Wow this is a sad idea but I think it's rather original...I'm gonna play along with the idea as I do along but this I know the beginning so far. Um if suicide attempts disturb you don't read this....It is B/V and very Anti-Yamacha if ya don't like don't read...I don't own DBZ (I tried to steal it but I got caught...AGAIN -.-) The POVs will change from time to time....

Love. Death. Life.


~Bulma's POV~

God Yamacha is such a bastard .....I think he's going to propose to me and then what does he go and do? He fucking breaks up with me for Krillin's whore of an ex-girlfriend, Marron. Never mind that I love him....All he wants is a girl who will sleep with him whether he's married to her or not. Just because I have morals he kicks me to the curb like I'm nothing...That's all I fell like now....Nothing....All my tears are gone...I used them all on him...Now I'm just filled with this pain I can't rid myself of...He doesn't need me...Does anybody? My parents don't...Goku has Chi-chi now....And I bet Vegeta would just be sad because no one could fix his precious gravity machine anymore.... What's the point of going on anymore? Of living? I get out a pen and paper and begin to write:

Dear Whoever may find this,

By the time you read this I will probably be dead...By that time I will have taken this whole bottle of sleeping pills...Sleep...That is what I will soon be doing......Sleeping.......Never to Awaken. And if this is that bastard Yamacha, I hope you and that whore of yours are happy together...This is your fault......I gave you my heart and you crushed it. And without a heart..without love........what's the point of living anymore....I don't want to live a cold bitter life void of love and happiness........So I turn to my only choice....I turn to freedom.......I turn to escape.......I turn to death.....I long to spread my wings and fly away from all this....So I will take this jump..

Don't try to catch me.....I've already fallen

Your Truly,

Bulma Briefs

There now that's done with...I walk into the bathroom and reach into the medicine cabinet. Where are they? Ah, here they are, a whole bottle of very powerful sleeping pills...I grab a big bottle of water and guzzle them all down at once. Then I walk back to my room and lie down on my bed with the note pinned to the front of my shirt. Right when everything begins to blur I hear someone rip off the note and mutter to me to stay awake. It sounds like Vegeta. But why would he care? He hates my every being. Or I thought he did anyways...He picks me up and keeps muttering the word why. Well, that's what I would like to find out. Why is he doing this? Why does he care? Why is he trying to save me? Why? Why?

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