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Cloud's heartbeat speeded up, he was afraid, for a brief second that he'd have a heart attack. Zack's eyes were glowing almost too brightly to look into, like twin super nova's. Both men were breathing heavily as their lips met in a fierce, demanding kiss. Cloud had never been kissed like this, he had shared a few with some girls back home during the spring Equinox Fair but none compared...he was slowly being driven insane by the heated lust that seared his groin as Zack ground his hips against him, he was released and his head fell back. He groaned desperately, his fingers scrabbling at Zack's clothes, his hair and his skin.

Zack felt the dull pain as Cloud's nails scratched at his skin, leaving a bloody trail behind, but he ignored it. The look on his blond lovers face was exquisite and he found himself falling. He fell so hard it hurt, an almost physical pain that started in his chest and erupted into his stomach like lava. "Damn it..." He gasped, the desperation in his voice was evident. He saw Cloud expose his throat and took advantage of it while he struggled to get the boy's uniform off. He was knelt on the floor in between Cloud's legs, his fingers fumbling with material and buttons. Finally he managed to open the shirt and let out a victory yell. Cloud's smile started slowly but finally he chuckled. That smile sent Zack into a frenzy, he grabbed the smaller man and pulled him onto the floor. His fingers ripped the blue shirt right off until it hung from his shoulders revealing a well toned chest, a pair of pink nipples were exposed to him and he bent and licked them eagerly. Cloud shivered, his fingers, now gloveless, found a handful of Zack's hair and gripped it tightly as he arched his body into Zack's. The hair was as soft as silk and shone under the light. He gasped and finally Zack returned, his lips finding his again. They kissed fiercely, hardly allowing each other to draw breath. Cloud's cheeks were almost crimson by now, not from embarrassment but from excitement. His erection pressed painfully against the confines of his trousers and he groaned, no longer in control of his body. Zack grunted softly when Cloud's lithe form pressed against his. It didn't take him long to completely divest the young blond of his clothes. "Fuck Cloud...You're amazing..." he muttered softly as he admired the body beneath him. A soft downy line of hair ran from his belly button to his groin, his muscles tensed as he panted and his shorts were soft grey and obviously well worn. Zack had those off as quickly as he could and saw his prize twitching with anticipation. A thin trickle of liquid ran down its length and Zack gulped suddenly feeling nervous...he wasn't so sure of himself after all. What he knew of this came from common knowledge, he had been with plenty of women but men...? Cloud would be his first. The blond seemed to sense his hesitation and he lifted himself up on his elbows, his head cocked slightly to one side questioningly, his sky blue eyes now nearly black as the pupils devoured the irises. The effect was instantaneous, Zack's libido was rekindled in an instant and fire once again drove him onward, common sense was far beyond him now. They were little more than animals, animals at rutting season.

Cloud watched in nervous anticipation as Zack went down on him, when he felt those lips wrap around his erection he gasped and fell back onto the floor. Wet heat surrounded him and he arched his back, stuffing one hand deep into Zack's hair while the other went to his mouth to try and stop the embarrassing noises he was making. His eyes widened when he felt Zack's tongue run around the tip of his penis before travelling slowly up the shaft. His hips moved of their own accord as his body sought more of this forbidden pleasure. "Z-Zack...!" he gasped, tipping his head back and closing his eyes as he sank into the sensations that swamped his senses. "F-Fuck..." He wasn't normally the type to swear but he couldn't control himself anymore. His body flushed with heat, it seemed to coalesce in the very pit of his stomach, his hips began moving faster. "Ahh...nnn..." He opened his eyes as the pleasure reached such an intense pitch he felt as if he was going to explode. "Zack!" He cried. His hands tightened in those dark locks and his fingers dug into his scalp. He released in Zack's waiting mouth. Suddenly his body went limp and he lay still panting heavily, both hands resting either side of his head as he came down from his orgasm.

Zack sat up, his Adams apple bobbing as he swallowed. He lifted his hand and ran it across his mouth, his face was flushed and Cloud looked up at him through long blond lashes. His chest was still heaving as Zack fell on top of him, both arms on either side of the blondes head and he looked down into those gorgeous blue eyes, eyes that didn't need Mako to make them sparkle. Cloud felt a lazy smile on his lips and he reached up, brushing his fingers against Zack's face. The dark haired man leaned down and kissed the blond deeply, their tongues entwining. Cloud could taste himself on Zack's tongue and the taste sent shivers running up and down his spine restarting the embers in his groin. They kissed slowly and passionately, Cloud's arms locked around Zack's neck as they held each other close.

"Now...are you ready for the actual thing?" Zack asked, his voice shook slightly as he looked down into Cloud's face which turned pink. His eyes widened in fear. "Don't worry, I won't hurt you...or I'll try not to." He brushed hair from Cloud's face and smiled. "Do you trust me?"

Cloud swallowed his nerves before nodding. A kind of hard determination entered his eyes that made Zack shiver, it was the look of a SOLDIER about to embark on an A rank mission. Weirdly, the look seemed to turn him on even more and he claimed Cloud's lips, forcing his tongue roughly into his mouth. His fingers tangled in his blond hair and he tugged it. Cloud's fingers tightened on his shoulders, nails digging into his skin. Their hips pressed against each other and Zack couldn't stop the slow, regular movement of his own. As he pulled out of the kiss, he bit at Cloud's bottom lip making the blond hiss sharply. He didn't seem to mind this rough play, but he still looked afraid.

Zack knew that he had to be careful, he was a hell of a lot stronger than Cloud and could hurt him easily. He had to be extra careful because when his blood got pumping it did strange things to his head as well as his body, he would feel delirious as if he was on drugs. He knew why this happened, of course, he was full of Mako energy. It did odd things to the psyche and physiology, while he was still human he still possessed monstrous strength when he wished and if he hurt Cloud he didn't know if he'd ever forgive himself. He smiled gently at the blond, to try and ease his fears and he kissed his temple lightly. He tried to stop his hands from shaking but was brutally unsuccessful, it wasn't because he was nervous, it was because his heightened emotions were playing havoc with him, making him buzz with insane electricity and feel as if he wanted to see blood. But no, this wasn't a battle, this was supposed to be love making. He wasn't going to ruin it.

Zack removed his own pants and threw them across the table in the centre of the room. His eyes never left Cloud's face as the blonde's eyes scanned his body and those cheeks turned pink again. He knew what he had to do, he brought his fingers to his lips and began licking them, Cloud watched in mingled fascination and fear as Zack's clever tongue wetted his long fingers. Once done he moved his hand so it pressed against the blonde's entrance. Cloud's eyes widened and he squeaked rather girlishly.

"Zack! Where are you going to put them?" He gasped, his own hands covering that privet spot and his face going bright crimson as blood filled it.

Zack chuckled. "How else are we gunna do this?" He asked. "Look, I promise to be gentle...but if you really don't want to do this..."

Cloud swallowed his nerves before slowly relaxing. "W-well...alright...I guess...as long as you're gentle..." His hands fell away from himself and he fell back to the floor. He squeezed his eyes shut tightly and turned his head away to save himself from further embarrassment. He felt pressure on his hole and bit his lip tightly as his body tensed.

"Relax...or I'll never be able to..." Zack muttered as he slid his wet fingers slowly inside Cloud.

It was the strangest feeling. He felt the fingers enter him, a slight sting like a pinch with nails and then they moved deeper. He felt full as Zack added another finger, he tensed again as the sting turned into a weird burning sensation. His heart was beating rapidly in his chest and he tried to relax to ease the pain, it worked mostly. The pain eased into something a little more bearable. Suddenly Zack's fingers found a spot inside him that made a sudden explosion of pleasure erupt inside his groin. He let out a choked moan and his eyes flew open revealing Zack who was watching his fingers moving inside Cloud with a pink flush of excitement. Cloud's hands moved above his head and he gripped the soft rug he was laying on, he moaned again as he became used to the sensations flowing through him, heating his whole body. Little explosions, like fireworks, went off in his head. "Ah...nnn..." he gasped and let his eyes half close. He suddenly didn't care about the sounds that escaped him, all he wanted was the wonderful feeling to never leave. Unfortunately it did, Zack withdrew his fingers with a soft wet sound.

"I can't wait any longer..." He hissed through his teeth as he manoeuvred himself so his erection was pressing against the hole. Excitement had made the tip wet and it slid inside easily. He was tight, almost too tight and very, very hot. He groaned and looked down into Cloud's face. Those blue eyes looked up at him, slightly clouded with pleasure and his cheeks flushed prettily. Zack planted his hands firmly on either side of his lovers head and pushed in as far as he could go. The noise that escaped the writhing blonde was too much and his hips took on a life of their own. "Fuck...Cloud...so good..."

"Ahn! Zack!" Cloud panted his reply, his mind scrambled by the mixture of pleasure and pain from Zack's impressive length. He could feel every movement and it was going to drive him insane as desire clouded his senses and his penis rose in response. Zack sat on his knees and lifted Cloud's legs, with his hands on his thighs. He thrust in smooth regular movements revelling in the wonderful sense of partnership. His movements became faster, gradually increasing the pace until he became lost. He became erratic, grunts and groans leaving his lips to join Cloud's desperate cries. Sweat sprung out on his forehead and trickled into his eyes. He released Cloud's legs and fell onto his hands he managed to press his lips and devour those erotic sounds as they left his blond infantryman.

It didn't take much. Just one rather vicious twist of Zack's hips and Cloud felt the explosion of yet another orgasm tear at him. He came across his own chest with the First's name on his lips. Zack felt the sudden tightening of Cloud's muscles and felt himself fall over the delicate precipice.

Zack's arms began to shake violently and he fell forward onto Cloud's chest. When he had softened enough he pulled out and fell to Cloud's side. Together they lay still, panting and staring up at the ceiling. "So...that's how it's done?" Cloud breathed. He blinked slowly as he came to his senses.

"Uh-huh..." Zack agreed. "That was..."

"Amazing." Cloud's soft voice was filled with awe. Zack chuckled and rolled onto his side, propping his head on his hand.

"I'm glad." He said with a soft smile. "You were good too."

Cloud blushed and then his nose wrinkled slightly and he wiggled his hips. "I'm...gunna need a shower."

"Tell me about it...come on...I'll show you where..."

Cloud slowly climbed to his feet, he ached but it was somehow satisfying. He stretched his arms above his head and his back cracked. Zack's eyes devoured the teenager's body, his shapely back, his arms and even his pert ass. He watched in fascination as white liquid dribbled a little down Cloud's thighs and he felt his breathing catch in his throat. He could so easily go again...

After a hot shower they sat around watching movies and drinking heavily. Cloud's confidence seemed to have grown tenfold, he laughed and smiled with an ease he could never have employed before their encounter but now...now he felt like a new person. He was...happy.

They both became so drunk that Zack was forced to drag Cloud into the bedroom and as he tried to lay him on the bed, Cloud wrapped himself around the raven haired SOLDIER and they fell onto it together. Zack began a fit of insane giggles which Cloud mimicked. When the fit had passed they struggled out of their clothes and settled into bed. Almost as soon as Cloud's head hit the pillow he was asleep.

Cloud was woken early the next day, a strange buzzing filled his head and groaned. Sleep seemed to have glued his eyes shut and he rolled over, something heavy lay across him and he wiggled to try and get comfortable again. But the buzzing was persistent and he slowly managed to peel his eyes open. He stared blearily around and saw Zack's PHS on the bedside table. Its screen was brightly lit and it was flashing. He ignored it. His eyes fell closed again and he fell back into the deep sleep of the utterly exhausted.

Zack was next to wake. He opened his eyes and found his vision filled with blond and fragrant hair, the memories of the night before were blurred but still obvious. He smiled and shoved his face in the crook of Cloud's neck, his arms were filled with his body heat and he was too comfortable to bother moving just yet. Damn the consequences. He wanted nothing more than to lie there forever, with the small infantryman snuggled neatly in his arms. He closed his eyes with that content smile still fixed to his face when he heard it. Faintly, like an annoying insect, it intruded upon this delirious half sleep and he reopened his eyes, now fully awake. He blinked rapidly and sat upright, Cloud moaned softly in his sleep but didn't stir. The happy smile slipped from his face as he noticed his PHS on the bedside table flashing angrily at him. He reached over and picked it up. Only one look at the screen made him almost leap out of bed. He flipped it open and began reading the messages while he began to dress one handed, he had no time to wash.

Zack, new plans. Heidegger has asked us to gather ALL Blonde employees. Meet me in the mess hall, ASAP. - Sephiroth

Zack, where the hell are you? We seem to be missing someone. Do you know Cloud Strife? This is URGENT! -Sephiroth

Seriously! Pick up the damn phone you idiot! Heidegger is not happy and Heidegger wishes to speak with you about a matter of Public Safety! Understand? - Sephiroth

Dude! You are in serious shit! Where are you? Everyone's here...if you don't hurry they're gunna send someone to your rooms...get the fuck down here! – Kunsel

He cursed as he read the last just as there was a knock on his door and he heard the hiss as it opened. "Shit!" he swore under his breath, he was half dressed and his hair an utter mess. Cloud still lay in the bed wearing nothing but the blankets that covered his lower half.

"SOLDIER First Class, Zack Fair!" The harsh tones of Heidegger reached the bedroom and Zack felt panic engulf him. Cloud was stirring, mumbling softly.

"Mmm...Zack?" He slowly opened his eyes after rolling onto his side and realising he was alone. He saw the empty bed and his eyes scanned the room. Zack was shoving himself rapidly into his SOLDIER uniform, his Mako enhanced eyes glowing softly but with an emotion Cloud had rarely seen on the man's face. He was...afraid? "Zack?" Cloud said, more sharply this time.

"Zack Fair! Where are you?"

Zack's eyes widened and he looked at Cloud with a defeated expression.

Sephiroth moved through the entrance hall behind Heidegger, somehow the man had discovered the truth behind the mystery girl. Someone had told him she was actually a he. And he was fuming. Sephiroth had tried to calm him down but nothing worked, he was on a rampage and only blood would ease his fury. Sephiroth could do nothing but stand by and maybe curb Heidegger's rage. Suddenly the silver haired SOLDIER's eyes landed upon a blue shirt lying across the sofa in the living room, he moved to it and lifted it up. Buttons had been torn off it and the room smelt faintly of something... "Sex? Zack..." He muttered to himself and turned as he felt Heidegger standing behind him staring at the infantry shirt with furious eyes. "Sir...I think it unwise for you to be here...it would cause unnecessary stress, I..."

"No!" Heidegger snapped, his usual annoying laugh absent. "I will have justice! That...that cross-dressing terrorist made a complete fool out of me and I refuse to allow him to get away with it! He will be executed on the spot!" He was so angry, spittle was frothing from his slug like lips. Sephiroth hid his frown of distaste.

Zack hurriedly pulled open the door to his bedroom and turned to Cloud who was staring at him in fear. He too had heard the Head of Public Safety's voice. "Stay here." Zack said firmly and left the blond alone. He walked toward the noise and saw Sephiroth standing beside the large man, in his hand was Cloud's shirt which they had failed to put away. The two men looked over at Zack who folded his arms across his chest, his bright eyes narrowed. "Well, this is...an unexpected surprise." He said, his voice low and filled with an edge Sephiroth only heard on the battle field.

"You!" Heidegger said loudly as he pointed his finger at Zack. "You're in serious trouble!"

Zack raised his eyebrow. "I am? Why?"

"For harbouring a terrorist and refusing to explain to the military about the girl! She was actually..."

"A he." Zack said with a nod. "I knew." Sephiroth groaned inwardly, they were just going to make this harder than it had to be. "Hell, I was the one who suggested dressing up to him in the first place...because coming out is made hard enough with idiots like you around."

Heidegger went crimson at the insult, Sephiroth was about to interrupt when Zack shook his head. "What do you mean...coming out?" The fat man said slowly.

Zack smiled, a small and endearing expression on his young face. "I think you know what it means, sir."

"You mean...you're...?" Heidegger seemed unable to say it out loud.

"Well, it came as a bit of a surprise to me as well, to be honest...but really you can't deny love." Zack sighed and rubbed the back of his head. "Yeah, me an' Cloud are..."

"No! Stop it...I...don't need to hear anymore..." Heidegger's face was brilliant in colour by now and Sephiroth caught the faint smile of satisfaction on Zack's face as the Head of Public Safety turned away. "This is...an...abomination! Not only has this...this evil whore inserted himself within the military he has wheedled his way into the very centre of my jurisdiction! WHY DIDN'T YOU SAY ANYTHING?" He turned and screamed the last at Zack who looked completely unperturbed at the fat man's outrage, however, the insult to Cloud had struck the slow burning flames of his own anger. Sephiroth saw all the warning signs; Zack's body tensed, his eyes began glowing brightly and although his expression never changed a tiny crease formed between his eyebrows. Zack's burning gaze dropped to the gun Heidegger wore on his belt, his lips parted slightly and Sephiroth readied himself to prevent utter disaster. As Zack let his arms fall to his sides Sephiroth moved, he was stood before Heidegger before Zack saw him but then...


All eyes swivelled to the door of the bedroom. Cloud stood there, half hidden behind the door post. He was resting his head against it and everyone noticed the only thing he wore was Zack's First Class jumper, it reached his knees and made him look more childish than ever and somehow more feminine. Zack's jaw dropped. Sephiroth was unable to tear his eyes away from the boys slender, muscled legs and no one saw Heidegger draw his pistol.

Cloud's eyes moved around the room and landed on the Head of Public Safety only to find himself staring down the barrel of the huge gun. He watched as the man released the safety. His mind was perfectly clear as he stepped more fully into the room, he held his hands up to show he was unarmed. "Sir...I..."

"Cloud! You don't have to..." Zack began desperately. Cloud cut him off with a small smile.

"No, I'm fine Zack." He said and returned his steady bright blue gaze to Heidegger's. "Sir, I only ask that you give me a chance..."

"I will give you a chance..." Heidegger had a nasty smile on his face. He reached into his pocket and withdrew the shining glass slipper. He held it out to Cloud who paled visibly. "Put this on." He demanded. "That is an order, Cadet!"

Cloud snapped a salute before being forced into a seat. Sephiroth took the slipper from Heidegger and knelt at Cloud's feet, slowly the blond lifted his leg and the general slipped the shoe onto his foot. Cloud looked away as Heidegger let out a triumphant yell.

"It is you! You're the bitch who kicked me!"

"Please, sir...let me explain!" Cloud muttered, his bright blue gaze fixed on the fat man. Sephiroth still knelt at Cloud's feet, his hand absently resting on his bare knee. Neither man seemed to notice this bizarre intimate touch, but Zack did. His eyes narrowed slightly but he was drawn from his jealousy when Heidegger grabbed Cloud by the scruff of his over sized jumper and hauled him to his feet, he dropped him to his knees on the floor.

"Why would I accept an apology or even an explanation from some AVALANCHE traitor?" The man shouted, his hand shook as he aimed the gun directly between Cloud's eyes.

"Traitor?" Cloud said softly, his voice calm and almost empty of emotion. Sephiroth was struck by how the boy was handling the situation, he was so calm in the face of his own death that he was almost unwillingly impressed. "Sir, my only loyalty is to ShinRa. I have never done anything that would jeopardize the company or her employees...But...if you insist in trying me as a traitor then...at least allow me to explain." He closed his eyes and waited for his fate to be decided.

"Go on then, I'll give you five minutes." Heidegger snapped.

Cloud sighed in relief. "Thank you, sir." His eyes opened and he found that the gun was now pressed right against his forehead, Zack stepped forward but Sephiroth took his arm and dragged him backward. The gun pressed to the back of his head, it dug painfully into his scalp but all he did was wince slightly. "I wanted to attend the ball, sir. But I had no one to go with so when Zack asked me I jumped at the chance however, even in the city men like me...men who...are...well, you see I...I don't like girls...we aren't really accepted so...i agreed to dress as a girl so Zack wouldn't have to suffer any bad repercussions. I had no intention of harming anyone, sir. Honestly...You just...scared me. You were so full on, I got scared and reacted on instinct. I've been trained to rely on strength rather than brains and I guess...it backfired somewhat...I'm sorry." He found himself looking up at Heidegger whose face worked furiously.

Heidegger looked down into those beautiful baby blues and seemed to lose himself in them. He remembered the girl who had looked so innocent and irresistible and he felt himself relaxing the pressure on the trigger. The boy looked absolutely adorable in the outsized jumper and his body seemed so much more feminine because of it, he couldn't resist the simplicity of the boy's statement. It screamed truth. If he murdered an innocent boy, who was so well liked by his instructors and team mates, he would have hell to pay, even if the President couldn't care less about such a small loss. The gun began to fall so it faced the ground. "So...you're not a terrorist?"

"No, sir. I'm not a member of AVALANCHE and never will be, when I joined SOLDIER I had only one goal." Cloud went quiet and a small smile crossed his face before it disappeared. "I made a promise, and that promise keeps me from doing anything to put myself or my career at risk. So...now you've heard my explanation...you can do whatever you want to." He closed his eyes and waited. He expected to feel the hot caress of scolding metal as his brains were scattered across Zack's living room floor but nothing happened. He let slip a soft breath but felt pain erupt in the side of his head, he fell sideways with a shocked cry.

"Hey!" Zack cried and made to grab the gun, Sephiroth shook his head quickly with a deep frown and Zack stopped. "But..."

"Zack!" Sephiroth put as much command as he could into that one word and the raven haired boy froze, his training forbade him to disobey a direct order. His eyes were wide and they glittered oddly in his pale face, he was afraid for his lover. "Do not move until I give you permission!"

Zack seemed to struggle with something before suddenly deflating. "Yes sir." He muttered weakly. He knew Sephiroth had good intentions but watching Heidegger smack Cloud around the head with the butt of his gun had made an almost uncontrollable fury rise up within him, he had very nearly lost it and attacked his boss.

Heidegger watched the strangely enchanting young man struggle back up to his knees, his eyes were out of focus and he was swaying violently but he managed to crawl onto all fours. The fat man swung a giant fist at him, this time smacking him in the ribs and driving his breath from him. Cloud crumpled, choking as he tried to breath and gripping his injured side. His head was lowered and he had his eyes squeezed shut. Zack closed his eyes and turned his face away. He couldn't watch. He just couldn't stand by and watch Heidegger beat his lover like this...

Cloud felt more pain erupt in his stomach, he felt sure he had a broken rib but this was fine if it meant Zack would be alright. He was, after all, used to pain and he always recovered quickly...some would say abnormally quickly. Finally his beating stopped, Heidegger stepped back gasping and panting. "Next time you think of trying to seduce me and then making a fool out of me, think twice! Because I will make sure you're stood up in front of a firing squad for treachery! Understand?"

Cloud groaned weakly. "Y-Yes...Sir..." he said through the blood that filled his mouth. He closed his eyes, his head had begun to pound painfully but he was glad it hadn't gone too far. Maybe death wouldn't have been so bad, but could he really let down his mother like that? Cloud he really see her cry as she had done when he had come home with those skinned knees and the story of Tifa's coma...He shook his head. No, he couldn't do that to them. Even more so now...now he had Zack.

Heidegger left and Zack glanced at Sephiroth who nodded. He fell beside his little lover and smoothed his hair from his head, blood coated his palm but he ignored it. He was too used to having bloody hands. By now, he couldn't care less if he was covered from head to foot in blood. As long as he had Cloud. His Cloud. They'd be together now, for a very, very long time. He smiled slightly as he pulled the blond into his arms and cradled him to his chest. "It's alright now...he's gone...Cloud I...I'm so sorry." He closed his eyes and kissed those soft spikes. "I'm proud of you though...you didn't make a sound."

Cloud let out a soft chuckle. "'m used to it..." He sighed and relaxed into Zack's warm arms. He smiled to himself. Yes, he could get used to this. No matter what happened, they would be together. Forever.

Sephiroth watched the endearing scene before him before smiling and shaking his head. He turned and left with barely a sound so as not to disturb the couple. Now that it was all over he could return to his real work. He left Zack's apartment and his face fell into a frown of such intense hostility people scuttled out of his way as he passed, like a great bat as his coat billowed out behind him. He had mountains of reading to catch up on. "Why couldn't I be the donor?" He said absently to himself. "Why, Angeal, Genesis? Why? What secrets are being kept from me?" As he walked, the blond haired infantryman haunted the very depths of his thoughts. He could see him, in his mind's eye, somewhere so deep he didn't consciously acknowledge it. He could see the young man with absolute fury in those blue eyes. He could see crimson covering one side of his face, blood on his hands and in his hair. He could see...flames. The remnants of horrid nightmares of days long past, the remains of a terrible fear that something about his life, his entire existence wasn't right. And he knew only one person could and would answer his questions honestly; "Genesis." He hissed as he rounded a corner, his black coat flaring behind him.


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