Scarlet Eyes

I've decided to do a story where Naruto gets the Sharingan on the same night of the Uchiha Massacre. Don't know why, I've just been getting tons of ideas from stories that I've been reading until I come up with a good fight scene between Sasuke and Naruto in Namikaze of Lightning. So I guess this is a little side project until then. I hope none of the readers of that are mad at not seeing it updated for who knows how long. Writers block hits me often sometimes.

Disclaimer: I don't own Naruto or the Sharingan or any of the characters that Kishimoto-san created. I know that I DO own any original jutsu or OC's that I make for the sake of the story. But I do hope to gain the rights to officially kill off Sasuke in the manga.

Pairing: Naruto/Harem (I end up doing these anyway so I'm just going to say fuck it and make this a harem as well.)

Bloodline: Naruto gains the Sharingan, along with the Mangekyou. How is revealed in the story so read it if you're curious.



"Demon/Summon Speaking"

'Demon/Summon Thinking'


Chapter One: Scarlet Eyes

"How is he doctor?" Sarutobi, the Sandaime Hokage, asked the medic in charge of Naruto.

The doctor, known as Yamamoto Toshiro, read the notes made on the clip board he was holding. "The surgery went fine. There were no mishaps and no one tried anything to hinder him. But… I'm not sure how he is mentally. An eight year old is not supposed to see anything like this."

Sarutobi nodded and sighed sadly and remembered the night the Uchiha Massacre happened. 'Only two were left alive…'


Itachi was now standing in front his younger sister, Hitomi, and was in the process of making a decision. He was supposed to kill of the entire clan… that included his little brother and sister. He had already killed his little brother, Sasuke, who was the twin of Hitomi. He saw his sibling looking at him in shock and didn't answer when Hitomi asked him why he did it.

He wanted to keep Hitomi alive but he had no choice. 'After what she's seen… it's best for her not to live.' The elder Uchiha then dashed at Hitomi, who was frozen in fear, and readied his tanto to end his sister's life quickly.

That… did not happen as a blonde blur had pushed Hitomi out of the way just in time, but Itachi could not stop his attack. He had no choice but to pull back his attack and hope he didn't hurt the blonde too much. That did not happen either as he slashed the boy across the face, right over his eyes. Itachi knew he blinded the poor blonde boy.

"I am sorry… you were not supposed to be here, Naruto-kun." Itachi said in his usual monotone voice.

Naruto looked shocked though. "I-Itachi-nii-san? H-How could you do this to your family?" He asked and would be crying if he could open his eyes. But thanks to all the adrenaline, he didn't notice the pain yet.

"You wouldn't understand…" The elder Uchiha said with a hint of remorse in his tone. Those were his last words when he was suddenly stabbed through his heart by a sword. He slowly turned his head around to see his own mother with her Sharingan active. "Kaa-san? How? I s-stabbed you through your heart!"

Mikoto smiled sadly. "I was born with a birth defect. One that has my heart placed on the opposite side. I never told anyone and it looks like it was the reason I am alive. Goodbye… Itachi." She said and twisted her sword and effectively killed her eldest son. She let the body fall with her sword still in it.

She slowly went to her daughter and hugged her. "I'm so glad you're ok, Hitomi-chan. I wouldn't know what to do if I'd lost you as well."

Hitomi was still in shock from seeing her twin die in front of her and her eldest brother almost killing her. She was brought out of it when her mother, whom she thought was dead, was embracing her in a tight hug. She turned her head and looked into her eyes. "Kaa-san… your eyes… you activated your Sharingan." She said shocked.

The matriarch was about to say something but that was when the Hokage and an ANBU squad appeared in the street they in were in. "Took you long enough, Hokage-sama." Mikoto said with a tired voice. Surviving a stabbing, from her own son no less, and having her Sharingan stay active for this long would do that to her.

The Hokage was shocked at the sight before him. "What happened here?" He said scanning around and saw Naruto, who was unconscious by now from the blood he was losing. "Naruto-kun! ANBU! Get him to the hospital!" He ordered and two agents took him to get him fixed up.

Then he went next to Mikoto and Hitomi and knelt down. "Tell me what happened…" He asked and she began explaining.

"It was Itachi… he just came into the house wearing his ANBU gear and his sword was drawn. Fugaku asked him what he was doing before he was killed. I cried out before he stabbed me…" She said but was interrupted by the Hokage.

"How did you survive? It looks like it went through the heart." He asked.

"Birth defect. I was born with my heart on the other side. But I was unconscious until a few minutes ago. I saw Itachi standing in front of Hitomi and the blonde boy. He saved my Hitomi-chan. But Sasuke-kun wasn't so lucky." She said looking at her youngest son's corpse. Looked like he was stabbed in the heart as well. It brought tears to her eyes. "I think the boy was blinded though…" She said and was referring to Naruto.

"I heard the boy call Itachi his brother and asked him why he did it. I saw Itachi look remorseful, something I haven't seen since before he became ANBU. I took my chance and I was able to get him. His body is behind me…" Mikoto said as she finished explaining the entire thing.

Sarutobi nodded. "Alright, let's get you two to the hospital. But first… Mikoto. If Naruto is indeed blind, could I…"

She interrupted him with a nod. "Use Itachi's eyes. If I'm right and he killed Shisui, his best friend, then he should have the Mangekyou. The possibility of having someone steal it is too high. If he asks… tell him it's my thanks for saving Hitomi." The Hokage nodded and had the ANBU take them to the hospital.


It had been three days since then and the Hokage was now outside Naruto's hospital room. He knew he would have a pile of paperwork back at the office but he couldn't help but be worried about his surrogate grandson.

Mikoto and Hitomi were now discharged and were living in an apartment building at the moment. She said that it would be too painful for Hitomi to go back and live in the Uchiha District so soon. He understood that.

Sarutobi was actually glad that the surgery on Naruto was a success but the doctor was right. No child should ever have to see something like what happened on that night. He was brought out of his thoughts when he heard Yamamoto ask him something.

"He should be awaking soon. Would you like to see him?" The old doctor asked and got a nod in reply.

When they entered they heard the beeping of the hospital machine and Sarutobi saw Naruto with bandages over his eyes. The sight saddened him to say the least. 'You poor boy… what were you doing in the Uchiha District anyway?'

It didn't take long until they heard a grunt from Naruto. He was finally waking up for the first time in three days. The doctor said it was a mental trauma from seeing all the bodies and then being blinded in the same night.

"W-where…?" Naruto was starting to ask but felt a hand on his shoulder. It was then that he heard a voice that he would recognize anywhere.

"It's ok, Naruto-kun. You're in the hospital." The Hokage said and frowned when he saw the frightened expression on the boy's face. He could understand why though, most of the attempts on his life were when he was in the hospital.

"Ojii-san? Why can't I see?" Naruto said and then touched his face. He gasped when he felt the bandages over his eyes. That was when he remembered what Itachi had done to him.

The Hokage sighed and sat in a chair that was next to the bed. "You were blinded, Naruto-kun." He said and got another gasp from the blonde. "But the mother of the girl, Mikoto, wanted to thank you. She gave you Itachi's eyes and, through surgery, the medics were able to restore your sight." He explained to the blonde.

Naruto was shocked at what his Ojii-san had said. He had the eyes of the same person who blinded him. The person he thought of as a big brother and even showed him the basics of being a shinobi. "I… see." Was all he could say.

"There are some things I need to tell you about the eyes of Itachi, Naruto-kun." The Hokage said but was interrupted.

"Perhaps it would be better if I explained, Hokage-sama?" A voice asked from the door. Only Sarutobi saw who it was.

At the door was Mikoto, with a smile on her face. She was wearing a short-sleeved and loose black shirt along with ANBU pants. She wasn't on a mission or anything but she still wore them because they were comfortable to her.

The Hokage smiled at the woman and gestured her to come inside. He frowned, however, when he saw Naruto stiffen at the new presence in the room. "Naruto-kun, this is the mother of Hitomi-chan."

Naruto slightly relaxed a bit but the Uchiha matriarch and the wizened Kage knew he was still ready to run at the slightest moment.

Mikoto smiled anyway and took a seat on the opposite side of the Hokage and held his hand. "Hello, Naruto-kun. I just wanted to explain a few things before we allow the doctor to take off the bandages. Is that ok?" She asked him and he simply nodded.

"You have a Doujutsu called the Sharingan. It is unique only to the Uchiha Clan." She began. "It allows us to copy Ninjutsu, Taijutsu, and Genjutsu to a degree. There are three levels to our Doujutsu that shows how far a clan member is in mastering it. They are represented by the tomoe in the eyes."

"Since you have Itachi's eyes…" She said her deceased sons name with sadness. "You already have all the levels unlocked. But there is also something else to the Sharingan that no one else has seen since the village was founded. The Mangekyou Sharingan."

Naruto interrupted her. "What's that? An advanced form to the Sharingan?"

The Hokage raised an eyebrow at the blonde's guess. Itachi's training, no matter how minimal it was, did some good for Naruto.

The raven haired woman chuckled brightly. "My, what a bright young boy you are." She said to him and it caused him to blush at the compliment. "It is an advanced form for the Sharingan but it also gives the user many new powers. Those of which I do not know as I have never looked at the scroll pertaining to them."

"The Mangekyou is only gained with one condition though…" She said with sadness in her voice. She was ashamed of how her ancestor, Madara, figured out a way to make the clan stronger. "Once an Uchiha has gains all three levels, they must kill their closest friend to achieve the Mangekyou Sharingan."

Naruto gasped at the way the red-eyed clan had to do in order to achieve such power. Having to kill your best friend… just to get power. It made Naruto feel disgusted at the concept. "That's… horrible." He finally said.

Mikoto nodded as well as the Sandaime. "But why tell me that?" They were asked by the blonde.

This made the matriarch sigh. "Since you have Itachi's eyes, you also gained the Mangekyou as well. He killed his best friend, Shisui, just a few days before the Massacre. And, as a warning, if you use that Sharingan too much, then you will eventually go blind."

"Is that everything you needed to tell him, Mikoto?" Sarutobi asked the eldest Uchiha female. He got a nod in reply. "I think it's time to take off his bandages now. Doctor?" He called out of the room and in came Doctor Yamamoto.

The old doctor had a pair of scissors in his hand. "Ready now?" He asked and the Hokage gestured him to proceed. He went next to Naruto and slowly and carefully cut off the bandages around Naruto's eyes. "Make sure to keep your eyes closed, Naruto-san. Then slowly open them so they can adjust to the light." He said.

Naruto did so and when the bandages came off he kept his eyes close. He tried opening his eyes but the lights in the room were too bright and it caused him to shut them again.

"Slowly, Naruto-kun." Sarutobi said.

This time the blonde Sharingan wielder did as he was told and inched his eyes open, a bit at a time. Finally, he was able to open his eyes fully and noticed that he could see things much clearer than before. "Whoa…" He said in astonishment.

The Hokage saw that the boy's eyes still had the Sharingan active. "Won't that become a problem for him Mikoto?" He asked and the woman shook her head, much to his surprise. He wanted to ask why but she gave him a look that said that he would be told later.

Yamamoto took out a small flashlight and bent over in front of Naruto, to see if the eyes had any problems. He used his fingers to open the blonde's eyes wide and used the flashlight on them. "Well, they seem to be working correctly. You can be discharged today if you'd like. Be sure to let me know if there are any problems ok?"

Naruto nodded and the doctor smiled and left. He wondered why the doctor was so nice to him. It was definitely a first that someone in the hospital was nice to him. He shrugged it off and changed into his clothes when his Ojii-san and the Uchiha lady left the room.

He couldn't help but feel weird about all this. First he gets blinded by his former sensei, then he finds out that he has that same man's eyes and all the powers along with it. And now he had no idea what would happen next. It's been one hell of a week!

The blonde was allowed to go back to his apartment and that is what he did. On his way back, he saw a lot of people staring at his new eyes in awe. But that soon turned to hate as he heard them call him the names he's heard since he could remember. Monster… Demon… he was used to all of them.

"Damned demon. How could they allow him to have such power?" A civilian mumbled to himself, referring to the Sharingan. But Naruto still heard him.


(Naruto's Apartment)

It didn't take long before the new Sharingan wielder to reach his room and opened it. He was actually glad that it was still in the same condition as before when he left it three days ago. It wasn't the best place to live but there was nowhere else that would take him after he was kicked out of the orphanage four years ago.

The reason he was kicked out was a complete bullshit lie from the matron. She claimed that he was terrorizing the kids and that they couldn't sleep at night because he was there. It was actually the opposite and was glad when he didn't have to live their anymore.

He went to his bedroom and lied flat on his back. Naruto heard the springs bounce from inside the mattress. His red eyes stared at eh ceiling with an eerie glow to them. 'Things aren't going to be easy now…' The blonde thought and closed his eyes. He was mentally exhausted right now and drifted slowly to sleep.


(Hokage's Office)

Meanwhile, Sarutobi and Mikoto went back to his office to discuss a few things. He had gotten a vibe that the matriarch wanted to ask him something. When they arrived he put up the silencing seals that were placed by the Yondaime to keep outsiders from listening.

The old man sat in his chair and Mikoto sat in a chair in front of his desk. He couldn't really see her though from all the paperwork on it. He mentally sweat dropped at that and split the giant pile in two so that they could clearly see each other.

"Now then, what is it that you wanted to ask me?" He asked and she looked at him in surprise. He chuckled at her reaction. "I'm not blind yet, my dear."

Mikoto smiled and chuckled as well. "That's good. Wouldn't want a blind old man running the village now would we?" He laughed at that. "All joking aside, I want to adopt Naruto-kun." She said after gaining a serious expression.

Sarutobi widened his eyes a bit. He wasn't completely surprised but still wasn't expecting her to ask so soon. "You know the Civilian Council won't allow you to do that. They hate him with a vengeance, Sharingan or not."

The Uchiha matriarch frowned at this. She abruptly stood up and walked around the Hokage's desk. He didn't get to ask what she was doing when she suddenly slapped him and left a red mark on his wrinkled cheek.

"You are Hokage! They shouldn't be allowed to do anything like that at all! Grow a backbone Sarutobi! That boy has suffered enough because of what they've done to him! Now get your head out of your ass and show them that you're not the old man they see you as!" She yelled with her Sharingan blazing for added effect.

He blinked and then opened his mouth. But he couldn't say anything. The shock of what she did was so overwhelming he couldn't form a sentence correctly. When she sat back in her seat, his mind began working right again and found that she was right.

He was Hokage damn it! The leader of the village! And here he was allowing the Civilian Council to walk right over years of hard work that the he and the Yondaime had done. Hiruzen smiled confidently, with a renewed vigor. "Thank you, Mikoto-chan. I needed that. I'll allow you to adopt Naruto-kun. But I request that you ask him first, so that he may choose. Be warned that he is not very trusting to many people."

Mikoto nodded and smiled happily. She would go see the little blonde tomorrow. Tonight, she would tell Hitomi what she was going to do and, hopefully, Naruto will say yes and the two will become step siblings. It would ease Hitomi's pain of losing her twin and her for losing her son.