A small Minnesota town? Please. That's what I thought. When my mom told me I was moving to live with my father in Pine City, I thought she was joking.

The reason I was moving from Bedford, ME to Pine City? She said she needed to protect me. Protect me from what? She said to protect me from the divorce. I don't know why II need protection from a divorce, but, it's not like I could just say no, I mean , I don't have any say in this at all.

The day I got on the plane there was no turning back.

When my plane landed in Minneapolis, there was a gray-haired man holding a sign that said "Issie". My name. Here was my father I had never met and I was supposed to live with him.


"Hello. Issie?" The man asked.

"Um, yeah."

The hour drive to Pine city was completely silent. And a bit akward.