Warning! violence, molestation, character death

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Chapter 3 When things goes wrong

When Kakuzu comes in Hidan's room, the jashinist is sitting on his bed, already waiting for Kakuzu. Yesterday, he was complaining about leaving at 5 o'clock… Kakuzu looks at him for a moment.

"You didn't sleep, don't you?" Kakuzu isn't really upset he had to pay for two rooms, he was just… worried. Hidan's probably the only partner he had who whines loads about being tired and always wanting to take a break because his scythe is so heavy and bla bla bla…

Hidan ignores Kakuzu's question, stands up and takes his scythe, ready to leave.

Kakuzu frowns and turns around. "We're going to the base, Pein has another mission for us."


They walk in silence until they arrive at the Akatsuki base around 12 o'clock. Hidan goes to the room he shares with Kakuzu to get some clean clothes before he goes to the bathroom to take a shower while Kakuzu goes to the kitchen.

Sitting at the table, Kisame's waiting for the water in the kettle to boil for his instant ramen. When the older man enters in the kitchen, he looks up at him and smiles. Finally, something interesting to do while he waits.

"So, how it's going with your new partner?" Kisame asks with a smirk.

Kakuzu doesn't bother to look at the shark man and opens the pantry. "He's an annoying and difficult brat," he says in a bored tone.

"As expected… He's dead, desu ne?"

"Not yet. He's immortal anyway," Kakuzu replies as he sits at the table with a bowl and instant ramen.

Kisame pour the hot water in his ramen before giving the kettle to Kakuzu. "You didn't try to hurt him to see how much he's immortal?"

Kakuzu raises an eyebrow. "No, why should I? I saw it when he fought Sekien." At that moment, Hidan open the door of the kitchen, his still wet hair slicked back and wearing only a pair of pant.

"Hey bitch, the fucking Leader wants to see us!" he yells to his partner before leaving.

"You let him talks to you like that? I didn't know you were such a pussy, desu ne. If I were you… " Kisame starts to says, but Kakuzu stand up and glares at him.

"You're not me, so you better not touch him," Kakuzu says before he follows Hidan, leaving Kisame confused.

"He finally starts caring about a partner… desu ne?"


The only thing breaking the silence in the calm forest was Hidan's whining about the mission Pein gave them. Suna; hot during the day and cold during the night… but it's not only that fact which make him angry, it's also because it's so fucking far.

"Leader has sent us to Iwagakure and return to the base in the Rain country and now they're going to Suna? Man, this forbidden scroll better be worth it…That fucking ginger could at least have sent Kakuzu alone on that stupid mission." Hidan doesn't really want to continue to be his partner after the last few days, but no, ginger-dick doesn't want to listen to his 'childish request.'

"There's nothing childish about wanting to change partner because Kakuzu's a fucking ass who doesn't care about me." Hidan's drawn out of his thought when Kakuzu suddenly stops, making Hidan bump into him.

"Oi fucker don't stop like that!" Hidan yells but Kakuzu ignores him.

"I've walked slower because of him and we cannot arrive to the next village before at least 5 hours. It will be the morning since then…We're sleeping here."

"What? Outside? You're too cheap to pay for a hotel, don't you?"

Kakuzu sighs. "It's a little cold, but put your cloak on you and you will be alright," he says as he starts to remove his own cloak.

"You're a fucking cheap bast…" Kakuzu doesn't let him finish his insults. He punches Hidan's face hard, making his lip bleed and he falls on the ground.

"Shut up! I'm tired of your annoying whining about everything!"

Hidan looks fiercely at him, but even with the angry glare he's giving to the older man, Hidan looks beautiful… blood on his soft lip, his cloak open just a bit to reveal the smooth skin of his chest, teasing the older man… Maybe he could touch him just a last time? Just to see if it feel the same as yesterday…

Kakuzu quickly press his body hard against Hidan, easily pinning him to the ground. He removes his headgear and smacks his lips against Hidan's mouth eagerly. Hidan starts to fight back when he feels Kakuzu hands running over his body. He grips Kakuzu's shoulders and digs his nails inside his skin, drawing blood, trying to stop him.

When Kakuzu finally break the kiss, Hidan gasps loudly. "Si... Sinner!" He yells, his face flushed and his beautiful violet eyes shimmering with… fear?

"Shhh… I don't want to rape you…" Kakuzu murmurs against Hidan's neck, even if his voice, filled with lust and desire, is telling the contrary of his words. His hands quickly pull down the younger man's pants and boxers to his knees before resuming their exploration. "I just want to taste you one more time… I just want to smell you one more time… I just want to feel your soft skin against mine and your hot body warm up mine…" He licks along Hidan's jaw line and he loves every sound he earns each time he brushes his hands over a sensitive spot of the jashinist's body.

He kisses Hidan again, ignoring his insistent scratching against his arms and the tugs at his stitches on his back. Even if he has difficult to move his legs due to his pants, the albino priest manages to hit Kakuzu's side with his knee. Unfortunately, it only makes Kakuzu angry.

"You're playing rough!" Kakuzu hardened his fist and punches Hidan's side of the head. This makes Hidan calmer because he became a bit dizzy, but he still tries to get free.

It's pretty obvious to Hidan now: the older man profoundly hate him. He just wants to hurt him, use him, defile him… Hidan's eyes start to fill with tears, not only from sadness; from anger, fear and torment. Is it Jashin's punishment? He doesn't pray enough so Jashin makes the man he loved hurt him, hate him? Maybe physical pain could somehow substitute the psychological pain he currently feels…

Kakuzu feels Hidan's hands slides from his shoulders to his lower back, but he rapidly find out that something is wrong when Hidan open his stomach with the kunai he had take in Kakuzu's back pocket.

Kakuzu stops and looks a moment at the crying injured man under him, whom didn't stop cutting himself with the kunai. "It has gone too far." Kakuzu looks away and take the kunai from Hidan's shaky and bloody hands, which didn't show resistance, before stands up. Hidan's sobbing invades his mind and he holds his head between his hands, closing his eyes.

"Shut up!" It doesn't stop completely, it just lowered. Kakuzu walks a few meters away, closing his cloak and laying down. Hidan didn't make a sound now, everything was silent until it start raining. Cold, unwelcomed rain… but neither of them move, neither of them talk.


The next morning, Hidan wakes up later than the sunrise. He quickly sits up, thinking Kakuzu has left him behind, even though he doesn't really care now…

He looks by his side and see Kakuzu still sleeping, his cloak covering him. Hidan sighs and lies down. "It's alright, he's still sleeping… Wait…" They were supposed to leave at the sunrise, no? Something's wrong…

Hidan carefully come close to Kakuzu. The larger man have done enough things to Hidan, it's not really surprising he now more vigilant when he gets closer to him. Hidan may try to hide it, but he has started to be afraid of him. Kakuzu has shown him more than one time that he's way stronger than the priest and he can do almost everything he want with him.

Kakuzu's breathing heavily and Hidan cautiously approach his hand to Kakuzu's face to feel him. No doubt: the older man has fever."It's surely because of the rain yesterday… it was so cold… I'm not ill because I heal too fast. Thanks, Jashin-sama!" Hidan thought happily as Kakuzu opens his eyes slowly.

"I thought we were leaving at the sunrise," Hidan says mockingly, removing Kakuzu's hood in one swift motion just to tease his partner. Kakuzu's face is bright red because of the fever and the older man looks away, almost embarrassed about being sick. It reminds Hidan the first time he saw him blush… reminds how much he wanted to see him blush…

Kakuzu sighs and tries to stand up, but he has trouble sitting so he decides it will be smarter to have some rest until he feels better. After all, if he cannot walk, he cannot fight and he will get kill in no time.

Kakuzu takes his hood from Hidan's hands. "Stop that. Get me some water and let me sleep. I will be better tonight and we will continue the mission."Hidan smiles; "Tsk! Are you kidding me? He's sick and weak; it's my only chance to get revenge." He thought for a moment about raping him, but in this case, he doesn't worth more than his partner.

He pulls out his kunai, kneels down by Kakuzu's side and raises his hand.

"I will make you regret for raped me!" Hidan yells as he plugs the kunai in Kakuzu's left shoulder. The older man grinds his teeth together. Hell, he's a s-rank criminal; he's used to pain, he will not yell or cry just because he has been stabbed… even if it's by the man he loves. As soon as Hidan retires the kunai, a flood of blood followed; the wound is shallow.

"Damnit…" The fever and the blood loss make him feel dizzy. He raises his hand, trying to stop Hidan before it goes too far. "Hidan stop… what the fuck are you doing?" Hidan easily takes Kakuzu both hands and pins them to the ground above his head with his kunai. This time he yells and he closes his eyes tightly.

It hurt much more in his chest than his body… it would be great if he could fall asleep and wake up the first day he saw Hidan… yes… If he had told him the first day he loved him, nothing of this will be happening…

Hidan stabs Kakuzu first heart with his sacrificing pike, drawing him out of his thoughts. That bastard has five hearts and none of them is in function, none of them to share with him, so he will kill them...

Kakuzu's nails are digging in the dirty under him and he lets out a pitiful whine as the pain spread through his body.

The pike pierce his second heart before he could even react. "Stop…" Kakuzu wants to explain his behaviors to Hidan. "Stop it please… Hidan…" He begs him, coughing blood. Hidan clenches his jaw at the voice of the older man. Hearing Kakuzu call his name, begging, seeing him spill blood as he pierces his body relentlessly with his pike is more painful than when Kakuzu raped him.

Kakuzu notices that Hidan were shivering and he has stopped to stab him. "Hidan… please, let me explain…" Kakuzu started weakly.

"I didn't want to hear his shitty explanations!" Hidan yells as he continues to stabs him. When the older man asks him to stop, he feels something inside his chest… it's not the same as when a victim begs him to stop, it hurt inside... It hurt so much…

His third heart stops beating…when things became this wrong? What he has done to leads things to that? The first day with him as been so fun, even if the older nin was a miser. He was so nice and calm when he paints his nails… it feels so good when he kissed him…

Hidan shakes his head and shoves the pike through Kakuzu's fourth heart. The older man feels his last heart tighten, he loves Hidan but the other man only show him anger, hate… fear. He could try to stop him, gathering the few chakra he has to use his treads, but he doesn't. It's the first time he saw Hidan like that, he had hurt him so bad… he deserve it.

Hidan bits his lip and says softly, like a confession he was ashamed of; "I used to loves you, but now he just wants to kill you, hurt you… Jashin will eat your soul." He throws the pike a few feet away and takes his scythe.

Hidan's body can be hurt, but he'll heal. His mind can be hurt, but it'll stay shattered. Kakuzu usually doesn't show emotions, but Hidan's emotions can be read in his eyes like an open book. Anger, rage, sadness, fear, hate… remorse. "I'll make sure…" He raises his scythe over his head. "You will not hurt me…" He bits his lip as he looks at the ill man at his feet. "Again!" He screams as he lower his scythe, tears falling down his cheeks.

Hidan killed the only man he loved… he died inside and he wished his body could also die… He kneels down in the puddle of blood, looking at Kakuzu corpse.

Hidan shivers. He lets the tears fall down freely on his cheeks and he mutters; "This is where your actions led us… Kakuzu…"


Note: Kisame often says 'desu ne' at the end of his sentence. It's usually means 'isn't?' or 'right?', but in his case it's like the dattebayo of Naruto or 'Hm/Un' of Deidara. It means that he speaks very formally and he's polite.

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