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As Conan's eyes fluttered open, he groaned. "What… What the hell was that?"

Next to him, he saw Heiji lying unconscious on the ground. Ran, Kazuha and Ai were unconscious as well. The girl from before was nowhere to be seen.

"Everyone!" The detective was up in an instant. He ran to each one, checking to see if they were unharmed. Sighing in relief, he began to think.

What the hell happened? Was that a… Magic circle? Impossible! Magic doesn't exist! Conan scolded himself. But he couldn't deny what had happened. That teenage girl

chanted a spell and did something to them.

The faux child snapped out of his thoughts as he heard a groan next to him. "...Da hell?"

"Hattori! Are you alright?"

"Kudou? What the hell happened?" The Osakan slowly sat up.

"…I think we were knocked unconscious by some kind of spell…"

"Spell?" Heiji snorted. "Ya know magic ain't real."

"Then how do you explain the glowing magic circle?"

"…I dunno."

"Exactly. Something impossibly unrealistic happened."

Before the Osakan detective could say anything else, there was a moan from the girls' direction.

"Wha' happened?" Kazuha mumbled, drowsily.


"Ran-neechan! Are you alright?" The detective was next to Ran in an instant.

"I think I'm fine…"

"What was that…?" Ai sat up, glancing around suspiciously.

"Haibara!" Conan rushed over to the girl and whispered, "Something supernatural happened."

"Like what?"

"That was a magic circle."


"Tha's wha' I said…" Heiji muttered, walking over.

"…Is it me, or does something feel different?" Ran asked, standing up slowly. Kazuha also managed to get up.

"Ya're right…" She said in surprise, hand on head. She winced. "I feel… Kinda weird."

"How?" Heiji demanded.

"Just… I feel strange. Just some sort of feeling…"

"Now tha' ya mention it…"

"Heiji-niichan, you too?" Conan looked sharply at his friend.


Suddenly, the shrunken detective felt something inside. It felt like… Another presence within him. He held his head. "…I feel it as well."

"As do I…" Ai murmured. "It feels like there's someone else inside me."

"This is definitely abnormal." Ran said after a moment. Then she checked her watch. "Eh! It's already past two in the afternoon!"

"We've been unconscious for over half an hour…" Conan's eyes widened.

"I'm surprised no one stumbled upon us…" Heiji thought aloud.

"…You're right. But what was that?"

"Your guess is as good as mine, Ran-chan." Kazuha mumbled.

Conan shook his head, thinking. What had happened? There was no one nearby, so they couldn't ask anyone, but… The detective sighed.

"I think that we should go home and rest." He chirped. "It will probably help with the shock."


"Ai-chan, will you be okay walking home by yourself?" Ran wondered, concerned.

The shrunken scientist had a cold look, but a small smile. "I'll be fine." She gave a curt nod to the detectives. "See you in school, Edogawa-kun."


And so, the remaining four began to walk towards the agency as the girl went in the other direction. What they did not see, however, was a shadow lurking in the bushes, watching them.


Where… Am I?

That was America's first thought when he awoke. I'm… Moving? But… I'm not in control. What is this?

It felt like he was in a body, but not his. How was that possible? …England. He'd get the bastard back later. First, he needed to figure out what was going on.

He thought back to what England's chant was about.

"Create a bond, create a bond
Fusing the soul together

Forces to heaven and hell meet, to enlist
Bring down the evil they face the same

Collaboration, collaboration
Against your common enemy


The chant echoed in his ears. He remembered it rather clearly for some reason. So…

Going over the words over and over again. Creating a bond? Fusing the soul together… Joining?

Am… Did my soul become fused with someone else?

Thinking about it, that seemed the most reasonable answer. If anything was reasonable at all.

As soon as he thought that, the mist that was clouding his vision disappeared. America glanced around his surroundings. He appeared to be in a room of some sort. It was a gigantic library, filled with what looked like millions of books stacked neatly in shelves. The room was very clean and well-kept.

America tried looking down, seeing his body. "Whoa! This is so cool!" And it seemed that he could speak too. Now to try moving.

Luckily, it seemed he could. He strode around the library, exploring. He went over to the shelf and plucked out a book, looking for the title. It didn't have one, so he opened it.

As soon as the book was opened, a flood of memories poured into America's mind. A scene began playing before him.

He was standing there next the wall of the building, hidden within the shadows. He cautiously glanced around the corner and listened to a conversation. Two men were speaking. They were both sturdy looking built. It reminded America of Russia's build.

They both wore sunglasses. One wore completely black, fitting in with the night and a hat. The other was apparently bald and holding a suitcase filled with money.


That wasn't his thought… America listened closely to the voice.

He took out his small camera and started taking pictures. What he didn't notice though, was another man clothed in black sneaking up behind him.

Look out…!

Silent and deadly, a water pipe hit him in the back of the head. Excruciating pain flowed through his body.

He could hear the man who hit him and the man who was blackmailing the other man conversing. 'The ones from the rollercoaster...'

"Untraceable poison." He heard. They were going to kill him.

He felt his hair gripped and his head lifted up. A pill was shoved down his throat and water then poured down. The man let his head crash against the ground. Within a moment, he heard fading footsteps.

Pain… Pain! He thought the pipe hurt… This was impossibly worse! He gripped the ground in terror.

'I'm going to die...'

America immediately shut the book and shoved it back in its place. He stared. "What was that?"

If he was inside someone's head… Was that… Their memories?

"But if I'm inside their head, they're obviously not dead…" He muttered. "Maybe that poison was a dud?"

America observed his surroundings once more. He noticed a window and walked over to it.

When he saw what was outside, he gasped.


Meanwhile, Kaito and the others were waking up.

"What the hell, Koizumi?" Kaito muttered, sitting up.

"Ah, good to see you awake, Kuroba-kun."

"Hakuba. How long have I been out?"

"You mean us." A dark chuckle. "I woke up two minutes and thirty three point five seconds ago."

The magician rolled his eyes at the detective standing next to him with his precious pocket watch in hand.

"Just answer the question! And how's Aoko?"

"Nakamori-san has yet to awake. And we've been unconscious for about twenty nine minutes, fifty two point one seconds."

Kaito gave a sigh of relief. "How do you even estimate that?"

"Rather easily. Now, have you noticed anything else?"

Indigo eyes quickly observed the surroundings. "…They're gone."

A nod. "Quite. Kirkland-san and the others have disappeared, along with Koizumi-san."

Kaito snorted. "Of course Koizumi is gone. She and Kirkland-san are the ones who started this… I say that Koizumi bewitched the poor Brit somehow."

Saguru's eyebrow twitched. "Koizumi-san would do no such thing."

"Ha, I'm sure!"

"Your sarcasm amuses me."

"I'm glad." The magician cockily replied.

"Damn you, Kuroba."

"Love you too, Hakubaka~!"

By now, the British detective's eyebrows were violently twitching. Don't lose your cool, Saguru scolded himself. That's what he wants. "Anyways, let's search for the others after Nakamori-san awakes. Either that, or one of us could search while Nakamori-san remains unconscious."

"I'll go with the latter." Kaito grumbled. "Knowing Ahoko, she'll take forever to wake up…"

Saguru smirked. "Alright, off you go!"

"Wha- Me?"

The Brit rolled his eyes. "Who else do you think I was talking to, git?"

"Is it me, or has your sarcasm level increased? Whatever. You better not do anything to Aoko!"

"As if I would." The detective sniffed. "You would be much more likely to something inappropriate to her than I."

"Shut up." Kaito grumbled as he walked off onto a path.

After strolling along for a few minutes looking for Akako, he saw something that caught his eye. Five unconscious bodies to be exact.



"What on earth is going on?" France sobbed, a handkerchief dangling from his mouth. "I'm stuck inside this weird room that's completely white!"

France was indeed stuck inside a room that was looked like it was completely bleached. The room was very well lit, considering everything was pure white. The contents of the room held a table with quite a few books stacked upon it, a small shelf on the edge of the wall with more books… A single red rose was inside a vase sitting on the table. There was a small couch with a refrigerator. When France checked it, he found it full with chocolate ice cream with a few of some other general ingredients. Against the wall, there was a portrait of a man in a white suit, complete with top hat and monocle. His face was masked in darkness with his white cape shielding his body in a mysterious pose. Next to the picture was the top suit shown in the painting.

France stared at the portrait, after calming down. "This… Is Kaitou Kid's uniform."

He curiously turned around and observed the room. He walked over to the table and picked up a book. As soon as he opened it, bright, colorful and vivid images filled his mind.

He was standing on top of a building, his pure white cape fluttering wind the wind. He gazed at the full moon, into the night. He held up a bright blue jewel with a gloved hand.
As the moonlight was cast upon, the beautiful gem, it glinted, but nothing else happened. Feeling a pang of disappointment, he pocketed it.


He turned around, seeing a small elementary school child glared at him, but blue eyes shining. The glare was accompanied with a smirk.

"Ah, Tantei-kun! Just who I wanted to see." France heard himself speak. It wasn't his voice though… France strained to listen to it. It sounded like… "How are you doing this lovely evening?"

"I would be much better if I had that jewel you stole."

"Ah, ah, Tantei-kun!" He waggled his finger and added a small pout to his facial features. "You're too impatient for your own good. You need to lighten up a bit~!"

A snort. "As if, Kid." The child lifted his arm up and out popped crosshairs from his watch.

Who was this kid? He definitely was no normal elementary student… And what was with his watch? France did admit that he thought the boy was cute though.

"Now… Are you going to hand over the Cerulean Blue or do I have to take it back by force?"

"I think not." There was a poof of smoke and a flash after France felt himself grab a small object that was most likely a smoke bomb."See ya, Tantei-kun~!"

France heard the small boy coughing and cursing as he pushed a button on his belt and leaped off into the night. After he left the gem where he had been formerly standing with a note.

"What… What was that?" France stared at the closed book as the memories faded away. "Were they someone's… Memories? Does that mean I'm… Inside someone's head?"

France pondered the idea, but was skeptical. But then he thought of England and the beautiful girl with magenta hair. Maybe they had conspired… Of course England believed in black magic, but he wondered about the teenager… Did she believe in it too?

"Angleterre…" He muttered. "You've gone too far this time, mon cher."

France then proceeded to notice the two windows of the room. There were no doors or any other windows, so he decided to peer out of one of them.

When he walked over and glanced outside one of them, he couldn't believe what he was seeing.

France was looking at the outside world where the park he was previously in was. He was… (Or whatever he was in anyway) Moving along until it suddenly stopped.

The Frenchman was speechless as he saw five bodies lying on the ground. They weren't moving, so he assumed they were unconscious. There were three teenagers, two of them girls and two elementary students, one boy and one girl. The elementary student boy being the kid he saw in the book of memories.

"Tantei-kun." The name rolled off his tongue easily. At the same time Kaito spoke.


Kaito quickly ran over and checked all of the people. He recognized them as Tantei-kun's detective friend from the West, the West detective's girlfriend, the creepy chibi scientist, Tantei-kun's girlfriend and Tantei-kun himself.

He checked all of them for a pulse and was very relieved when he saw that they were all alive and breathing. Then the magician frowned, standing in front of them.

"Tantei-kun… What happened? Did…" Realization hit him. "Wait… Koizumi… Is this where she went?"

Kaito pondered the chances. It was most likely that this is where she came. The group of five was unconscious like he and Aoko currently was. That was most likely what had happened…

The magician suddenly felt not pain, but still something uncomfortable flash through his mind. He winced and clutched his head.

"What is this?" He hissed out. "It feels like… There's something inside my head…"


Alarmed, Kaito whipped to see Conan twitching, like he was about to wake up. On impulse, he quickly dashed behind some bushes, pain pounding in his head.

"What… What the hell was that?" He heard the shrunken detective mutter. Then, "Everyone!"

The teenage magician heard the scuffling of feet and assumed Conan was checking the others. He heard a breath of relief confirming his suspicions.

"…Da hell?" And it looked like the Great Detective of the West had awoken.

After a few minutes, the three remaining girls had woken up. Kaito heard whispers about magic circles and stiffened.

Well, it seems I found where Koizumi went… He chuckled darkly to himself. But where is she…? Then he heard something strange which snapped him out of his thoughts.

"It feels like there's something inside me."

Them too?

"…I'm surprised no one stumbled upon us."

Oh, someone did.

"I think we should go home and rest."

Good idea, Tantei-kun.

Kaito heard muttered agreements and glanced out of his hiding spot. He did indeed see the group disperse.

After the magician had made sure that they left, he stood up and stretched. The pain in his head had ceased, but he now had a bit of a headache.

As Kaito began walking back to Saguru and Aoko (and he keeping an eye out for the witch), he pondered everything he'd heard and everything that's happened to himself.

"Hm… Someone else inside you. How is that possible…?" He then thought about the chant he had heard.

"Create a bond, create a bond
Fusing the soul together

Forces to heaven and hell meet, to enlist
Bring down the evil they face the same

Collaboration, collaboration
Against your common enemy


He remembered the words very easily for some reason.

"Creating a bond… Fusing a soul…? Bring down the same evil. Collaboration! Common enemy…!" His indigo eyes widened, putting the facts together.

"Shit!" Kaito cursed. "That damn witch and… Kirkland! He must be in on it with Koizumi!" He began to run, heading back to tell Saguru his suspicions. Then he stopped, re-thinking his plan.

"Maybe I should wait to tell Hakubaka in school on Monday. I am being rash… And I don't have proof. Besides, that Brit would never believe in black magic… But then again…" He thought about Arthur and how obvious it was that he believed. And he was British… Kaito shook his head, clearing his mind of the thought.

"And why did Kirkland and Koizumi 'fuse' our souls together with those other people anyways? What do they have to do with Them?" It had to be Them. There was no other enemy that Kaito could think of that he had besides Snake and those other men in black… And after watching and investigating Tantei-kun for a while, it seemed that he was involved with them for some reason as well. They were probably the 'enemy'. But the magician had no idea how the others were involved…

"So… There's another person inside of me." Kaito mused aloud. "Which one though? And… How does that even work? Are they stuck in our bodies? Do they have a physical form inside? Can they see what we're seeing? Hm…"

The magician realized it probably wouldn't help him to just stand there and think, so he began to walk towards the others once again.

Within two minutes, he had reached them. He saw that Aoko was awake and talking happily with Saguru on a park bench.

"Yo!" He called out. The two noticed him and Aoko waved.

"Kaito! Where did you go?"

"Didn't Hakubaka tell you? I went to look for Koizumi."

"Oh, so you didn't find her?" Saguru frowned.

"Nope. Don't know where she could've gone."

"Maybe she went home?" Aoko suggested. Kaito rolled his eyes and Saguru looked skeptical but they didn't protest.

"Possibly. Did you see anything else, Kuroba-kun?"

"No, nothing." Kaito decided to hold his tongue about Tantei-kun and the others.

"Is that so? Anyways, Nakamori-san and I here have been discussing about what might have occurred."

I think it's pretty obvious… "Oh? And what's that?"

"Well, we weren't quite sure." Aoko shifted uncomfortably in her position.

"Seeing how magic isn't real." Saguru added.

"Hakuba, there's no other logical explanation for what happened. That was a magic circle."

An eyebrow arched. "So you're saying that you believed that happened? That wasn't an illusion?"

Indigo eyes rolled. "Of course. What else could have happened?"

"That is what I'm trying to figure out, Kuroba."

"Guys, stop fighting!" Aoko muttered, a hand on her head. "My head is killing me…"

Kaito was immediately concerned. "Are you alright?"

"I'm fine. It just feels really strange."

"Speaking of which, a few minutes after I woke up, I had a headache."

"You too?"

"I'm assuming that means you had one as well, then."

"Yep! And I still have it right now." Kaito cheerfully answered, sitting on the other side of Aoko.

"My head… Feels weird." Aoko muttered.

"Besides your headache?"

"Yeah… It feels… Like there's someone else in my head."

Kaito stiffened.

"Someone else inside your head? That's ridiculous, Nakamori-san."

"I guess…"

Aoko as well. So that meant that he, Aoko, Conan, Heiji, Ran, Kazuha and Ai all felt something like that. It also probably meant that Hakuba was hadn't experienced it or was in denial. Kaito chose the latter.

It also possibly meant that anyone else in the park was caught up in this too… But… Let's see. There was Arthur, Francis, Alfred, Kiku, Ludwig, Feliciano, Ivan, Yao and… There was someone else, wasn't there? What was his name… Uh… Well, it didn't matter. There were nine people in total. He had eight people who he knew had been 'fused'. He was missing one person.

Kaito remembered that Akako had spoken with Arthur for quite a while before they went AWOL and used a spell or whatever the hell it was. Kaito, Aoko, Conan, Heiji, Ran, Kazuha, Ai and Saguru were all connected in some way. It was most likely that the other person was also connected, or they wouldn't risk the chance. Would they? They surely couldn't have dragged a random and unrelated person into this…

If the magician assumed they didn't, there was only one person he could think of who also was 'fused'. Akako herself.

While it wasn't likely the temptress would risk herself, there was a chance.

"-to? Kaito!"

Kaito snapped out of his thoughts and offered a grin. "What?"

"You were spacing out, Bakaito!"

"Oh, sorry."

Saguru glanced at his watch. "Maybe we should head back home. We can visit the jewel another day."

"Whoa! Hakubaka said something sensible!"


"It's fine, Nakamori-san." The Brit's eyebrow was twitching, but he ignored it.

"Well, I've had enough for today. Let's go back to Ekoda."

"I'm surprised you agreed so easily, Kuroba-kun."

"Yeah, yeah… Let's go already." The magician faked a yawn. "I'm tired."

"Kaito!" Aoko playfully punched her childhood friend. The two began to walk off together, bickering. Saguru remained behind for a few moments.

"I have no idea what occurred here today, but I will find out." He vowed to himself. Then he strolled off to follow his classmates.

Yeah. Done.

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