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Warnings: A little angsty, a bit more fluffy, and perhaps a stalkerish Hinata. Not much really.

Saku's drabble Prompt: Naruto/Hinata-She always stated about how alone she was in the world. He just wanted to show her she wasn't that alone. He wanted her to feel like someone cared (Yes, this prompt was also used for "Masks").

WC- 300

Written: 8/21/11 & Lightly edited: 8/29/11

Hinata felt lost, terribly alone. The way her clan looked upon her as a failure to the Hyuuga legacy. The way Naruto denied her feelings, his obliviousness aching...he killed her with kindness. He thought her wierd... If only she could just speak up for herself to her clan. To tell Naruto the truth. She could feel like she was someone who was worth something, someone who could be loved.

She watched the blonde haired boy from behind a tall, lumbering oak as he trained. Why must she always watch from the shadows? Didn't she too deserve the light? His light? She was heir to the head family, yet thrust into Neji's shadow. If only she could envy...

"Hinata?" His voice suddenly startled her.

"Na-na-ru-to...he-hello..." She stuttered.

"What are you doing here?" He asked, looking her strangely.

"J-just walking b-by. I'll see you...la-later then." She turned her back toward him, to walk away.

A warm hand suddenly clamped down on her shoulder. Gentle but still firm. That was his grip.

"I knew you were watching. Why did you have to lie?" He turned Hinata back toward him.

Her face blazed crimson with embarrassment...she couldn't even manage a word if she tried.

"Why don't you ever join me in training instead of hiding and watching? It's always better when you train together with somebody. Being all by yourself can get boring after awhile."

There was that light-hearted smile on his face again. Something in her chest unwound.

"...I'd like that..." She whispered, placing her hand over his own, in awe of what it felt like to connect to another human being... her crush on him suddenly had nothing to with it.

She was filled with this hope that maybe, just maybe, she could connect to her family members like this one day.