The Team Again
Chapter 23: Game Over

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"Arthur. Is. MINE!" Red screamed wildly, preparing to shoot Ariadne.

There's always that moment when time seems to slow down. Like when you're about to get punched, and you see it coming, the punch (and the rest of the world) seems to move slower than normal.

Most of the team had experienced this feeling at one time or another. For Dom, it was when Mal jumped. Time had seemed to slow down, taunting him, showing him that even while it all happened in slow motion, there was nothing he could do.

Eames had experienced it quite a few times (usually when people were shooting at him), but the most memorable time would be when he found Rickson (or Red, as he couldn't help but think of him) with Arthur.

Arthur had also experienced it a few times. Honestly, though, given the circumstances, he'd say this was the worst, for this was the first time when he was helpless to do anything, when it was happening to someone else.

Ariadne had never experienced this. The closest she had ever come to feeling this sort of time change was when Arthur had kissed her. However, seeing the barrel of Red's gun pointed at her, she felt her heart speed up, and before she knew what was happening, she was reaching out towards Red, fist clenched in raw anger.

It all happened so fast, at first Remy wasn't sure he was what he was seeing. One second, Red was pointing the gun at Ari, the next, he was clutching his nose.

"FUCK…owww" Came out of Red's mouth as he clutched his nose, glaring at Ari. If looks could kill, she'd be dead. "You little-"

That, however, was as far as he got, for in the next instant, Dom pulled the trigger on his previously downward pointed gun, firing a hole into Red's shoulder.

The screams of pain went ignored as Ari walked over to Dom and Eames. However, once they heard him rambling, they listened.

"It would have been perfect! I would have had the team. The perfect team! And you all had to go fuck it up. Why? All I needed was Arthur- you could have kept your little architect! Fuck..owww" Red's ramblings were cut short as he started coughing.

"That's just it, Red. You could never have me." Arthur walked slowly over to where Red had fallen, a scowl on his face. "The me you had for a short while wasn't me. It was some brainwashed thing that you created."

Eames and Remy both came to stand next to Arthur, one on either side. "In your file, I also happened to read that you are a wanted criminal. I do think I'll call the cops and leave you here for them." Remy smirked. "Of course, that's after I do this." He quickly smashed his shoe into Red's nose, breaking it and causing another cry of pain. "For Simms." He walked away. (A/N: So dramatic)

"I just want you to know, that I really hate you, and this moment of long awaited revenge is really enjoyable, you arrogant, narcissistic asshole." Eames also walked away, leaving just Arthur by Red (again).

"Goodbye, Red. I don't think we'll be seeing each other again." With a smirk, Arthur went over by Dom (and everyone else).

Remy pulled out a phone. "I do believe that the police are do for an anonymous tip."


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