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~Line Break~

Ciel awoke to a sweet voice calling his name softly. He finally drifted out of his sleepy stupor and noticed a pair of crimson eyes watching him lazily. Rubbing his eyes, he tried to focus. "S-Sebastian? What's going on?" he mumbled.

"We have to go somewhere today." the raven-haired man answered as he shifted under the sheets. "In about an hour." he added, putting a hand on the boy's cheek.

Ciel moved to brush it away, but let his palm rest on the man's hand. "I'm too tired." he muttered.

Sebastian smirked. Of course the boy was tired; he was probably sore, too. They had gotten to the third round the night before, each time better then the last. Just thinking about the teenager's small frame made him stiffen in more than one place.

"What are you over there thinking about? Something perverted?" Ciel asked knowingly.

"I was thinking about how you boldly confessed your love to me last night." he answered. It was true; he had been thinking about the boy's words for quite a while.

Blushing slightly, Ciel rolled his eyes. "I did not." he whispered.

"Yes, you did. Say it again." the man assured.

"What? No! That's embarrassing." he said.

"Come on." he encouraged, putting an arm around the boy's waist and pulling him closer. "Please?" he whispered into his ear.

Ciel was surprised at the man's honest request and sighed. "Okay. Um…..I… kindaloveyou." he mumbled in a rush.

"You were speaking so fast that I couldn't even hear you. Can you repeat what you said?" the man teased.

"Alright, jeez. I love you. Are you happy now?" the boy snapped.

"Yes." the man whispered before kissing Ciel passionately. He made no effort to deepen the kiss, but poured all of his emotions into the brief contact.

Ciel blinked a few times afterwards, his head swimming. 'Whoa. That was….different than usual.' he thought, catching that degree of sincerity. He felt more than just simple lust. There were a million different emotions, all compacted into a feeling only described in one way. 'I guess it really is….is love.' he thought darkly. However, when he looked into those ruby red eyes, he couldn't help but think it wouldn't be that bad.

"Umm…. Weren't we supposed to be going somewhere?" he asked after a few minutes of peaceful silence.

"Yes. You should start getting ready." the man said reluctantly.

Ciel slowly got out of bed, forgetting that he was still naked. "Ow. My ass hurts." he stated.

"I suppose that's natural. Last night, you were very tight, and-"

"That's enough. I don't really care to hear the rest." he dismissed as he went into the bathroom.

Sebastian smiled and pulled back his disheveled black locks. As he sat up in bed, he couldn't help but feel a twinge a happiness. He had waited so long to hear those three words. Ever since that fiasco in the alley with Grell and Madam Red, he had been harboring these feelings for the bratty, blue-haired boy. Regretting never acting on those feelings, the man made sure to express his love this time around, in hopes that Ciel would return his sentiments. As he laid back on the pillow, he sighed in content. A small smile tugged at his lips when he thought of the boy's words again.

A few minutes later, Ciel returned from the bathroom. He sat down on the edge of the bed, a towel wrapped around his waist.

"What's so funny?" he asked, drying his dripping locks.

"Oh, nothing." Sebastian said off-handedly as he rose from the bed.

"Where are we going?" he added.

"You'll see." the man answered with a wink.

~Line Break~

Ciel watched the city scenery fly by in a blur as they drove through the buzzing streets. The sky was a pale blue, and the sun was shining brightly in his face, much to his annoyance. He tried to figure out where they were going. He didn't like surprises; they were too unexpected.

The sleek black convertible pulled into an adjacent parking lot, and Ciel put together the pieces as he looked up at the tall building.

"No. I'm not going in." he said defiantly, folding his arms.

Sebastian raked his hand through the boy's blue locks.

"I don't like this very much, either. But we should at least try to talk to him." he reasoned.

As stubborn as always, the boy rolled his eyes and looked away. Ciel turned back towards Sebastian as he heard the click of his seatbelt unlocking, and jumped when he noticed how close the man had gotten. He inhaled sharply and caught a bit of his spicy sweet scent.

Sebastian sighed as he put a slender finger under Ciel's chin. "Come on, Ciel. Don't be a brat."

"I'm not a bra-"

Ciel was interrupted by the presence of cool lips crashing against his own. His eyes widened in shock, then lowered in content. He felt the man lick his lip in inquiry, and parted his lips, giving him entry.

Sebastian traced his tongue inside the boy's moist cavern, putting his hands on Ciel's porcelain waist as he felt arms link around his neck. A small moan escaped his throat and he broke off the kiss.

"You are a brat. You're my brat." he whispered, staring into his midnight blue eyes.

A small smile graced the boy's face. "Whatever. Let's just get this over with." he relinquished, detaching himself from the raven-haired teacher.

Sebastian smirked internally as they got out of the car, then walked into the hospital side-by-side.

One conversation and elevator ride later, the two stood outside of the hospital room.

"Go in when you're ready." Sebastian assured.

"You're not coming with me?" Ciel asked.

"It would be suspicious if we arrived together. I'll come in a while later." he promised.

Ciel swallowed the bit of nervousness that had appeared and walked into the room.

"Ciel~!" a voice squeaked.

Putting on a small smile, he turned to the speaker. "Hey. How have you been doing Alois?" he asked as he moved to the blonde's bedside.

"Good. The hospital food is pretty bad, though. I'm glad you came." he said cheerily, his sky blue eyes shimmering from the attention.

The two teenagers chatted idly for a few minutes, then Ciel asked a question that had been heavy on his mind for a while.

"Why did you do it? Why would you try to….?" he trailed.

Alois sighed, dreading the question. His eyes scanned the room for any kind of distraction, or even an answer to the boy's inquiry. He found none and chose to stare at his hands as he spoke.

"I…I don't know. I can't explain it. At first, I was happy. I had friends; even then I still felt alone. But then you showed up, with your perfect… everything. It seemed like you had the perfect life, and I was left with nothing. I wanted to bring you down with me. I wanted you to feel as horrible as I felt. Then I realized that I'd become a monster. A sick, selfish, twisted monster." he spat. "I started to hate myself. I would look at myself in the mirror and be disgusted by the reflection. Those dirty, impure eyes staring back at me. Why would anyone love me? Who'd want something so evil? I thought the only solution was to end my misery. Everyone would be happy, right? Claude could go and do whatever he wanted. You could live your life without me bitching at you. I just wanted it" he stuttered, choking on hot tears. He lowered his head and sobbed into his hands.

"You damn idiot." Ciel mumbled.

Alois looked up at the boy through watery blue eyes.

"W-what?" he sobbed.

"You say you felt alone, but at least you had friends. There are others who've grown up completely alone, without anyone. Left to their own devices, with no one to listen to them. No one to help them when they needed it the most." Ciel raved, his fists clenching in frustration. "Everyday people live their lives, dealing with their own pain. Everyone has something that they have to bear. But they don't just quit and decide to fucking kill themselves! No matter how hard you think your life is, suck it up and keep going. Don't just give up like a damn coward." he fumed, his blue eyes blazing with anger.

"I-I'm sorry." Alois choked.

"Don't apologize to me. Apologize to all the people you've hurt. All the people who cried because they thought you were gone. Think about them before you go around doing selfish things." Ciel spat.

Alois nodded and sniffled loudly.

"If you ever try to do some shit like this again, I'll kick your crazy ass." he threatened. "Now wipe your face; you look ugly like that." he commented.

The blonde boy dried his face with a small smile. "Thank you, Ciel." he whispered.

"Oh, shut up. I just felt like telling you off. I wasn't trying to help you or anything." he defended as he sat on the edge of the hospital bed. He had to admit, at first he detested the blonde boy sitting opposite him. But now, all of that hatred had melted away, and was replaced by empathy. Even a tiny bit of friendly affection. 'I guess this guy's not so bad when he stops being an idiot.' he thought.

"Um…Ciel?" Alois asked.


"I...I like y-"

"Mr. Trancy?" a voice called from the doorway.

The two boys turned to the nurse entering the room.

"You have another visitor." she said, blushing slightly. "Come on in, sir." she beckoned.

"Thank you." a smooth voice answered. The mystery speaker was revealed as Mr. Michaelis when he entered the room.

"Mr. Trancy. How have you been? Oh, and I see Mr. Phantomhive is here as well." he noted, feigning surprise.

"Mr. Michaelis? What are you doing here?" Alois asked.

"The school informed me that you had been injured, so I decided to come in and check on you." the man said.

Ciel tried to think back to what Alois had been saying before the interruption, but couldn't remember.

Mr. Michaelis noticed the blonde boy's reddened face and eyes, and suspected that he had been crying. He also noted Ciel's sudden calm demeanor around the other boy. There was a sense of peace between the two, and the man wondered what had happened in his absence.

"So, when will you be returning to school?" Mr. Michaelis asked.

"Actually, my foster parents don't think it would be best for me to return to that school. I'm going to transfer." he said.

Ciel sat up straighter on the bed. "What? Why?" he asked.

"Aww. Are you going to miss me, Ciel?" Alois cooed, flicking his tongue.

"Shut up, you weirdo. What school are you going to?" Ciel retorted.

"I don't know yet." he lied.

The blue-haired boy shrugged, hiding his disappointment well.

"Oh well. I guess it can't be helped." he muttered.

The three males turned as the nurse returned to the room.

"The doctor has just informed me that Mr. Trancy needs to get some rest. You two are more than welcome to come back tomorrow." she offered.

Sebastian nodded as Ciel rose from the bed and they both walked toward the door.

"Good bye, Mr. Trancy."

"Bye Mr. Michaelis! Bye Ciel~! Thanks for visiting me; I'll text you." he added.

"Whatever, just don't send me any weird pictures." Ciel cautioned.

"I can't make any promises!" Alois exclaimed.

Ciel shook his head with a small smile as they left the room, the young nurse following behind.

"So…Mr. Michaelis, was it?

"Yes?" he answered.

"Are you a teacher?"

"Yes, I am."

Ciel listened calmly while they talked as they strolled toward the exit. Although his face didn't show it, he felt a prickle of annoyance for this woman.

"Do you have any plans today?" she purred sharply.

Ciel's eyes narrowed and he interrupted the man's smooth reply.

"Actually, yes, he does. If you'll excuse us, thank you." he said icily, grabbing Sebastian's porcelain hand and leading him out of the sliding doors. He didn't let his hand go until they arrived at the car.

Sebastian kept his expression nonchalant as they slid into the smooth seats beside each other.

"What was all of that about?" he smiled, making no effort to hide his amusement.

"Shut up. That lady was just getting on my nerves. That wasn't for you. I wasn't trying to hold your hand, either."

Sebastian suddenly leaned in closer, taking the boy's chin in his hand.

"Liar." he whispered, licking the shell of his ear.

Ciel shivered as the man trailed his neck with wet kisses, wrapping his slender arms around the man's neck, encouraging him.

Sebastian captured the boy's soft lips, hungrily swallowing any moans of pleasure. He twisted his hands into his azure locks, and was suddenly struck by the impulse to take him right there in the car, but knew that he couldn't. At least, not yet. He reluctantly broke the bond, catching his breath and fixing his disheveled raven hair.

Ciel flushed slightly, regaining his composure and leaning back on the seat.

The raven-haired man found the boy's hand and held it tightly.

"Ciel?" he called.

"Hm?" he answered.

"I love you." Sebastian said.

The blush on the boy's face deepened. "I love you too." he confessed quietly.

Sebastian chuckled to himself at the boy's adorable reaction. "Do you want to get some breakfast?" the man asked as he buckled his seatbelt and started the car.

Ciel smirked as a devious thought crossed his mind. He moved closer to the demon, his lips lingering over the man's ear.

"I think I'd prefer to do something else." he hinted in a whisper.

Sebastian's pants tightened as he grinned at the boy evilly. "You are so going to get it when we get home." he promised.

"I wouldn't have it any other way." he said, turning back to the window.

*sniffle sob sniffle* Alas, our beautiful journey ends here~! It was a wonderful time, my Lord, but the time has come for us to part ways. I hope that we will be bound to each other once more, or meet again in the afterlife. I would like to thank everyone who has read and reviewed, for without you, there would be no story. This has been 'His Butler, Instructing'. I bid you farewell….JUST KIDDING! You didn't think I would leave you, did you? Of course not, my lovely readers! There has been so many reviews, that I absolutely had to do a spin-off! I've already starting writing it. So read this little preview and give me any ideas that you have for a title, please!

Ciel closed his book wearily as he got up from the chair, following the crowd of students filing out of the lecture hall. Today had been noticeably boring. Maybe because it was so close to final exams, but everyone seemed a little tense. Of course, the blue-haired young man wasn't worried. He was exceptionally smart, and sure that he'd breeze through the exams. As he walked through the busy halls of K University, he acknowledged the greetings of passerby. He turned quickly when he heard a voice calling him.

"Ciel! There you are. How did the pre-test go?" Alois asked as he bounced up to him happily.

"I aced it." he answered.

"Really? Man, you're smart. I got a B- on mine." he said, disappointment in his voice.

"Well, at least you didn't fail." Ciel assured as they continued down the hall.

"Just think. A few more months, and final exams will be over. We'll be done with college, and out in the world to become famous!" Alois exclaimed excitedly.

"Who slipped crack in your coffee? Calm down." the young man reprimanded, exiting the large glass doors.

"You should be excited, too. You're turning 21 this year! You know what that means~! We're going to go out and party rock!" he sang as he did a terrible attempt at a cat daddy.

Ciel scoffed. "Not if you're going to dance like that." he said as they approached the school gates.

"Okay, well bye Ciel. I'll text you later!" Alois exclaimed as he walked away.

"Alright. Lay off the Monster, kid." he called.

The blonde-haired boy waved, then disappeared around a corner.

Ciel turned towards the slightly busy street, checking his watch.

As if on cue, a sleek lack convertible pulled up in front of him. He approached the car and climbed in, putting his bag in the back seat.

"You know, you were two minutes late." he teased.

The raven-haired driver smirked. "I'm so sorry. How can I make it up to you?" he asked.

Ciel leaned over and captured the man's lips in a passionate kiss, then pulled away. "Consider us even." he said.

Sebastian smiled and pulled into the busy street. "Not yet." he said with a wink.

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