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Finding You

Chapter 3

Italics denotes Faye's thoughts.

Her lungs burned as she broke the surface of the bath water and gulfed sweet oxygen into her deprived lungs. She hated herself at the moment.

"Broke the cardinal rule..."She whimpered before she pulled back under the water like a stubborn child. Soon enough as the air depleted she came back up and moaned.

She thought back to the first encounter with that man when he got on this horrible hell named Venus. Love planet, ha! More like screwing-Faye-over planet.

"Why did I give him my name!" She murmured as turmoil burned within her. She could hear Vicious' voice ringing clearly in her head, scolding her.

//Never give your real name//

But she did...without thinking.

//Never do more or less than necessary//

So far she did a bang up job of that.

//Get rid of any distractions before it's too complicated//

Faye hesitated as she waned her brothers last rule of conduct. "Too late for that bull,"

She got up, looking for a towel and groaned when she found none. She waltzed to the bedroom with water dripping from her and fell face down on her bed and vented her frustrations with a scream.

"This is not my day, first I break a cardinal rule..."Faye hiccupped as she tried to stay sober of all emotions, "...then my towel is missing. What else is going to happen?" Her question was answered through the blaring fire alarm accompanied with the monotone voice recording.

"Everyone, please evacuate to the nearest exit. This is not a fire drill. Please evacuate to the nearest exit. This is not..."

Faye flopped over, facing the ceiling and glared as she laid stiffly. "Fuck everything."

Spike peeked through the blinds at across the park where an apartment complex was evacuating due to some fire in the kitchen. "Sucks to be them," He watched as they ran towards shelter away from the condemning rain.

"Hope Faye-Faye is alright." Ed blurted as she smothered Ein with her arms and climbed atop the small dining table.

"What makes you say that?" Jet asked, vaguely interested, as he came out of the shower.

"Faye-Faye lives there. Saw her go in." Ed jumped out the table with Ein wrapped tightly in her arms as she jumped on Spike's bed.

"Interesting new development." Jet peered outside at the squirming people and fire trucks.

"There seems to be some sort of fire going on." Spike grabbed his jacket as he headed towards the door.

"Where you going?" Jet yawned as he sauntered over to his bed.

Spike felt for a cigarette, "Taking a walk." He left and shut the door.

Jet blinked, "In the rain?"

Ed hopped, skipped, and crawling to the window stealthily then snapped the blinds up sharply making Jet fall off of bed while muttering a few choice words. Ed ignored the man and focused on the people below. She placed a finger on the window, blocking out a group of angry tenants like she was crushing ants. After a while she noticed something. "Faye-Faye isn't there."

"Ma'am you have to come out!" A firemen banged her door.

Faye threw her handbag at the door to emphasize her reluctance to leave. "You can't do this to me! I've had a very bad day!" Faye's voice began to break.

"People have bad days all the time," The man across the door sighed.

Faye narrowed her eyes and imagining herself burning a hole through the door. "Not like mine! You don't know what I've been through!"

"Ma'am if you won't open the door. I'll break it down" He warned.

"I'm naked in here! I'll shout rape!" Her tone suggested she was serious.

The man backed down and began asking her instead of demanding. "Would it help if you talked about it then come out?"

Faye sniffed and looked down at her hands. "Fine,"

"Okay" The man said, relieved. After all, the only thing that mattered was that she gets out. How long could a story be?

"My bad day started a few days ago when my brother fell for this girl named..." Faye continued as she found a robe and sat on her bed.

On the other side of the door a groan could be heard.

Spike wandered through the wet crowd towards a fire truck and stared up at the complex. The fire had been tamed before it had reached the second floor but there was a commotion throughout the crowd that there was a problem on floor seven.

"Did you hear?" A woman asked her neighbor.

"About what?" The man used a newspaper to cover his head from the downpour.

The woman tucked a hair strand behind her ear, "A woman of the seventh refused to come out and apparently is giving them some trouble."

"But the fire is over. Why can't we go in and forget about her?"

"Because," she tilted her nose up high in a superior manner, "they have to inspect what started the fire. It's rumored not to be an ordinary kitchen fire."

Spike wandered who exactly the woman on the seventh was.

"Wow, I don't know how you could have put up with all of that." The man shook his head sadly. "And I thought I had a tough time being the new guy."

Faye could only nod in agreement, "I try to deal."

It was amazing how she turned a respectable fire-fighter into a emotional sobbing jello pudding.

After an hour of walking around he headed back to the hotel and was surprised to see Faye at the front desk of the lobby.

Checking herself in, perhaps.

He came up to her side and nodded at her. "Nice bathe robe."

Faye scowled, mildly interested in anything at the moment, even him. "Let's just say that I got kicked out of somewhere by a certain uptight landlord across a certain park."

Spike pulled out a cigarette and offered it to her, "Here."

Faye shook her head, "Trying to quit."

Spike picked up her hand and placed the cigarette in it, "My last one, you need it more than me."

Faye squinted her eyes in mock anger, "What is that suppose to mean?"

"Only what you think it means."

"You don't want to know what I'm thinking." Faye strolled towards the elevator with her baggage in tow.

They stepped in the elevator. Spike was slightly curious but left it at that.

He wasn't in the mood to talk someone's problems. Those, you had to be in the mood to listen. "Did you hear about the crazy seventh floor woman during the fire?"

Faye blushed deeply and shook her head quickly before practically running out of the elevator as the doors opened.

"That was strange," Spike watched her disappear, noting it was the fourth floor.

Faye set up her laptop as well as a hidden camera, strategically placed, facing Ed's room. She had already wasted enough time as it was. It was cram week. She settled in her seat and turned on the computer and watched Ed's room. A sudden knock on her door jolted her out of her seat, landing her on the floor. She sorely rubbed her rear and closed the laptop and tossed her files under the bed.

"Hold on," Still rubbing her sore bottom she opened the door.

Spike had leaned against the door frame and grinned lazily at her, "Hungry?"

Faye thought for a moment on his offer then accepted, "Keep your enemies close." Faye murmured to herself as she grabbed her coat and left with Spike.

They strolled several blocks down the busy street talking casually until they came upon a small cheap restaurant. They followed a sleazy red-head waitress to their table and sat down.

"Here ya go. I'll be with you in five minutes." She winked at Spike before leaving.

Spike picked up his menu and skimmed it over.

Faye stared across the table at him through her lashes as she pretended to scan over the menu listings. She couldn't help wander about him. He was so different from any man she ever knew.

No one ever gave her any attention or bothered to try. Spike was the first man who had ever given her the attention she was neglected of as a child. For that she started to fall for him. She was addicted to the attention and he gave her and he gave it with no strings attached.

He would glance at her casually with his smoldering eyes and sexy grin that held a promise. It fed her like a drug and she craved for more. If Vicious could see her now he'd lock her up and throw Julia in.

The only reason she's half as capable, and daresay deadly, as Vicious is in the Syndicate was because she lacked the emotions that would have weakened her. It made her have no regrets, no ties and most of all no commitments.

She couldn't risk having emotions. Not even for Spike. It was the last thing she had left in the world.

Watch yourself Faye. People like me don't change and people like Spike never stay. Don't hurt yourself more than you have to.

Faye's stare didn't go unnoticed by Spike. He saw her expression change and fall into a frown. It was true that she had captivated him but he had yet let himself accept the fact that it ran deeper than that. At the moment he just wanted to reach across the table to her.

"Can I get you something," The waitress asked, resting her hands on her narrow hips, smiling seductively at Spike while completely ignoring Faye.

"I'll have a beer and a burger," Faye glared in annoyance at being invisible.

She ignored Faye.

"And you?" She asked Spike sweetly.


The waitress collected their menus and brushed against Spike as she walked into the kitchen while Faye glared at her retreating form.

"Jealous?" Spike leaned back.

"No! She was just so rude to me." Faye denied.

They talked and joked throughout their meal and poked fun of how shabby downtown was.

After they paid and left they walked around the city, going nowhere in particular and talked about everyday normal things excluding how many men Faye puts in a hospital a week as well as her private life.

However, the more she learned about him the more she couldn't stop wanting him. She felt more alive when she glanced at Spike than she ever did in her twenty-three years while living with Vicious.

Spike would watch her as she talked and when he wasn't watching she knew, somehow, that he was still listening to every word.

"It's a nice feeling," She whispered quietly to herself.

Spike nodded, "I know."

Faye gasped lightly. She hadn't meant for him to hear it.

Spike's eyes sparkled in amusement at her.

It was nighttime and neither really cared or noticed, but just the same he walked her back to her room. They stepped off the elevator and he walked her down the hall towards her door. She could feel his eyes on her.

Faye fumbled her pockets for her key. She looked up, "Well, goodnight then."

Spike chuckled lightly.

"What?" Faye asked in mock anger.

"You look cute when you look up like that?" He said drowsily as his eyes darkened with lust.

Her back was against the door as he stepped closer to her. His rough hand gently caressed her cheek. She closed her eyes as the scent of cheap cologne and cigarettes played with her senses. When she looked up, his smoldering eyes held hers captive. Spike leaned towards her, closing the distance between their lips. Before their lips touched Faye quickly turned to kiss his cheek before entering her room and shutting the door.

Spike stood there frustrated as he ran his hand through his hair.

Faye rested against the door as she breathed rapidly, barely coming down from the moment. She slid to the ground with her eyes closed. She could hear Spike curse as he walked away to the elevator.

"Too close."

She almost gave up everything without thinking. She almost gave into his lust. But she didn't and that hurt more. She calmed herself down and became rational. She was the Syndicate's princess, she could never involve herself with Spike.

"I can't have him..."

//Get rid of any distractions...//

"I can't love him." She whispered sadly.

//...before it's too complicated//

Vicious always drilled her with his rules when she had first started in the Syndicate. She was suppose to kill any distractions. But could she kill him?

She wished she could cry, but she had given up on tears a long time ago.