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I thought so… Anyways this chapter is in the POV of our favorite saiya-jin no ouji, Vegeta. Oh yeah and surprise surprise this is the LAST chapter, but there will be a sequel k?

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Chapter 6: Confusion

Pregnant…she's pregnant. I haven't been able to look at her since she told me that, and it was over a week ago. I just can't believe it. How the hell am I supposed to be a father? I who is the cold-hearted prince? I don't even know how to like myself, let alone a small child. I'd probably fuck him up worse then my father fucked me up.

And Bulma…Damnit she confuses me more then anyone. Had it been any other woman I would of just left and let them raise the brat by themselves, but with her it feels…. different. I don't know how to explain it, I've never had feelings like this before.

I sigh and turn off the gravity, another day of wasted training, I just can't seem to concentrate. Not with her here anyways, I worry and do all the things I never have…

What the fuck is wrong with me? I'm not supposed to care about anyone! All that's supposed to matter is being the strongest, but somewhere along the way that's changed and I have no clue where or how… It almost frightens me really…

I exit the Gravity Chamber and walk into the house trying to sneak into the kitchen…but fuck it all! She's in there, waiting just like she was that first night.

"Vegeta, we need to talk," she says calmly.

Talk? TALK?! I can barely think straight!

 I frown and cross my arms, "what do we "need" to talk about woman?"

She glares at me, "How about the fact that since I announced my pregnancy you've avoided me like the fucking plague?"

"I've had to train…you know that woman…"

"Look Vegeta if you don't want to be part of this child's life then just get it over with and tell me."

I sigh, it's not that at all woman…

"What did you say?"

"Woman…I didn't say shit…"

"But I heard you…"

Crap, we've started to bond!

"Bond? Vegeta, what the hell is this about?"

I turn away and run to her father's lab. "Weakling! Get me a ship! I'm leaving tonight!"

"Leaving-" The old man starts but I leave before I hear what he was saying.

I go into my room and stuff some training out fits in a bag…I can't stay here…to many distractions…I'll be back for my son's birth…I hope the woman understands, I have to do this…

"Vegeta! The ship is ready," I hear the old man cry out a few hours later.

As I walk through the kitchen I pause. The woman is passed out on the floor next to an empty bottle of vodka. I pick her up and carry to her room. I then lie her down on her bed and before I leave the room I bend down and kiss her softly, as to not wake her.

Woman…I love you…or at least, I think I do. But I have to go; I need to be able to be strong enough to protect both you and our child.

I also have a few things to figure out for myself, after all this whole caring thing is rather new to me you know…

I hope it doesn't hurt you too badly…I would never hurt you if I could help it…but that's the thing, this must be done.

For our sake, but more than anything, for my own sake…for my sanity.

I can't be who you want me to be. I could never be that, but I hope to learn how to be something you can care about.

I look at her one last time and exit the room; I wouldn't see her again soon. I've gone and returned to places many times in my life…

But for the first time since I left my home planet, I feel like I'm leaving something that I may truly miss. And I think that scares me more than anything else….


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