This is an A/U. It's Faye/Spike. This is my first Cowboy Bebop fanfic so I hope it's not too bad.

Finding You

Chapter 1

Faye, the harden criminal of the Red Dragon Syndicate, stood at the entrance of the opera house impatiently as she waited for her older brother, Vicious, to arrive with news of her new mission.

Her eyes roamed about the large crowd which was now gathering quite respectfully. Most of the women looked upon her disapprovingly as she hiked her dress higher, showing more leg than she should. The men just gawked in appreciation.

"Slime-balls," Faye glared over at a group of men, making them all shudder either in fear or hormone overdrive.

Where the hell is he?

Faye irritatingly tugged at her dress and tapped her feet repeatedly. Pure annoyance was etched upon her usually cheery heart shaped face. She glanced at her watch.

30 minutes late

"Waiting for someone, dear sister?" A voice so malice and cold whispered into her ear

from behind.

"You're late," She replied annoyingly.

Vicious' eyes narrowed at her. "No one speaks to me like that,"

"I do," She turned around, he emerald haze clashed with his icy silver ones.

"If you weren't my sister, you'd be dead." He hissed.

He grabbed her arm and led her inside the building, none too gently.

Faye winced and pulled her arm away, but kept walking with him up the stairs. "Vicious, it wouldn't matter if I was your sister or not because if you wanted to you could have killed me. Face it, you love me"

He frowned in irritation, "I never said I loved you, sister"

Faye narrowed her eyes and forcefully swung her purse at his gut. "I'm your family, dammit, I deserve a bit of respect"

"I treat you with enough respect,"

They found their seats in a balcony and settled down.

"There's nothing I wouldn't do for you, Vicious. And in return I hope there's nothing you

wouldn't do for me"

They sat in a familiar silence between the two. Often or not, when they were together, they always almost spent it in complete silence. In a way they communicated through silence.

The lights slowly dimmed until complete darkness swallowed the whole opera house.

Then the performance began.

The spotlight flashed on a fat woman on the center of the stage. Then she opened her mouth and bellowed out her song, in Italian.

Italian, figures it would be Italian.

"Find and bring me Edward Wong Hau Pepelu Tivrusky the Fourth. She resides on the

Bebop with two other men who goes by the name of Jet Black and Spike Spiegel. Edward is thirteen and she's a girl and often mistake as a boy. She's thin, tan skinned, orange haired"

Vicious dug into his coat pocket and handed his sister a few snap shots of the girl.

"She's a computer genius. I want her unharmed. And all you need to know is that I need her for hacking into a database of an enemy, Wade Li."

Faye nodded and studied the pictures of this so called 'computer genius'.

"She's young,"

"She'll be unharmed,"

"I hate kids,"

"That's why I chose you,"

Faye sighed and nodded once again, "When's the deadline?"

"Two months or else Julia is taking over the mission,"

Faye turned to glare at him. She knew that he knew perfectly well that she hated Julia.

Yet he still tormented her with that fact.

"You may love her, but I hate her,"

His hand founds her and harshly held it in his tight grip.

"Practice your Jeet Kune Do," He said simply as he got up to leave.

"Is that a hint?" Faye turned to watch him leave.

Vicious stopped at the door and turned around and smiled a rare smile which he gave to no one except his sister. It was a pure smile with no vileness.

"Be careful around Spike Spiegel. He may seem like a normal bounty hunter but he use to

work for the White Tiger syndicate," The he opened the door and left.

As he walked down the empty stairs he couldn't help but grin, although he despised himself for it.

"Faye you're lucky that I love you, otherwise you'd be dead" He muttered to no one in particular.

It was a shame, the first time he ever admitted that he loved someone and there's no one to hear it. He'd be sure to tell her the next time. After all, being the leader of the syndicate kept him busy. Everything he had done it was for his sister and to keep her safe.

"Even if you don't know it," He murmured as he stepped outside and hailed for a taxi.

All the while Faye sat impatiently in her lonely balcony looking through the pictures. She stumbled upon one with a man in the background.

The puffy green hair and mismatched eyes caught her attention at first but it was his smile that took her breath away.

It was a beautiful smile, a smile which no one ever gave her. A smile which Vicious never let anyone give her, he was always to protective. Faye sighed and shook her head.

She brought the picture closer to her and studied his smile and for that moment she pretended that he was smiling at her.