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Where your action leads us

Chapter 1 First time

Kakuzu sighed, looking at the bloody corpse at his feet. Damn… Once again, he killed his partner. The leader will be such a bitch now, he already heard him whining about ' he is not to kill his partner because an s-rank missing-nin is so hard to find, blah blah blah…' If they were not so annoying and stupid, he would never kill them. Kakuzu asked him to stop whining about being tired; he didn't stop and insulted him: he got killed. It's simple and clear.

Now, he has to go to the base and explain it to Pein, who probably already know it thanks to Zetsu. That freaky man-eating plant… He picks up the corpse and walk in direction of the exchanging point. After all, why waste such a good opportunity to make money?


In Pein's office

So damn great…Kakuzu brought 25 million ryo and his leader seems disappointed. What's wrong with him? He asks him to bring money and now he face palms himself when he learns that he has sold the corpse of his dead partner? Okay, he's the one who killed his partner, but he still brought money, no?

"What will I do with you?" Pein says slowly. "You're a good shinobi, Kakuzu, but you cannot even be partnered with someone more than two weeks without killing him!" Pein sighs, "I knew you would kill him… but I didn't knew you would sell him… anyway, I'd already found you a new partner, he's in your room. I hope this time you won't try to kill him…"

"If he's in my room messing with my things, especially with my money, I don't think he will live any longer…" Kakuzu says. Damn, maybe the leader will understand one day that he cannot work in a team…

"Oh I don't think you will kill him." The leader replies with a smile as Kakuzu leaves his office, but the older man didn't see the devilish smile of his leader.


Kakuzu mumbles to himself as he walks to his room, an Akatsuki uniform in his hand for his new partner.

"He better not mess with my things… maybe I should kill him today so I will not have to support my new partner for the next week…" He sighs. If he kills his partner, it will stain the base and he would have to clean it.

He closes his eyes and sighs, a hand on the door handle, "Damn it, I will kill him during the mission…" he opens the door of his room. He keeps his eyes closed for a moment, almost like if he was afraid of what his new partner will be doing to his room. "I hope for him he didn't touch my money or he didn't sleep in my bed."

"Oi fucker, why do you keep your fucking eyes closed? Are you fucking blind or something?" Great… Leader had paired him with a foul-mouthed, disrespectful imbecile.

"This guy will be dead in a matter of time!" He snaps his eyes opens and grips his new partner throat. His eyes meet beautiful, bright amethyst colored eyes. His mouth stays open as he intends to yell insults at the man, but all he can do his staring at him. He would surely look like a total imbecile if he didn't have this mask hiding almost all his face. He let his eyes examine the other man; pale smooth skin, silky white hair gelled back, well toned and slightly muscular body…

"What's fucking wrong with you, man?" His partner asks, raising an eyebrow. Instantly, Kakuzu snapped out of his thoughts, releasing his new partner and slowly closes the door beneath him.

"I… I brought you the Akatsuki uniform." He says in his usual tone as he handing him the clothes.

"Don't tell me I will be partnered with that freak…" Hidan thought as he took the clothes carelessly and goes to sit on his bed. Kakuzu continues to stare at Hidan as he undresses. "By the way, I'm Hidan, your partner." Kakuzu barely heard and he tries to look away when Hidan remove his pants to go to sleep, but he just cannot. The view was simply too appealing.

He frowns. "Damn! I'm not gay!" but his little soldier didn't think so… "Oh god…I'm totally gay…" He mentally face palms himself. Leader had paired him with a foul-mouthed, disrespectful, sexy as hell imbecile…

Usually, Hidan didn't have problems about having to undress in front of other men. He did it billions of times in the oh so famous hot springs of his country… but now he feels heat spread through his body. Like as if he was… shy. It's weird to feel the other man looking intensely at him like that. He looks at his partner occasionally, hoping he wouldn't notice.

Kakuzu clears his throat, catching his new partner attention. "My name is Kakuzu. You see the line on the floor?" He asks, pointing at the red line that separate the room in two. "Never, in any occasion, you can traverse to my side of the room."

"Huh? But the bathroom is in my side of the room!"

Kakuzu chuckle lightly. "Yeah, I can cross the line, but you cannot."

Oh. Now Hidan sees why the leader said that no one wanted to be partners with him. He's a stingy bastard who orders people around, making stupid laws that only the others should follow.

Even if he can go to Hidan's side of the room, Kakuzu didn't intend of going there…it would be too tempting to do something wrong if he got close to the sexy little albino sleeping harmlessly and half naked.


Kakuzu burst into Pein office, making the red head jump in surprise. God… they will never let him read his mission reports quietly.

"I cannot be partnered with him." The bounty hunter says firmly.

What the fuck? He already wants to change partners? "Why? You didn't let him have a chance…" He starts, but Kakuzu interrupt him. "Did you even look at him?" The bounty hunter almost screams, like if it was clearly oblivious, but Pein didn't understand and raises an eyebrow. "What's wrong?"

Kakuzu frowns, "I cannot say to my leader that I'm gay, what he would think of me? I'm an s-rank criminal, who kills thousands of shinobi without any regret, who never failed a mission since I was banned from my village…and I'm gay. Surely, even straight man can see how much he's attractive…" "You don't see?" He tried to lower his voice in his usual calm tone.

"No. This time you cannot kill him, he's immortal." Pein says firmly and tend him a scroll.

"Immortal?" Kakuzu says confusedly and he takes the scroll.

"Something about his religion that makes him immortal if he sacrifices people. You will never get rid of him. You can try if you want, but he will only be a real pain in the ass if you keep hurting him."

His leader paired him with a sexy as hell priest and he thinks that he will not hurt him?

"This is your first mission with him. It will be only a spying mission because I don't know if you two know each other yet. Now go to your room and sleep, you have to leave at sunrise." Pein says and returns to his mission reports.


They were half way to Iwagakure, in the Earth country, when Hidan breaks the silence which has lasted too long for his liking.

"Can we stop at the next store to buy something to eat? Cuz I'm really fucking hungry and we walked for almost 2 hours! The cereal this morning tasted like shit, never heard about pancakes?" Hidan complains loudly.

Kakuzu sighs. He thinks about staying silent, but he's sure that his partner will complain even more if he were ignored. He says the first thing that comes in his head. "It was oatmeal, it's cheaper than cereal." Damn, what did he just says? Now his partner will think…

"Huh? I see, you're not only a fucking freak who cover himself even when it's 40*C outside, you're also a cheap bastard. What's the difference of price between shitty cereal and fucking oatmeal, forty yen?"

"Eighty. Now stop whining, we will eat at the inn this night." "Stop whining and maybe I will not be tempted to hurt you…" Kakuzu prays silently for him to shut the fuck up.

"This night! Ah man, I cannot live a whole Jashin-damned day without eating!" Nobody heard Kakuzu's prayers, as usual.

"Yes, you can."

"Alright, I can. So what? You're going to make me fucking starve every day because you're too damn cheap to buy fucking food?" Hidan continues to complain. He hoped that he could get along well with the older man. The miser cannot say 'Yes I will buy you food because I don't want you to starve. Fuck the money, I love you more!' Hidan blushes at the idea of the larger man saying that he loves him more than money, but he shakes his head. It will only happen in his fucking dreams.

"Come on, you're fucking hungry too, no?" Hidan tried with a smile.

"No." The older man replies and Hidan pouted.

Kakuzu sighs, looks in the pocket inside his cloak and give Hidan a turnip.

The albino looks at him confusedly. "What's that fucking thing?"

"A turnip, it's a vegetable."

"I fucking hate vegetables…" Hidan frowns.

"Eat it; it's good for your health."

"I don't care. I'm immortal, I don't need fucking vitamins." Hidan stays silent a moment. "But… I will eat it, because I'm so damn hungry." He says as he takes the turnip and start eating it. "Disgusting…" He mutters to himself, wincing.


At the Inn

Hidan sits on the stairs of the inn, eating the ramen he just bought at the ramen stand near the inn whilst he waits for Kakuzu to return with the key for their room. At least that Jashin-damned mission will give him some money to buy food. He fucking hates vegetables, how can something this disgusting even be called food?

He was drawn out of his thoughts by the voice of his partner. "Hidan."

The Jashinist turns his head to look at the older man, his mouth still full of ramen. "Hmmm?"

"At least swallow before trying to speak." Kakuzu frowns and turns his back to him as he returns inside the inn. Hidan quickly finishes his ramen, stands up and follows him.

Their room's large enough for two people, with almond colored walls, a large window and a bathroom. Really, it's a decent room, except…"Hey, you made a mistake. There's only one bed." Hidan says as he points at the double bed.

Kakuzu sigh. "It was cheaper."

"Where you will sleep?"

"In the bed."

Hidan raises an eyebrow. "And where I will sleep?"

"Where you want."

"But I want to sleep in a fucking bed, too!" Hidan whines.

"Fine." Kakuzu replies as he sits on the bed and pull out of his pocket a bottle of dark nail polish.

"He does it on purpose… maybe he just acts like if he's a miser…" Hidan thought with a smile. "I don't care if he acts or not. If I sleep in the same bed as him, I could snuggle by his side and pretend to be asleep, maybe he will be ashamed…and maybe he would blush… it would be so cute. " Hidan smile grew wider at his last thoughts.

"Why are you smiling?" Kakuzu asks, but he didn't even bother to look at his partner.

"Err…Eh… I… I just wonder… why the fuck you paint your nails." Hidan says, scratching the back of his head.

"It's a part of the Akatsuki uniform." Kakuzu replies.

After a moment of silence, Hidan laughs; "It's fucking gay! So you sit with the other Akatsuki member and paint each other's nails? I thought you were criminals!" The priest continues to laugh.

Kakuzu frowns. "I don't know why or who had this idea, but it's a part of the Akatsuki uniform." He repeats in his threatening tone, signaling to Hidan that he doesn't want him to whine about it again.

"Yeah, yeah… I will do this stupid thing, too." Hidan smiles and sits by his partner side.

"Here." Kakuzu says, handing him a bottle of nail polish.

Hidan takes the bottle and proceeds to paint the nails of his left hand, not really paying attention at what he does and he got nail polish on his skin.

"Damnit! How the fuck I'm supposed to paint my nails without getting fucking nail polish all over my finger?" Hidan's swear loudly.

"Try to focus on what you do, idiot." Kakuzu replies as he takes Hidan's hand and correct his mistake with nail remover.

"Now don't move." Kakuzu says calmly, but still commanding.

Hidan has soft hands… and they look so delicate in his big calloused hands. Hell, Hidan's a psycho-killer missing-nin, delicate shouldn't be a word to describe him. He likes killing, torturing and he laughs maniacally when he sees someone in pain. Yes, Hidan's not someone delicate…he's just… utterly attractive. It such a pity that his partner doesn't like money. He would be willing to pay just to see him panting, even if it's from a fever. He should stop thinking about that... He should stop thinking about his partner this way. Focus on your job, Kakuzu…

The older man almost looks patient like that, concentrating on his task like he was repairing a complex mechanism of a watch, something you need to take your time to do well. He's impatient with people, losing his self control when they're too annoying and killing them, but he's patient with things… he likes when a job is well done…

He's not as rough as he looks like after all. Kakuzu's just… quiet…and for the first time in years, Hidan feels safe enough to go to sleep without being worried about enemies. He doesn't like being awoken by someone plunging a kunai into his chest and beating the shit out of him in a attempt to kill him.

When Kakuzu had finish helping him, Hidan looks at his nails.

"How long it will last?"

"It depends how much we fight. Usually it takes a few days before it start to scale off, but I remake it once a week." Kakuzu replies, replacing his bottle of nail polish in his pocket and pulling out the map his Leader gave him earlier.

Once a week, Kakuzu will take his hands and helps him to paint his nails? Once a week, he will get to see the older man patient and concentrate on doing something else than counting money, concentrate on him?

"Interesting." Hidan thinks as he undresses and goes to sleep.


Kakuzu traces the path on his map for the next day, but the older nin couldn't focus on his task. When he hears the soft, relaxed breath of his sleeping partner, he retires his hood and cloak to feel more comfortable. He didn't remember the last time the weather was so hot…

After a moment, Kakuzu stand up and walk to the bed. He bends over his young partner not able to take his eyes off Hidan's face. He looks so peaceful when he sleeps… but suddenly, Hidan open his , captivating amethyst shaded eyes look intensely at him.

At the first sight, Kakuzu eyes were scary, weird red sclera and vibrant green pupil-less iris makes his eyes a color we don't see often. Hidan kind of likes them, it's usually the only thing he could see of his partner…but now, he can see the rest of his face and his dark raven hair.

"You scared the shit out of me!" Hidan laughs lightly.

"If I scared you, why do you laugh?" Kakuzu asks, confused. Hidan restrains himself of laughing again. His partner can be a smart ass, but he knows nothing about human relationship.

Hidan smile; "People are scared when you stare at their face while they're sleeping! However, it doesn't means that I'm scared of you! Hahaha!"

Kakuzu continues to look at him, still bemused. "We're in a dark room alone, he doesn't really know me, I don't have my hood on and he's not scared of me? He didn't even mention my scars…"

"I thought you were a greedy bastard… but… you're kinda nice." Hidan continues to smile.

"Nice?"Kakuzu raises his hand and gently brush Hidan soft, pale cheek."I'm not nice, little boy…" he tries to stop his hand from trembling and he bits his lower lip; "I'm going to hurt you so much… it even hurt me…"he locks his lips with the young confused priest under him. "Please don't struggle… and forgive me…" He thought, grinding his crotch against the other missing nin and forcing his tongue in Hidan's warm mouth.

At first, Hidan was too much in shock to react. So this is how it feels to be wrapped in his partner's strong arms? Time stood still for a moment, but he quickly came back to earth and he puts his hands on Kakuzu muscular chest, trying to push him away. He loves to be close to Kakuzu, but this is too fast! They've known each other since only one day ago, and now the older man's pinning him on the bed of a cheap inn, forcing his tongue in his mouth and… dear lord Jashin! Is that his partner grinding himself against him?

Hidan quickly turns his head to the side, breaking the kiss, and starts to struggle in an attempt to get free.

"Kakuzu…" Hidan gasps when he feels the older man nip at his neck. His body's heat increases, especially at his groin level and his cheeks feel as if they are on fire. He tries to push the older man off of him, restraining a moan when Kakuzu gently nibbles at his ear, the taki-nin's warm breath sending shivers down his spine and between his legs.

"KAKUZU!" Hidan says louder and pushes on the older man, desperately trying to get free, but Kakuzu didn't move a single bit, solid as a stone. "Stay still…" Kakuzu whispers and he uses his threads to immobilize him, his hands above his head. Kakuzu grips a fistful of silver locks to force his younger partner into another passionate kiss. Hidan couldn't retain a moan this time and he mentally curses himself for being so easily aroused.

The bounty hunter breaks the kiss a moment to remove their boxers hastily, leaving both of them naked and panting heavily. Hidan tries to close his legs, embarrassed. "Kakuzu… please… stop…" Hidan pleads as his partner continues to explore the Jashinist's body while kissing and biting his neck.

"Sweet lovely boy… He likes this, he wants more, you're so impatient…" Kakuzu thought with a smile as he spread Hidan's legs wide open and held the albino knees near his shoulders. He places himself at the entrance of the man tied under him and slowly starts to ease his way inside him.

It hurts like a bitch… It feels like he was tearing apart and since Kakuzu had tied him with his freaky tentacles thing, Hidan couldn't even hope to get free or at least kick the older man somewhere it could hurt. Hidan fought back his tears at the burning pain coming from his lower part, he cannot let the man he love see him crying… he cannot let him think he was weak.

Hidan was still trying to get free when Kakuzu finally decides to move in a teasingly slow rhythm. The threads start to tear the flesh of his wrists, but he didn't care and Kakuzu didn't seem to notice, his head was still buried in Hidan's neck.

Kakuzu was panting loudly, damn, this little priest is tight! He takes his time to make sure the other man could adjust to him before he starts to move. He grabs Hidan's hips and kneels to look at the younger man, his hard member swinging between their bodies and already leaking pre-cum.

Kakuzu laughs quietly, "And everyone thinks I'm the one who's impatient…" He thought as he grasps his partner erection, stroking him in time with his trusts that became increasingly faster until he was literally pounding inside the Jashinist priest.

Hidan moans loudly, both at the feeling of the other man inside him and at the shameful feeling of being so exposed. Now the older man was looking down at him… and laughing. Laughing? Is it because of his futile attempts to escape? Then, his partner was just playing with him… Does he like that? If it please Kakuzu, maybe he should stop struggling…maybe Kakuzu will love him; after all, he can be gentle sometimes.

Hidan stops trying to get free looking up at the older man to see him blush lightly, biting at his lower lip. It feels weird to see someone like Kakuzu blushing. Usually it's only school girl or shy people who were blushing, not a strong, sturdy, 91 year old missing-nin… then it's certainly not because he was shy or ashamed, maybe because of the heat that keeps raising as minutes pass.

They were both breathing laboriously, covered with sweat and Kakuzu leaned down to force Hidan into another passionate kiss. He was agreeably surprised when Hidan kissed back.

Hidan's mind goes wild when the stitched nin hits his prostate, sending raw pleasure through his body. He was beyond caring about moaning too loud or if tears fall down his cheeks now, he couldn't think properly and he let himself drown in pure ecstasy.

For once, Kakuzu wants that cute priest to be loud, to scream in delight over and over until he passes out from too much rough, passionate sex. He can see himself going in and out of the other man, his entrance stretched to accommodate his rather large length.

He quickened the pace, feeling himself close to the edge. He uses more threads to keeps Hidan's knees above his shoulders and takes one of the younger man thighs in his free hand.

Moaning constantly at the feeling of his soft spot being pounded relentlessly, Hidan was not able to talk or think anymore. Kakuzu continues to stoke his member with his skillful hand in time with his rough thrusts and a moment later, Hidan let out a throaty scream as he comes, splattering his own chest with cum as his body jerks hectically.

Kakuzu growls when he feels his partner clamp around him and he digs his nails into Hidan's thigh as he fills him with his warm, sticky seed. Exhausted, Kakuzu lies next to his partner, his threads retreating automatically.

Not a single word, not a single look was gives to Hidan. Hidan snuggles by his side, looking at the older man.

"Kakuzu's attitude can be cold, but his body feels so warm…" Hidan thinks with a faint smile. He tries to shut the little voice in his head that was telling him that Kakuzu didn't want to talk to him, to explain his behavior… He didn't just use him, did he? No… no, he stops struggling just because it would be easier for Kakuzu; he let him do it… Kakuzu must love him back now… He let him do it…

Hidan snuggles closer to the bounty hunter. "Please, hold me? Please…" He didn't want to have to say it out loud, he wants Kakuzu to hold him because he loves him, not because he asked him to do it... but the older man ignores him and Hidan finally falls asleep, exhausted.

"Why does this little priest keep coming closer and closer to me? He didn't have enough?" Kakuzu thinks as he tries his best to ignore his partner. They must sleep now before he has another urge of forcing his way onto his partner. Yes, sleeping and after that they will do the mission. Not sex. Kakuzu feels like he was raping Hidan, but then why he didn't asks him to stop?

"Finally, Hidan's asleep. He didn't ask me to stop and he snuggles by my side. I didn't rape him…He didn't hate me…" Kakuzu almost tries to convince himself in order to sleep well, shutting the voice who just wants to add "yet" at his last thoughts. He was appealed to touch his sleeping partner soft hair just one time again. He was able to restrain himself, but it took a few hours before he fell asleep.

It was their first day together… and their first night together…

To be continued

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