Adventures in Loonland

A/N: I do notown Georgia Nicolson or any of the Dragonlance characters in this story. I hope you guys like th story!


January 1


Somehow I have entered Loonland. I know I've said it before but this time it's true. There are a lot of weird people, I don't think they're human. One bloke foun me, and he had golden skin! He brought me to his friends. Groovy. Not. One of the blokes is kind of tall, with a reddish-brown beard and pointy ears. That seems to be a common trait with many people wherever I am. I sincerely hope I'm dreaming. Please tell me I have not entered the land of hobbits and elves.

January 2(I think)


A lot happened yesterday that I cannot begin to tell you the horror of. I have no entered the Lord of the Rings, I hve entered much worse! There is a dwarf here, and a little elflike person but small, like Libby, with pointed ears and a topknot. He says his name is Tasslehoff Burfoot. What kind of name is that? He seems to be awfully bloody curious about where I came from. I told him I'm from England, and he said, "Where is that? Is that in Qualinesti? I've been there before, but the elves don't have much fondness for kender."

I don't know wht kender are, but I suspect it must be wht pople like Tas call themselves. Th man with the beard is Tanis. He's quite handsome once yu get past the beard. Not as sexy as SG, though, or Masimo. But the golden-skinned bloke is quite creepy. He has a nasty cough, and he's got white hair and wears red robes. I thought I was being tres amusing when I asked him if we were at Hogwarts, but he didn't know what I was talking about, and he just glared at me and clutched this staff thingie that has a claw holding a crystal ball on it. He said I should shut up or ese he would blast me back to wherever it is I came from.