from Lisbon's home and heading back to the RV rental shop.

Later that night...

Patrick Jane yawned loudly, wincing. His side had begun to bruise from Rigsby's foot and his lungs were starting to show their exhaustion from his near drowning experience. He nestled into a corner of his couch, holding a warm cup of tea with two hands to absorb the heat. He glanced up to the clock, it was 11 PM. It wasn't late enough. He took a few long sips before gently placing his mug on a table and settling in for a catnap. A few hours and the time would arrive.

Jane startled awake, hoping he didn't miss his chance. He fumbled for his phone, half awake but nonetheless eager to follow out his plan. 4:01 AM

"Perfect." He mumbled to himself, sitting up straighter and dialing. The other end rang, and rang, and rang. "Come on..." It clicked as a voice came on.

"What the hell do you want, Jane? If you're still outside my house-"

"Sheesh, you must love to be angry. Even in the middle of the night..."

"If you don't give a life or death reason to stay on the phone I'm hanging up. I'll give you 30 seconds."

"Lisbon, what if I had a gun at my skull and the moment after you hung up my brains exploded."

"Jane just tell me what you want." Jane smiled.

"Are you sure you're awake?"

"Yes." She said sternly.

"You sure you're sure?"

"Jane." She said warningly.

"Take your mind back, back to about 3 in the afternoon today, well yesterday. Go all the way back to Officer Hank..." Lisbon was silent, taking in his tone.

"What else did you tell him?"

"I may, just may have given him your cell number and home address." There was silence. Then heavy breathing.

"Patrick Jane! You self righteous bastard I'm going to come over there and-"

"Sleep tight, Lisbon!" He said loudly over her stream of threats. He quickly ended the call.

Jane grinned, putting his phone on silent and settling back into the arms of his couch. Lisbon didn't need to know he was lying. Well, about the address part at least. All she needed to know that in their fights, Jane would always be a step ahead. Or so he believed...

Monday morning, Jane hummed to himself as the elevator delivered him to the second floor. The doors dinged open and he strolled towards their office, passing by the kitchen. "Morning, Rigs." Rigsby quickly pivoted to him, smiling.

"Hey." But there was a look in his eye, something was amiss. No not in his life...nothing to do with Grace...Jane eyed him carefully, making Rigsby nervously step back.

"Coffee...?" He offered, his eyes flitting about.

"This has to do with me..." He used the agent's eyes as a compass, following where they kept flicking to. When Jane turned the corner to their main office he froze in his step.

Just a wall. Some dust on the floor. An empty Nilla Wafers baggy. But no couch.


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