A/N- Hey readers! How's life going? Great? Good! I wanted to see what it would be like if Ciel went to school in present times, so here it is! I tried to make it as similar to the real thing as possible. R&R, Good reviews=More Chapters, you know the rest!

~His Butler, Instructing~

Ciel Phantomhive groggily reached through the covers, trying to turn off the alarm clock blaring loudly on his nightstand. After a few minutes of fumbling, he successfully disarmed it. Staring up at the ceiling, he dreaded the thought of having to get up for school. He closed his eyes & got carried away in his thoughts.

'I had that dream again.' A pair of alluring red eyes, staring at him defiantly through the darkness. A deep, silky voice called his name, pulling him closer. The voice had also said something else this time, but Ciel couldn't remember what it was.

"Ciel? Are you awake?" A voice called softly through the door.

"Yes, Uncle Tanaka." he replied, finally getting out of bed and walking to the bathroom attached to his bedroom. He stood in front of the mirror, gazing at the small 15 year old boy staring back. His eyes were barely visible behind his bluish gray bangs. Pushing them up, he looked at his scarred eye. He had lost the use of his right eye long ago, in an accident he couldn't even remember. The only thing remaining was a strange scar on his iris, in the shape of a circle. There were times when Ciel thought he saw it shine light purple, and other times when he thought he could see a faint star.

'I guess I have to get ready for this wretched school.' he thought with a huff.

After a shower, Ciel hurried to get dressed. In his usual colors, he wore black skinny jeans, a blue t-shirt, his eye patch, and black & green low-tops. Looking for a belt, (Ciel hated having his pants hanging below his waist. He thought it looked disgusting & improper) his hand brushed something on his nightstand. He realized it was a picture of him and his parents, taken long ago. Ciel looked as if he was no older than 7 or 8, smiling happily with his mother & father. It had been a number of years since he had come home from school to find his mother & father dead in the living room. He'd barely had time to escape before the culprits burned down his house in an attempt to hide the evidence. He'd been living with his uncle, Tanaka, for a number of years, but the case was still unsolved, leaving the boy quite angry & bitter.

Ciel glanced at the time on his cell phone. "Oh no. I'm going to be late!" he thought as he hastily gathered his stuff from around the room. Grabbing a piece of toast off the kitchen table, he went out the door & took off down the driveway. 'My first day at a new school, & I'm already off to a bad start. Just perfect.' he thought. Ciel suddenly got a weird chill. 'I feel like someone's watching me. How clichéd.' he scoffed. 'Even so, I still feel uncomfortable.' he thought as he stopped walking. Looking around, he didn't see anyone else. The only thing that caught his eye was a crow perched on the branch of an adjacent tree. "It must be my imagination. There's no way a bird could be staring at me like that.' he reasoned. His breath caught in his chest as he noticed that the crow had deep red eyes. "It can't b-"


The alarm on his phone cut him off. Ciel quickly looked at the screen. "It's 8 o'clock! School's already started!" he exclaimed as he ran down the street. "I'm going to be so late!" he thought.

The slender man slammed a book on his desk, bringing his noisy homeroom to attention. "Now that I have your attention, I'd appreciate it if you could remain silent as I take attendance." he said coldly, contradicting the warm smile plastered on his porcelain face.

"Mr. Druitt?"

"Ah, the stoic raven calls out sweetly!"

"Mr. Lau?"

"The tiger sleeps on the futon….."


"I wonder what that means…."

"Miss Middleford?"


"Mr. Sutcliff?"

"Excuse me! I'll have you know that I am a woman!"

"Mr. Spears?"


"Mr. Snake?"

"Oscar says he's here."

"Mr. Trancy?"


"Mr. Faustus?"


"Mr. Knox?"


After a bunch of other names, the man came to the last name. "And Mr. Phantomhive?" he asked, looking up from his list.

The class remained silent, looking for this unknown person. "What kind of a name is that? He probably won't even show up, the loser." Alois whispered viciously. The surrounding students erupted in a fit of giggles & snickers. However,one glare from the raven-haired teacher silenced them all. "Welcome back to school. I will be your homeroom teacher for your sophmore year. My name is Mr. Mic-"

He was cut off as a blue haired boy stumbled through the classroom door. "Well, well, well. Mr. Phantomhive. How nice of you to join us." the teacher remarked with a crooked grin, gaining a round of sniggers from the class. Ciel turned defiantly to face his superior, but stopped in his tracks. 'You've got to be joking.'