Okay, so this is actually the very first fanfic I have ever written. I got this idea from reading 'Hello Dolly' by Jedi Annie Scrambler (great fanfic BTW. I highly recommend it.)

Jedi Annie Scrambler - I've got to give you credit. I might as well dedicate this story to you. It took me FOREVER to think of a good story plot for a TEC fic. I kind of...'borrowed' the whole 'matchmaker chic that writes in a journal what other people do' idea from you. I haven't actually SEEN 'Hello Dolly' though. So yeah...thanks! ;)

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I stare at the unfamiliar building in front of me.

The Electric Diner?

Okay, so you're probably lost right now. I'm Karmen McBarlen. I have long, wavy, shiny black hair, green eyes, pale skin and ruby red lips. Apparently I look like Snow White.

I recently moved to New York a week ago. My dad got a job transfer. New York is okay, but I like Britain way better. My mom says that's because I don't have any friends here...yet. I'm not really British, if you're wondering about me not having that thick an accent. I lived in Britain for a year. Before then I used to live in Ontario.

Anyway, my mom sent me out of the house to explore the streets of New York and hopefully make some new friends. I really didn't want to, but it was either this or chores. Yuck!

So now here I am, lost in New York. Well, not really lost since I can see my apartment from here. I walk into the Electric Diner and sit at a table in the far right corner. I notice there aren't many people here today. I pull out my black spiral bound notebook. Wait! Did I mention I`m a writer. Well, more like an observer. I like to watch to watch other people and write down what they do. I also like to play matchmaker. I`m like our generation's Cupid.

I grab a random pen off the table and start to write.

Table # 1

Mean looking girl with brown hair. Wearing a tie. She keeps glancing over at the guy at the other table. Hmmmm...Very interesting.

Petite girl sitting next to her also has brown hair. Has a rather unique style. But she looks bored. And kind of...lonely? Needs a boyfriend.

African-American guy. Tall. Big eyes that sort of freak me out. Looks offended by something. Needs a girlfriend.

Big guy wearing a hat. Has a big, creepy smile on his face. Looks like he wants to rule the world or something. Talking to a robot. Robot?

I stare for a minute, then write;

Needs a life.

There`s one more girl at the table. Looks like a younger version of the first girl. Big, black glasses. Looks smart. And young.

"How may I help you?"

I literally jump out of my seat. My legs bang into the table with a loud thud. It hurts. A lot.

"Owww..." I groan.

"Are you okay?" the boy that just scared the heck out of me asks.

I nod. "Gosh, you scared me!"

"Sorry about that," the guy offers me his hand for me to shake, "I'm Shock."

I shake his hand. "That's such a cool name! I'm Karmen."

"Great to meet you Karmen. Are you new here?" Shock asks me.

"Yup! Moved here just last week," I smile. I really like this Shock guy. He's really nice...and kinda cute.

"So, do you work here?" I ask.

Shock nods.

"You see that guy over there," Shock points to the guy that the weird girl keeps looking at, "That's Hector. He actually runs the place."

My eyes widen. "Really?"

Shock nods. "So...can I get you anything?"

I shake my head. "No thanks."

"Well...I've got to get back to work but it was nice meeting you."

"Bye!" I wave as Shock goes back behind the counter.

I turn back to my notebook.

Shock. Nice guy. Really sweet and kinda cute. Hmmm...I wonder if he has a girlfriend.

Table #2

Hector. Works at the diner. He's laughing while fixing his hair. Looks nice, but kinda vain. Hmmm...He seems to be flirting with the pretty blonde girl next to him.

Pretty blonde girl next to him. Blushing like crazy. Seems really sweet, but looks like one of those clumsy types. Is she also flirting with Hector?

I write a quick note.

Must get Hector and blonde chic together.

Really pretty girl with dark hair. Looks a bit younger than me. I like her t-shirt. Playfully punches the guy next to her in the arm. Could that mean something?..Nah. Probably not.

Guy next to her. Also looks younger. Dark skin tone. Drinking a banana smoothie.

Youngest guy. Also has a dark skin tone. Laughing like crazy. Cute, for an, like, eleven year old.

I shut my notebook and look up. I gasp. The guy with the smoothie is drawing a picture. With his finger. In mid air!

My jaw drops. It's a red car. When he puts his hand down the red car moves. Like, it literally drives away!

Before I know what I'm doing I walk over to their table.

"How the heck did you do that!"

The kid looks up at me in alarm.

"Who are you?" the youngest boy asks.

I ignore his question.

"How. Did. You. Do. That?" I ask again.

"Um...we heard you the first time!" the dark haired girl says.

"Then answer me!" I am getting really annoyed now.

Everyone is still silent.

I try one more time. "How did you do that?" I flick my wrist, gesturing at the red car he drew.

Everyone's jaws drop open.

"What?" I ask.

I look down at my hand. My eyes widen. In the palm of my hand is a blue ball full of...letters?

"WHAT THE HECK!" I exclaim.

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