Anime: Axis Powers Hetalia
Rating: T … actually M. M to be safe.
Warnings: Some implied and applied yaois up in this bitch.
Pairings: GerIta. (Which I hate.) Eventual Prumano. (Which I liiiike.)
Disclaimer: Me no own Hetalia
Notes: Random anon whose review read update this now, I for some reason took that to heart and did it, 19 days later. What possessed me… I don't know… I love you my reviewers. Truth is, I'd likely marry y'all. This is not the alcohol speaking, I swear it

It's been a week or so since Prussia's little date with Romano. And neither have contacted each other since. This resulted in a very sexually frustrated Prussia.

"PROLONGED VIRGINITY SUCKS!" whaled Prussia, kicking over his miniature wastebasket. "I'd do anybody at this point!"

"Mein Gott" gagged Germany from the doorway, "Let me go warn the neighbors."

Prussia began picking up the wastebasket he knocked over and its contents.

I hope to God there's not a used condom in here…

He picked up the last of the wastebasket then pulled out his cellphone. He scrolled up to Romano's contact information.

Sh-should I call? Is a week too early?

Prussia took the plunge and called Romano.


Shit! Why did I call?


Please don't pick up!


I'm in too much of an adrenaline rush to talk normally!


My poor blood pressure…

Click noise.

Kill me now!

"…You've reached Romano, a.k.a South Italy, a.k.a Italy's better half. Leave a message, or I can just call you back, if I care about you that much, that is."



Prussia ended the call. His face went glum.

I should have left a voicemail…

His phone suddenly went off, causing him to drop it and accidently answer the call. It was Romano. Prussia carefully picked it up and croaked a hello.

"You called?"

"Uh, y-yea!" answered Prussia, "I uh, w-wanted to ask you something?"


It seemed as if Prussia was the only one hyperventilating.

"If you wanted to hang out again this week? There's some cool stuff going on downtown, and I sure wouldn't wanna go alone. It's always better with someone."

That came out smoother and less desperate sounding than Prussia expected. Some silence, then Romano responded.

"Yea. That sounds fun."

Pleasant surprise on Prussia's part.

"A-Awesomesauce! Can I pick you up Wednesday? At 8?"

"Sounds like a plan."

"See you then!"

Prussia hung up feeling very boss-like. Tomorrow's the day, but the hours dragged on forever for Prussia. 7:40 Wednesday rolled around, and Prussia was ready to do this. He walked over to Romano's place, smoothed his hair, and rang the doorbell as if he does this everyday. The door opened and out stepped Romano with nothing but a bath towel around his waist.

Prussia took a step back out of shock and uttered a couple comprehensible words.

"Eugh you rnt… cri… desnu… ready yet?"

"My poorer half came over and used up all the hot water because he likes to keep it running when doing anything. He says it keeps him company. I just finished torturing myself in Titanic water", responded Romano with a hint of annoyance over his brother.

"I-it's okay…" said Prussia, "clothes are so mainstream anyway."

Romano raised a brow then chuckled. "You hipster you."

Prussia matched his chuckle with an awkward one of his own. Once Romano let him in and entered a room to change, Prussia slapped his forehead in embarrassment.

'Clothes are so mainstream'? What a stupid line!

Romano soon stepped out of the room with some everyday clothes on.

"My stupid sibling also borrowed most of my good clothes… so I'm wearing these poor excuses for garments." He explained. The clothes looked a little vintage and hipster, which Romano doesn't like because it just doesn't suit him.

"Yea," laughed Prussia, "you look better with the towel." He immediately realized the double meaning those words held. One, a good jab, the other, an invitation.

Romano interpreted it as the second.

"Y-You want me to put the towel back on? This looks bad right?" fidgeted Romano. Prussia held his hands out.

"N-No, I mean, it was an exa—"

"But you're flirting with me right?"

"Eugh… " Prussia examined the man standing before him. Looks like he was going to blow his top if Prussia wasn't flirting.

Eh, the sooner were in bed the better.

"I mean, yea, a little."



Romano plopped down on the sofa beside him like a wife who figured out her husband wasn't cheating after all.

"I thought I was unattractive… I don't appeal to anyone anymore."

"No!" burst Prussia, sitting down next to him, "How can you think that?"

"When you're the brother of a guy who looks just like you and passes as 'adorable' to anyone he meets and has a handsome foreign boyfriend, I guess the self esteem takes a drop along with the willingness to believe you're not ugly when you can't reciprocate that…"

Prussia bit his lower lip. God can he relate.

"I-I feel the same way toward my brother. I'm so jealous of him and good looks… I feared I'd never live up like him so I shut myself off from the world… and my kingdom coincidently fell into smithereens so that wasn't good timing."

Romano sat up in relief.

"Feels good to know someone going through something similar." said Romano.

"A-And, and, Romano, you are attractive." Prussia confessed. "I cannot understand how you'd think you're not. For one, you're freaking Italian. Two, you're smoking as it is."

"Number two didn't make as sense as number one." Pointed out Romano.

"Who cares."

Romano finally let some sunshine enter that face of his.

"I appreciate your words." He thanked.

"They're not just words!" exclaimed Prussia, standing. "I mean them!" Set, he was not going to leave Romano's place without some Italian in him. Eeeww.

"I'd… I'd do you."

Romano stood up, startled. "Wha-at?"

"You heard. You're sexy, and I can prove it to you, if you still don't believe it."

"You're coming on to me?" asked a delirious Romano.

Prussia took a step forward. "I think were past that."

Terror-stricken on the outside, burning with excitement on the inside, Romano stood still.

"I'll take you downtown." Let out a smooth Prussia with his hand out. Words with a double meaning. One meant the literal transportation to a center in town filled with commerce, the other an invitation.

Romano took his hand.

He interpreted it as the second.

[[o lawd]]