Edward's Girl

Summary: Isabella is a Special Needs Girl who speaks with her hands and has a learning Disability whom can't never say no to anyone what happens when she meets Micheal Newton "Mike" A Baskeball player for the Forks Junior Varsity,
after The Pep Rally as that evening ends up in a wrong situtation.
Everyone learns that Isabella has been sexually assaulted by Micheal Newton , what happens when she ends up alonw, from everyone including her cousin Tayna.
Hiding in a shell she cannot come out of , will anyone help her to overcome her fear of trusting anyone again... Perhaps a New boy she can...

It was the morning of School.
everyone wandered thru the halls as Isabella Swan and Tayna Denali walked thru the halls , there they met up with Kiley and Irina as they were talking. "Excuse me Tayna, I am gonna go to my locker, " Isabella said as she signed to her cousin.
"Okay, just hurry back Bella,I need to take you yo class"
"Okay" Isabella signed.
Isabella now turned and walked her way thru the halls as she made her way to her locker, as she bumped into a tall build nice looking guy. she loooked up as she smiled.
"Sorry " Isabella signed.
"It's alright, I'm Emmett"
Isabella smiled as she waved.
"Hello Emmett," Isabella signed as she used her hands as she also spoke.
"My Name is Isabella, But I prefer Bella or Bell" Isabella smiled .
Emmett quite understood her as Rosalie now walked behind him as she looked at Isabella.
"Oh Hey baby, who's this?"
"Rosalie, this is Isabella," Emmett introduced.
Isabella now blushed as Emmett smiled.

"Oh , Hello Isabella" Rosalie greeted.
"Hello Rosalie" Isabella smiled as she signed in returned.
"You are very Pretty Rosalie, Are ypu Like a supermodel" Isabella spoke as she to signed back.
Rosalie blushed , "Why Thank you Isabella , I take that as a complement but Im not "

Isabella smiled as she looked at her watch.
'If you will excuse me I have to get to my locker before the bell rings" Isabella said.
"Hope to see you again Isabella"
"Maybe you will, have a good day" Isabella smiled as she now ran towards her locker as she now stopped and opened up her locker as she put her books away as she reached in as she grabbed her U S Government book and her binder as she slammed her locker and made her way back to Tayna as she met her half way.

" There you are silly, I was coming for you, come on you have to get to Government before the hell... I mean Bell"Tayna smiled.
Isabella giggled, it's okay I bumped into Emmett on the way to my locker, "

"Yea the new guy" Isabella answered.
" Oh You mean one of thr Cullen boys?"
"Yea..." Isabella blushed.
"Why are you blushing?"

"Emmett reminds me of a Big Teddy Bear cousin " Isabella now laughed as Tayna now laughed along .
"Come along Belli , lets get you to class"