Anime: Axis Powers Hetalia
Rating: T
Warnings: Some implied and applied yaois up in this bitch.
Pairings: GerIta. (Which I hate.) Eventual Prumano. (Which I liiiike.)
Disclaimer: Me no own this
Notes: I like how Prumano sounds. Sounds like a type of pasta brand. Or a pasta sauce brand. Prumano. Yum.

"I'll be going out, Romano~" sang the North Italian, grabbing his jacket from the rack. Romano looked up from his novel.

"Another date with that potato sucker, huh?" assumed Romano. Veneziano began buttoning his jacket up. "Yep~" he replied.

"Will you stop ending your sentence with a fucking tilde?"


Romano sighed in annoyance and turned the page of his novel. His brother had been in a relationship with the potato bastard for the past year, and he just found out about it two months ago. Veneziano hid it for obvious reasons, but most importantly, he didn't want to make his brother feel lonely. Even though they don't share the brotherly love one would expect from brothers as identical as them, Veneziano couldn't help but feel guilty whenever he left Romano alone on yet another Friday night. He has offered to help his brother find a date so he wouldn't be solitary on nights like these, but Romano turned him down every single time.

Veneziano opened the front door to leave, but decided to try once more.

"…Hey brother? You know Prussia, right?" he asked ever so casually.

"The potato sucker's brother? Yea, what about his potato brother?"

"Well, it's just… he's free, and sing—"

"Will you leave me alone?" cried Romano, slamming his book down on the coffee table, which frankly is never used for coffee, "I don't need anyone right now, and I definitely don't need his brother for chrissake!"

"I was just checking!"

"Get out of here!"

"Ok Ok!" Veneziano quickly shut the door behind him. Romano groaned out loudly and sank into the sofa. He put his open book on his face in an attempt to relax.

So here I am, stuck reading goddamnTrilight again. I don't even like Trilight. God, it's not even well written. It's like being addicted to something so painstakingly awful you just have to keep doing it.

I'm not a shut-in, am I?

Oh look, another lonely Friday night for Romano.

I never did get a date for prom.

I wasn't even invited to the after-party.

Which was at my own house.

"I'll be out for the night, bruder." Called out Germany, pulling on his jacket.

"Another date with that Italy, right?" responded Prussia on the sofa, who was taking pictures of himself on his cell phone out of boredom.


"Can you not end your sentences with a random German word?"


Prussia sighed and snapped another picture of him, this time at a different angle. His brother had been in a relationship with that Italy fellow for the past year or so, and he was only just notified of his brother's affair just two months ago. It's not like Prussia was against homosexuality (he had been pretty experimental himself back in the day) he was just surprised it would be his brother with the first serious relationship.

Germany couldn't help but feel guilty whenever he left Prussia alone on yet another Friday night. He's offered to help his brother find a date so he wouldn't be so alone on nights like these, but Prussia's turned him down every single time.

Germany opened the front door to leave, but decided to try once more.

"Hey, bruder… you know Romano, right?" he asked ever so casually.

"That Italy's brother? Yea, why?"

"Well, he's free, not to mention sing—"

"How many time have I told you to stop trying to hook me up with your random friends?"

"He's not exactly my friend…"

"Not my point! Leave me alone!"

"Ok, Ok! Just trying to help."

"Well stop." Prussia crossed him arms defiantly. "Go to your Italy before he gets his head stuck in the gutter again." Germany nodded and hurriedly closed the door behind him. Prussia groaned out loudly and closed his cell phone.

Is this all I'm worth for on Friday nights? Taking random pictures of myself to post on some random social networking site like BookFace? Jesus.

He set his phone down on the coffee table.

Taking pictures would be less boring if I had someone with me.

He looked up at the ceiling.

When did I become such a shut-in? Was it when my kingdom became abolished? Do I feel I have nothing left to live for? I can't believe people pay good money to have some psychoanalyst with a shitty degree from some shitty college to tell you that. I just figured it out myself in two seconds.

Suddenly, Romano and his background were pushed into the scene, taking up half the frame, like in some sitcom.

Maybe it is time to meet new people? They thought in unison. Prussia snapped one more picture of the bored expression on his face and Romano picked up his goddamn Trilight to figure out who the hell ends up with that Stella chick that Romano wants to smack upside the head with a waffle iron.

[[Dunno how many chapters this is gonna take up. I hope not too many. I was urged to publish this when my dog peed on the carpet. I was gonna wait a couple days but then he peed on my carpet. I was so angry I published this. So thank my dog for peeing on the carpet.]]

[[Also, I just thought "a tale of two shut-ins" sounded catchy and crap, even though the actual book is not similar at all in any context to this crap.]]