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Naruto stared at the others in the room from under the rim of his hat.. Having done his research, he knew who each of them was. Former Krimzon Guard officers Torn, who had gone to become one of the leaders of the Underground, the resistance movement against the Haven city tyrannical leader Baron Praxis, and Ashelin Praxis, the now deceased Baron's daughter. Sitting on the rather large table was one Keira Hagai, a rather impressive mechanic if the files were correct. But the two most interesting people in the room were Daxter, a small orange rodent known as an ottsel, and the one often called the Hero of the World, a young man who went only by the name Jak.

Barely anyone in the room took notice of him. "And why should they" he thought. "They don't know me, and they don't think I know them. In fact, after this will reading, we'll probably never see each other again." Finishing his thought, he began to listen to the conversation.

"Let's get this over with and blow this bird" said Daxter, one of several wine glasses in his hand. "Who called us here anyway?"

"Krew's daughter Rayn" chimed in Keira. That news caused Naruto to look up and raise an eyebrow.

"Wait, Rayn called you guys here?" he asked.

"Yeah" said Torn. "Why? Who contacted you?" This was the first time the people in the room really looked at him. Although his face had been concealed by the rim of his hat shadowing what parts were visible, his face was now completely visible. Unlike the others, Naruto's ears, while pointed, were drastically shorter than all their own. On his face were three whisker-like markings, and from the bottom one on each cheek, a black streak went down his face. But it was his eyes that captured the most attention. His irises were a red color that almost seemed as though they were glowing. His slit-pupils were such a dark black, when paired with the red, it was as if looking into the pits of hell.

"More to the point, who the hell are ya?" asked Daxter, putting his tiny hands on his hips.

"The name's Naruto" said the blonde, leaning his head down and leaning in his chair, resting his feet up on the table. "I used to be one of Krew's top enforcers. From what I hear, you took up my position after I left, Jak."

"You worked for Krew?" asked Jak, not even concerned with why or how this new guy knew his name, merely chalking it up to his fame. "How come I've never seen you?"

"Well, quite a few of you have seen me. But only for short times and only in passing, so it's no surprise you don't remember. I on the other hand remember. I was there on the day you showed up in Haven" said Naruto. "I was doing a job for Krew when this scrawny kid and an orange rodent fall from the sky and crash, before the kid was taken by the Krimzon Guard. My guess is that was you two...right?" Jak and Daxter shared a look before staring at Naruto again.

"Well, I think we're missing the whole point" said Daxter, the small orange furball always feeling the need to talk. "Krew had a daughter. Lardo, reproduced. Geez, can you you imagine what that tub of jelly must look like?" Suddenly, everyone turned at the sound of the doors opening, before in walked a blue-haired beauty.

"Thank you for coming to Kras city" she said with a slight accent, which was similar to Krew's own, but sounded quite a bit more refined. Everyone, especially the men, stared as she walked, a sensual sway to her hips ever present. "Looks like some didn't make it" she continued. "Ah well. I'm Rayn." Her blue hair was kept up in a pleated bun with a red band and chopsticks. In her ears were two golden earrings and she wore a thickly braided necklace studded with golden, egg-shaped orbs. She had on a three-toned green jacket, held closed by a large belt, and white bell-bottom pants with a thick green stripe on each leg that ran from her hips to her ankles. As she walked, her blue, sandal-like high heeled shoes clicked with each step.

"Hey Rayn" said Naruto. "It's been a long time." The young woman seemed stunned for a moment, but quickly schooled herself.

"Naruto. I didn't think you'd come here" she said. The other five in the room shared a collective look, a knowing gleam in each of their eyes, knowing the two must have had some sort of history.

"Why wouldn't I?" asked Naruto calmly.

"Um...yes, well" said Rayn, getting back on topic. "Before father died, his wishes were simple. To have his will played for his closest associates, and for us to drink to his passing." As she said this, she began pouring a red liquid from a blueish-green bottle into the glasses on the table. "This special vintage he kept just for the occasion" she continued. "To toast his death." Picking up their glasses, everyone raised them in a toast.

"Here's to...old friends" said Rayn. "And to father's untimely death."

"And here's to the good ol' days with Krew" said Naruto. "One death and approximately three-hundred pounds ago." Rayn merely shook her head and palmed her face, while everyone looked at Naruto like he was crazy. "What" he said. "Krew wasn't always as fat as you remember. Hell, he used to be fairly tough to tell you the truth."

"Wow" said Daxter. "You really knew Krew a long time ago." Without saying another word, Naruto downed his glass with one gulp, while the others began to drink as well.

"So without further delay" said Rayn. "His message to us." Pulling out the will, she activated it, before a hologram of Krew shot out and hovered in the air.

"Wow" said Naruto, staring at the ball of floating fat that was Krew. "I knew he was getting fat when I left his employ, but he seriously let himself go since I left."

"Hello nearly friends, and mostly enemies" said Krew's hologram. "If you're listening to this message then I must be dead, oh well... As you all know I loved racing, almost as much as I loved weapons. Alas I never fulfilled my living dream of winning the biggest race of all - the Kras City Grand Championship. But even in death, I will field the greatest racing team ever assembled and win the biggest race on the planet. You are the best and you will race for me!"

An outburst of of shouting came from the table, everyone refusing to go along with Krew's wishes. Naruto just sighed. "I knew there was some catch in coming here. Hey, is there any more wine left?"

"I expect you're all riled up by now" said Holo-Krew. "So let me tell you why you will race, and will win. If all went as planned, you just gave a touching toast in my honor. Sorry to say, but I put poison in that special vintage, quite unsporting of me really." Everyone suddenly glared at Rayn, who stood up quickly.

"Father!" she shouted in disbelief.

"This is where Rayn will probably get upset. Sorry dear. It's a slow acting poison, or you'd already be dead! You have just enough time to finish this year's racing season. If you race for me and win, my associates will provide each with an antidote to the poison. Simple, eh?" With that, Holo-Krew vanished. Standing, Ashelin pulled a gun and pointed it in Rayn's face.

"What the hell did you do to us?" she demanded. Rayn put up her hands in a surrender-like manner.

"Please, I didn't know" she said. "I drank it too. Father never did play favorites."

"Yeah, well your Father's crazy" said Torn angrily.

"We're all crazy for coming here!" shouted Keira.

"I think she's telling the truth" said Jak. Everyone stopped when they heard a slurping sound. Turning to Naruto, they saw he had collected all of their glasses and was drinking the remains of the wine in each.

"What?" he asked. "It's good wine."

"But the poison..." said Keira.

"Is nothing for me to get worried about" replied Naruto. "I'm immune to all forms of poison. Trust me. Krew tried the poison ploy on me once before. Man, was he surprised when I not only did I not do what he wanted, but when I didn't drop dead from lack of antidote." Suddenly, the Holo-Krew once more appeared.

"Well, it's been one minute, so I figure by now you're all arguing about how to get out of this mess. My advice is trust no one! Win the race and save yourselves! Oh, and since I forgot that Naruto was immune to poisons, I'll say this once. You owe me quite a few favors, boy, and I know how you are with your honor and pride and all that. So I want you to promise me to race and win. I know you don't go back on a promise, nor will you disrespect the wishes of a dead man." Holo-Krew disappeared once more. Naruto sighed.

"Well, fine, I guess I'm racing. Hell, might even be fun" he said, leaning back in his chair again.

"Jak" said Daxter. "Next time you invite me to one of your little, parties...DON'T!"

"We can do this" said Jak. "We can race, and we can beat Krew at his own game."

"Father bought us the best mobile racing garage money can buy" said Rayn. "You each have a racing car waiting for you. We're in this together, so let's get to it." As the others in the room stood, Rayn instructed them all to follow to the new racing garage.

It was rather spacious, with its own living area, a large television, and in the actual garage portion, a large number of brand new, top of the line cars.

"Oooh" said Naruto, dashing to the one that caught his eye. "I call this one."

"I see you like the Road Blade" said Rayn. "Each car has its own upsides and downsides. However, you're free to modify them as you wish so long as the modifications aren't against the rules. You'll find the schematics of each car in a compartment under your seat."

"If anyone wants anything modified" said Keira, stepping up in front of everyone. "I can always help upgrade your vehicles."

"Hey, that is great" said Naruto, placing his hands in a cross-shape. "But I can do things myself. Thanks for the offer though. Kage bunshin no Jutsu." Suddenly, six copies of the blonde sprang to life and began checking out the car schematics. Everybody but Rayn took a step back in shock. The blue-haired woman did however have a slight blush on her face.

"What's wrong Rayn" said Naruto, chuckling. "Remembering just what my clones can do?" That did it. Rayn had to turn away to keep everyone from seeing the blush adorning her face.

"Now I'm almost wishing you didn't show up for this" she said, making Naruto outright laugh, drawing the attention of everyone else, who were too preoccupied with checking out his clones than hearing the exchange between Naruto and Rayn.

"How the hell did you do that?" asked Ashelin. "Those are solid clones of yourself, not holograms, that just appeared out of thin air."

"And now you're starting to see why Krew kept me around, even with my disobedience at times" said Naruto. "I'm the best at doing what I do. And what I do isn't always nice."

"Well, that's good" said Jak. "Because if these races are as dangerous as I've heard, we all need to throw nice out the window."

"Don't we always?" asked Daxter, jumping up on Jak's shoulder.

"The furball's got a point" said Torn. "For once."

"Thank you" said Daxter, before realizing just what was implied. "HEY!"

"I think we should all get some rest and work on the cars in the morning" said Keira. "It's going to be a long racing season, and we're poisoned. So if anyone needs me..." as she said anyone, she looked directly at Jak, leaning in close. "I'll be up in the second bed area. Good night." Jak could only stare as Keira walked away.

"Um, Jak?" said Daxter, waving his hand in front of the boy's face. "Jaaaaak? Ottsel to Jak? Do you read me?"

"Hmm, what?" said Jak, snapping out of his stupor.

"Well, you guys can go sleep if you want" said Naruto, putting on a welding visor. I'm going to make this Road Blade into a deadly weapon." As if to punctuate his sentence, he suddenly lit up a blow-torch and got to work.

Chapter end

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