The Team Again

Chapter 1: The Last Job

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If you're zipping down the freeway at about 85 mph, it's probably not a good idea to be talking on the phone- in some places, it's even illegal. However, that did not stop one certain suited man inside a black Porsche, who was driving down a freeway in Paris.

"We got a new job offer." Arthur spoke calmly into the phone, even though he was worried. He was the point man, and it was his job to remain a calm façade at all times, not matter how panicked he may feel. As hard as it may be, he knew that Dom needed it. "It's one we can't refuse- it's from Cobal. They're saying they won't kill us if we succeed this job. Cobb, I know you said you were done, but they know where I am. They went to my apartment. If they can find me, they'll find you, too. And Eames. And Ariadne." There's a moment of silence when he says Ariadne's name. Whatever emotions he may have for her, he knows Dom has a soft spot for the young architect, and did not want to involve her in anything overly dangerous.

There was a sigh on the other end of the phone as Cobb thought about their options. He knew just as well as Arthur did that Cobal had them, and there was nothing they could do but comply. He still wanted to double check, though, and see if his point man had thought of anything. "There's nothing we can do, is there?"

"No. Cobb…short of managing to vanish off the face of the Earth, there's nothing we can do." Arthur hated being the bearer of bad news; a job he was often forced to do.

"Where are you currently? Can you fly to LA?" Cobb said, resigned. He hated the idea of having to do another extraction (or worse, inception), but he couldn't let anything happen to his family- or to Arthur, who was practically family.

"Yeah. We're going to need an architect and a forger, too. I called Eames, and I'm in Paris now to pick up Ariadne. We'll be in LA in a few days, then we can start planning. I'll tell you the details then. Cobal said one of their employees should be arriving in the LA area relatively soon, but that they're just there to make sure we're not gonna try and run. I can't honestly believe that they think we're that stupid though." He looked down at the map lying precariously on his lap before speaking again. "Gotta go, this is my exit. Bye Cobb." Arthur said quickly.

"I'll see about getting us a warehouse." Cobb said, more to himself than to Arthur. "Give my love to Ariadne, would you?" He said, a half smile forming as he thought about the fact that while Arthur only called Eames, he wanted to go get Ariadne himself.

Arthur half-grinned. "Sure, Cobb." He hung up at that. Cobb was on board. Not that he'd had much choice. None of them had. Cobal had specifically requested them. Now was not the time to think about Cobal's- rather specific- threats, though. Now it was time to go get Ariadne.

After a couple of turns down a long road, he pulled into one of the college's many parking lots, taking in the whole of the college. It was huge, with beautiful architecture and dramatic archways. How he supposed to find her inside that giant campus, he didn't know. He wondered how Cobb had found her, and, at remembering that, he knew what to do. He'd go to see Miles. Miles was close to Ariadne- he'd be able to find her. With newfound determination, he set off, stopping not 5 feet later when he realized something important. He had no idea where Miles's classroom or office was located. "Shit." He muttered under his breath.

"Can I help you?" A girl asked him. She was a pretty little thing, slight, with long blonde hair and bright blue eyes. She looked like what Arthur imagined Phillipa would look like when she grew up.

"Yes. I'm trying to find Professor Miles. Do you know where his classroom is?" Arthur didn't bother paying much attention to the girl in front of him; instead, he glanced around the college, attempting to find some sort of directory.

"Are you a student here?" She asked him in that innocent seductress way that only very sweet, pretty looking girls can achieve, twirling a strand of hair around her finger. He sighed.

"Hey Claire, who're you-Arthur!" Ariadne, walking up to talk to the blonde girl, stopped mid sentence, a large grin stretching across her face as she noticed Arthur. She finished walking up, stopping next to Claire, her grin never fading.

"You know him?" The girl, Claire- both looking and sounding put out that Ariadne had interrupted her flirt session- put a hand on her (now) jutted out hip. She was not answered, however, as Arthur immediately closed the distance between himself and Ariadne.

"There you are. We need to talk." Arthur grabbed Ariadne's arm and pulled her away from the blonde girl- Claire- making sure they wouldn't be overheard. "Listen, we have new job. And before you say anything, you need to here this. Remember the company Cobal, that Cobb and I worked for before the Fischer job?" At her nod he continued. "They contracted us for this job. We don't have any choice. They knew where everyone but Eames was- they had me contact him. They said they would killed everyone we cared about if we didn't do this for them." At her ever growing incredulous look, he shook his head sadly, grimacing. "Ari, they're the type of company that could murder all their employees and get away with it. They will not hesitate to kill all of us." She stared at him wide-eyed as she realized what this meant for her.

"They know where I am?" She asked, her voice shaking ever so slightly as they stopped walking.

"Yes." Arthur confirmed.

"And they're going to kill me if we don't do this job?" Her voice was quieted, as if she thought that if she spoke too loud they would hear her.

Arthur nodded.

"Are we going to LA?" She asked, her voice back to normal, a slight shake being the only thing giving away her nervousness.

Again, Arthur nodded. "Yes. Our flight leaves in a few hours. You have one. Go home and pack."


"So….who's the mark?" Ariadne asked Arthur as they boarded the plane. "I think, giving we have a 10 hour flight ahead of us, we have enough time that you can tell me."

"That's the weird thing. They didn't give us any information about our mark. Nothing. Not even a name." Arthur sighed, putting their bags in the overhead container as they took their seats.

"Really? Doesn't that seem suspicious?" Ariadne asked, frowning.

Arthur nodded. "Yeah."


The warehouse was large, the walls and floor made out of concrete. It had windows near the roof, which were the main source of light. The walls met at an angled roof, like you would imagine a barn would have. The whole thing seemed stereotypical and clique and just not professional.

"Eames is here already, along with our friend from Cobal." Was Dom's greeting to Arthur and Ariadne as they walked into the warehouse. "His name is Smith."

"Smith, huh?" Arthur strolled in and looked around. The warehouse had several desks (one for each of them), a few lawn chairs set up around a table, and a PASIV. "So..what are we extracting for?"

"You aren't." The man named Smith said.


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