Chapter nine

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Summary: We've followed Bella's story in the books. Now it's time to see the Cullen's stories before Bella. Starting with Carlisle Cullen, their founder, their leader, and the soul of their coven. Following through Edward, Esme, Rosalie, Emmett, Alice and Jasper.

"A peacefulness follows any decision, even the wrong one."

Rita Mae Brown


Elizabeth Masen was a dying woman.

She would soon leave the world, if she had not already, and would orphan her only son, though he was close behind her. Elizabeth Masen knows my secret; she knows the creature that I am yet is not repulsed by it. In fact, she wants this life for her son.

It was unfathomable, for me at least, how a mother could want to damn her son to an eternity of daytime. You never sleep, never dream, you hunt to curve the monster within and, above all, for the first year, and sometimes longer, you desire nothing more than to slaughter innocent humans for their blood.

Elizabeth couldn't want this life for Edward, this mere shell of a life.

Maybe she's just scared of death, and doesn't want her own son to follow her into it.

Maybe she knows I'm on my own… looking for company.

Or maybe, just maybe, she believes that this life could be something for her son. Maybe Edward Jr could follow his dreams, although they could never be the same. Becoming a vampire, one like me anyway, changed your priorities, you had to think of the people around you and put their needs before your wants.

Edward could reject this life; he could hate me for damning him to an eternity of this. There was a tiny bit of hope inside me though, it clung to the thought that Edward could benefit from this life, he could do good and might even enjoy it.

I pondered my thoughts while walking around the hospital corridors, it was the end of my shift and I was supposed to have gone home a while ago to rest but I couldn't bring myself to leave, my thoughts were causing me to stay.

I stopped outside Elizabeth's room, my hand resting on the smooth wood of the doorframe as I looked through the glass window in the door. Elizabeth had only a few hours left when I'd seen her last, her thin face and matted bronze hair an image forever etched into my mind, but the weak, coughing man lying in the bed once occupied by her confirmed my theory.

Elizabeth was gone and Edward was alone.

"Edward Masen Jr doesn't have long left." A short nurse with blonde curls framing her pale face told me, her voice slightly muffled by the mask covering her mouth. "It's such a shame... such a waste." Although I couldn't see it, her kind eyes showed a small smile towards me before she entered the room to assist the man.

"Yes, a waste." I mumbled, my inner demons fighting for dominance over my choices.

A couple of doors down Edward Jr lay still in his bed; the only movement made was his shallow breathing and his hand, propped up on his elbow, reaching at nothing. I closed the door behind me, pulling the curtains across so no one would come barging in the room.

Edward's green eyes were dull and glassy as he stared at the ceiling, not looking at anything in particular. He had once been a very handsome young man but now, because the flu had struck and attacked him, his features were lined with sadness, a hollow emptiness in his eyes.

I tried placing myself into his shoes for a moment as I listened to his heartbeat thud uncertainly. I tried to imagine what it must be like for him; to be lying on your deathbed and watching your dreams fall from your grasp.

His fingers twitched and reached towards me, I took his hand hesitantly, my mind already sure of the selfish act I was about to commit. Leaning down I whispered softly to him; just trying to assure him that the pain I was about to bring, I didn't unload onto him without reason. "I'm sorry, son." I squeezed his hand softly, looking at his jugular for a moment, over two hundred years without savage blood lust, I wouldn't kill him.

My teeth sliced into his neck like a knife through butter, a small drop of the tempting liquid dashed onto my tongue before I pulled back. Putting my sleeve to my mouth and wiping the blood away, I watched as Edward's expression changed and became more pained with each passing second. He started thrashing; trying to his body of the poison that was racing through his veins.

I couldn't keep him here, in a matter of moments he would start screaming and eventually people would come running to see what was going on. I had to take him away, get him as far away from the hospital as I could; for his safety and the safety of the people residing in the building. I lifted Edward into my arms easily, I could tell a small scream would building within his throat; so I ran as fast as I could, leaving no trace that I had taken him.

"I'm sorry." I repeated, lying him down on the bed in the smaller room within the house. I had no use for it but it had come with the house and I was sure when I moved the people who moved it would find some use for it. "I'm sorry, Edward."

He screamed out, trying to fight the venom. I sat on the chair by the bed, horrified by my own selfish actions. What I had done to him was putting him through far more agony than any death could have done. Edward was burning inside by my hand and there was nothing I could do to ease his pain.

Thinking back to my own transformation I suppressed a shudder, nothing in my memory is more defined than the pain that it took to transform me. The venom moves sluggishly through your veins, making sure to wash over every inch of your insides before moving on the next point. It dripped like honey onto your heart, each drop more scorching than the next. And it wasn't only the burning to endure; all the while the venom is sneaking through your veins, the muscles inside you are twisting and changing, feeling like they were blowing up to burst when in reality they're still the same as they were before the transformation, only becoming stronger.

The thirst after the change wasn't as bad as the transformation, but it was frightening. To wake up in a world where you can see every scratch in the smallest shard of glass, or hear someone whisper your name from across a crowded room, is daunting enough, but the added scorch in your throat, a burn unlike the searing pain from your transformation, is what drives newborn vampires wild.

I kept no note of time as I watched Edward's change. Sometimes he would scream, and each time I would apologize, while others he would just move uncomfortably on the bed as the venom crept through his body. There were rare occasions when the pain wasn't as bad for him, when he would stop moving and listen to the noises in the room or look at me with his darkening green eyes.

Towards the end, though, his eyes stayed shut. The burning sensation went up and through your eyes before returning to other points but some of it would linger, turning your eyes from your natural colour to the bright red of a newborn vampire. I heard Edward's heart pick up, and knew it was almost over. It propelled quickly, beating faster and faster until eventually... it stopped. I waited, not breathing, for something to happen.

"Edward?" I asked, and he opened his eyes.

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