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February 15, Monday.

"Yo, Ishida." Ichigo greeted Ishida when he saw Ishida walking to school.

"Good morning to you too, Kurosaki." Ishida fixes his glasses.

"Thanks for helping me on Valentines Day." Ichigo smiles faintly.

"I didn't come up with that plan for your purpose. It was for myself. If your confession fails, you'll come to me and starts yelling and get pissed and troubles me EVERYDAY!" Ishida snaps.

"Woah, woah, calm down..." Ichigo tries to cool down Ishida. "I made it right? So don't make a big fuss about something that's not happening..." Ichigo chuckled.

Ishida pushes his glasses further up his nose and walks faster.

"Oi! Wait for me! Ishida!" Ichigo runs after Ishida.

School ended and Renji came to pick up Ishida. Ishida smiles when he saw him.

"I see... You have a great boyfriend don't you? I'm kind of envy you..." Ichigo turns to Ishida.

"Shut up Kurosaki. Don't envy me, look," Ishida points at the gate. "Kuchiki-san came here with Abarai." Ishida smiles faintly.

"Rukia..." Ichigo runs to Rukia and starts chatting with her. Ishida only smiled and continues walking.

"Hey, Ishida," Renji grins when Ishida finally arrived at the gate.

"Abarai, why are you here?" Ishida blushes faintly.

Renji puts his hands in his pockets. "Rukia's idea. Since Ichigo finally confessed, she decided to have all four of us to go out on a date or something..."

"Date?" Ishida arches his eyebrow.

"Yeah, something like that... But I think it's just a friends gathering. Since a date only contains two people, right, Uryuu?" Renji smirks.

Ishida fixes his glasses and blushes.

"Hey, love-birds, can we go now?" Ichigo ended his chatting with Rukia and turns to Ishida and Renji.

"You have no right to say me Kurosaki!" Ishida shouted.

"Yeah. You were blushing like mad when you're chatting with Renji." Ichigo grins.

"Yeah," Ishida scoffs. "Like you're the one to talk. When you saw Kuchiki-san waiting for you at the gate, you immediately ran to her and you're like another person when you're chatting with her... Smiling like an idiot. Isn't that so, Kurosaki?" Victory is written all over Ishida's face.

"S-Shut up! You-"

"Hai, hai, we got it, we got it..." Rukia stands in the middle of Ichigo and Ishida.

"You guys are still fighting? I thought you guys are already friends..." Renji sighs and is trying to stop them to rant any further.

"We're enemies!" Ichigo and Ishida said in unison. They look at each other for a few seconds and turns away, crossing their arms.

"Both of you are really alike huh?" Rukia smiled.

"I think so too, but," Renji pulls Ishida and locks his lips with Ishida's for a few seconds. "Ishida's mine, I won't give it to you, Ichigo." Renji smirks.

"Abarai! What do you think you're doing? We're at the school gate!" Ishida's pale face was covered with crimson red.

"I know that very well Renji, but," Ichigo grabs Rukia's hand and pulls her towards him, crashing Rukia on his chest. "I already got Rukia." Ichigo gave Renji a badass smirk.

"Ichigo..." Rukia stares at Ichigo. "You..."

Ichigo smiled.

"Baka mono!" Rukia's sudden shout attracts the attention from those students who was still waiting at the school gate.

Ichigo and Ishida are very awkward and they decided to change the location. Finally, they went to the park.

"Phew! That was close..." Ichigo pants, catching for breath.

"Yeah, if they found out, it'll be the most embarrassing year..." Ishida sits on the bench.

"Aa, i see... You don't want your classmates to found out that you're in a relationship with me, Ishida?" Renji teases.

"S-Shut up Abarai..." Ishida turns away.

"I love it when you're all flushed." Renji embraces Ishida from behind and buries his head in Ishida's neck.

"Abarai..." Ishida ruffles Renji's reddish hair.

"They're very lovely-dovey, aren't they?" Rukia peaks at them.

"Yeah... But if you ask Ishida about their relationship, he'll just deny it. And I don't know why..." Ichigo rested below the tree and sighs. Rukia joins Ichigo.

"That's the Ishida I know. If he's blushing madly and giggles like a girl, that Ishida, would be weird." Rukia chuckled.

"And I think I won't recognize that Ishida anymore... Ugh, Rukia, you're giving me the creeps! I just got a image of how will Ishida looked like just like you describe him just now, and all I can say is, gross..."

Rukia burst out laughing.

"What? It's true! Look! If Ishida's- Wait... I sense a dangerous aura behind me..." Ichigo slowly turns his head behind and finds out that Ishida is cracking his knuckles and smiling evilly.

"What~ Did~ You~ Just~ Said~ Kurosaki~~?"

"I-I-Ishida! I didn't mean to! I mean, the image just popped out when Rukia's-" Ichigo is trying to explain but Ishida grabs Ichigo's collar, shutting him up.

"Do you want me to beat you up?" Ishida yelled at Ichigo.

Ichigo get pissed. He slaps Ishida's hand away and now is Ichigo's turn to grab Ishida's collar.

"I didn't did it on purpose you idiot!" Ishida's eyes widen.

"Oi, oi... Don't fight over small things..." Renji is trying to calm them down but failed.

Ichigo and Ishida are fighting over there and Renji's getting impatient too. While Rukia is sitting below the tree, thinking about something.

"Ah!" Rukia suddenly shouted. Stopping those two from beginning a serious fight.

"What's wrong Rukia?" Renji questioned.

"I've finally remembered what I'm going to ask Ichigo!" Rukia's eyes sparkles.

"Eh..?" Ichigo, Ishida and Renji are clueless.

"Yes! I've always wondered... Ichigo, what exactly is Valentines Day?" Rukia's eye reflects that she is asking this question seriously.

"What..." Renji is speechless.

Ishida coughs and pushes his glasses up his nose. "You serious...?"

"What the Hell? Why didn't you ask me that day?" Ichigo is roaring like a dinosaur.

"W-What! I didn't want to ruin that moment! I can feel it that, that moment it precious, it'll always crave in my heart and soul." Rukia closes her eyes, savoring the memories.

"What kind of book are you reading every time... Where'd that line come from? A romance novel?" Ichigo sweats and shakes his head.

"So, what is Valentine for?"

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Rukia: Hey! What about my answer?
Ichigo: Google it.
Ishida: Yeah, it's the fastest way.
Renji: I pity you, Ichigo.
Ichigo: Shut up!
Rukia: What's Google?
Ichigo, Ishida, Renji: ==''