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"Go away," I mumble.

"But the diner's closing."

"I don't care."

"Shock told me to wake you."

"I'm not asleep," I say, but look up anyways. It's Marcus, the only Electric Company member that doesn't hate me. Unfortunately I don't like him so...

"You-whoa! Nice raccoon eyes!" Marcus laughs.

I wipe my under-eye and, sure enough, my whole index finger is greyish-black. I must have unknowingly been crying. Stupid non-water proof mascara.

"Marcus, leave me alone. I'm having the worst day of my life and you're doing everything but helping." Not like he ever does anyways.

Marcus (of course) ignores everything I say and sits down next to me. "A bad day, huh? Tell me about it."

I snort. Why would I tell him of all people? Does he even know me? "Why would I tell you? I don't even like you." I'm surprised Marcus even talks to me. I'm so mean to him all the time and I'm fully aware of that.

"I'm Marcus. What do you have to lose?"

That's true.

I tell Marcus briefly what had happen. "I got into a fight with the Electric Company, okay? It was stupid and now they all hate me. It's no big deal, okay?" I put my head back down.

"Really? Because you're raccoon eyes say it's a big deal!"

I look back up to glare at him. My raccoon eyes are going to scratch his eyes out if he doesn't leave me alone. "Why do you care anyways?"

Marcus shrugs. "Because you're my friend and that's what friends do."

"...But you're not my friend."

"I can live with that."

Okay, I have no idea what Marcus just said but as long as he's not making any more stupid comments about my eyes then I really don't care. "What should I do?"

"Uh, apologize?"

"Oh geez, I never thought of that." I roll my eyes sarcastically.

Marcus' eyes widen in surprise. "Really? That's normally the first thing that pops into my mind whenever I mess up. You know, besides the usual things!"

"Oh, for peeps sake!" I begin to bang my head against the table.

"Um... can't you hurt your head by doing that?" I look up to see Marcus staring at me and looking all worried.

"Please stop talking."

Marcus smirks. "I will if you tell me what really happened between you and the rest of the Company."


"Come on. It'll make you feel better."

"Still no."

"Fine. Then I'll sing. Oh..."

I quickly cover his mouth before I discover what song he's singing. "Okay, okay! Sheesh. Just don't sing. I'm begging you!"

I think about lying to Marcus but that's a really bad idea. I mean, look where it's gotten me? Besides, like Marcus said, what have I got to lose? The worst that could happen is that he'd start hating me for being meant to everyone else and let's face it that probably wouldn't affect me very much.

I tell Marcus the full story. Like, pretty much everything that's happened to me since I moved to New York (minus the awkward bits that I'd never tell anyone unless they already knew). I hate to admit it but it really does feel good to get it out. Of course, I'd never admit to Marcus that he's right.

Speaking of Marcus, what's weird is that he actually listened. He didn't interrupt me or add any stupid "Marcus Comments" like he normally would. He just sat quietly and nodded as I poured my heart out to him.

I never thought I'd see the day when I tell Marcus things I was afraid to share with anyone else. Or the day that Marcus was actually quiet. Then again, I never thought I'd see the day when my awesome matchmaking skills would blow up in my face so I guess it's safe to say that this day is full of surprises.

When I finish, Marcus looks at me very confused. "I don't get it. You messed up badly and you know that you did. So why don't you just apologize and get it over with? You did say that you've already thought about it, so what stopped you?"

I'm about to reply but something in his question gets me to say something completely different. "Wait... you actually understood my sarcasm?"

"Of course I did. I'm not stupid."

I want to yell at him for saying that but I really can't. Not only is he actually trying to help, but he's also right... about two things. He's not dumb and I should apologize. This leads me back to his question. Why don't I just apologize and get it over with? What's stopping me?

For the first time in what feels like ever, I really think about what I'm about to say before answering. "It's complicated, okay? I know that I should apologize, but I can't. I think it has to do with my stupid pride or something."

Marcus raises his eyebrows. "Stupid pride?"

"I dunno. It's like... my wordball power! I know I can throw wordballs. I've seen myself do it before. The only problem is that whenever I try, it never works. I know I should apologize but I can't, okay! It's hard."

"So you think it might have something to do with your pride."

I shrug. "If you haven't noticed, I'm not one to admit that I was wrong, even if I know that I am."

Marcus smiles at me. "You just admitted it to me. That's a start."

To my surprise I smile back. "What should I do?"

"There's only one thing left you can do! We're going to get you out of this mess the same way you got into it... by using your powers!" Marcus declares.

I roll my eyes. "One problem. My power, or should I say lack of power, legit had nothing to do what happened today."

"Yeah, but maybe if you can learn to control them, you can use them to your advantage. It's a lot easier to throw things than to speak. Babies already proved that theory."

I stare at Marcus. He stares back. I manage to hold his gaze for quite awhile before giving in and smiling at him. "What?" he asks. He's obviously confused by my very unKarmen-like behaviour.

"Nothing. It's just... when did you become so smart?"

Marcus replies but I completely drone him out when Shock walks by.



"I said that I've always been smart. It's just everyone else never listening to me."

"Oh... well that's pretty ironic."

"No kidding."

We sit it silence for awhile until Marcus finally stands up. "I've got to go but I know how to help you. Meet me at the diner tomorrow night."


"Just do it. Oh yeah, and bring a bike."

"Okay... what time?"


"Are you even allowed up that late?" I know for sure that my mom wouldn't if I were Marcus' age.

"I will if it's important."

I smirk. "Goodnight Marcus."

Marcus, who is about to walk out the door, stops to look at me. Once again he has a confused look on his face. "Goodnight Karmen."

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