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Leon was nervous. He was anxious, uneasy, and nervous. Sure, he was relieved to finally be home, but after all this time, what was the President going to say to him? What if he was angry or upset that Leon hadn't brought Ashley home sooner? Well maybe if you hadn't let her get captured all the time…He thought to himself. They had been gone nearly a month, which to Leon, was completely unacceptable. Those guys were all so weak it was almost hilarious, thinking back on it. He should have been able to get them out of there sooner.

Shut up, he told himself. All that matters is that we're home safe, where we belong.

Oh god…

They were almost to the White House, and Leon had nearly sweated through his shirt.

Ashley noticed and said, "Why are you so pale? You should be glad we're actually home!" She was ecstatic. She couldn't wait to take a nice, hot shower, or brush her teeth for the first time in weeks!

"I don't know. It's just uh…" What was he supposed to say: I'm afraid you're father will be ashamed of me?If he told her that, he would probably never regain his pride.

Ashley laid a reassuring hand on his shoulder and gave him a small smile. He smiled back.

Suddenly the limo they were riding (Leon really didn't want to, but Ashley had insisted) came to a slow stop.

Leon's mind was invaded with thoughts he didn't want to think about. What if Ashley's dad is mad at me? What if I loose my job? Then the worst thought of all hit him like a ton of bricks: I'm never going to see her again…

He knew when he signed up for this job that he couldn't get attached to his charges because of 'Post Traumatic Stress Disorder' and what not, but he just needed a little more time with her. But he knew that wouldn't happen. After all, he had turned down her offer for 'overtime'.

"Okay this is it…" Ashley had interrupted his thoughts and smiled at him before the chauffer opened the door on Ashley's side, then he opened Leon's.

They both walked slowly towards the White House, all the while Ashley was clutching Leon's right arm verytightly.

That's when they spotted her dad.

"Daddy!" Ashley exclaimed as she ran into her fathers arms.

They exchanged a few hugs, and even shed a few tears, leaving Leon standing there awkwardly.

Then the President looked at him.

"Thank you," He said. "For saving my daughter."

"Anytime, sir." Leon answered with a smile.

The agent stood there watching as the father and daughter hugged and cried some more. You should probably go now. His conscience said.

But I'll never see her again!

That's highly doubtful, you work for her dad. That's like saying if you go to the zoo, you won't see monkeys.

Well, actually, some zoo-

That's not the point! He cut himself off.You will see her again, I promise.

Wait, how can you promise me anything? You're me! Or… I'm you? Whatever… Anyways, you only know as much as I know, and if I knew half the stuff you sayyou know, we wouldn't be in this situation!

…Leon I think you're going crazy.

Don't you mean we're going crazy?

Whatever… You should probably stop talking to yourself, they're staring at you.

He looked up and sure enough, Ashley and her dad were starting at him like he'd grown two heads.

"Leon, are you alright?" asked a concerned Ashley.

"Err… yeah. I was just thinking about something. But, uh, I should probably be going."

He started off towards the limo that would take him back to headquarters. He was half way there when he heard someone call after him.

"Leon, wait!" Ashley ran up to him. "Where are you going?"

"I have to go home now Ashley, I'm through with my mission."

She stared into his eyes with disbelief. "So… So is this 'goodbye'?"

He didn't say anything, not trusting his voice, so instead he just hugged her.

She hugged him back with all her might. "Will I ever see you again?" he didn't have to look at her to know she was crying.

"I don't know, kid, you know the rules." He attempted to laugh but it came out sounding more like a sob.

"Leon… I… I love you…"

He hugged her tighter. "I know…" He tried his best not to cry in front of her.

Stay strong, he told himself.For Ashley.

With one last look at her, he turned and got into the limo, where he let the tears finally fall.

A flash of lightning lit up the night sky for a half-second before returning to its foreboding darkness. Ashley was running from Plagas infected villagers when suddenly, her leg was caught in a rusty bear trap. She opened her mouth to scream, and to her surprise, nothing came out. Leon, please help me!She tried to say, but once again, there was no sound.

She looked up just in time to see an axe flying towards her face. Fortunately, she dodged it. Unfortunately, this gave one of the other psychotic villagers enough time to pick her up and throw her over his shoulder.

She fought. She kicked and screamed-or at least tried to- until her feet hurt, and her voice was hoarse.

The angry villager carried her through several doors until Ashley was convinced they were going in circles. Although she was sure they weren't going anywhere, she still kept trying to scream. Leon! She sobbed mutely. All of the sudden, the villager dropped her and she made a loud 'Oof!'sound. Curious, she looked at her surroundings and froze, turning ghostly pale at the sight of the man in front of her: Saddler.

"LEON!" She screamed, louder than she thought possible as she jerked awake in a cold sweat.

She was still trying to catch her breath when her father burst into her bedroom, with a bat in his hand.

"What? What is it?" The President asked, terrified.

"I'm fine dad. I just had a bad dream."

Her father look relieved. "Do you want to talk about it?" He asked.

She sat quiet for a few seconds before abruptly bursting into tears and collapsing on her fathers lap.

"Dad, I need L-Leon…" She manages to say weakly.

He smiled sadly at her. "Okay, sweetie. I'll see what I can do in the morning. "

She sat up quickly and stared at him with fear in her eyes. "No! I need him NOW!"

The President's eyes grew wide at her sudden outburst, but he gave in quickly.

"Okay," He sighed in defeat. "Come on, his number's in my office."

Leon sighed as he flipped through all the channels on the TV for at least the third time.

"What am I going to do with my life?" He asked to no one in particular.

Well for starters, you should go see Ashley. His conscience told him.

And say what exactly? 'Oh, hey, Ashley. I just thought I'd just stop by and say 'I love you' and you know, how bout some of that 'overtime'?

Sure, why not?

…You're crazy…

Hey, you're the one talking to yourself.

Well, I walked right into that one.

Sure did.

Leon's conversation with Himself was interrupted by his phone ringing.

"Hello?" He waited impatiently for the person on the other end to answer.



"Ashley? Wh-what's wrong? Are you alright?" He couldn't believe his ears.

"Leon… I… I need you. I'm scared Leon. Please help me…" She pleaded through sobs.

"Okay… I'll be there as soon as I can."

"Thank you…"

"Hang in there sweetheart; I'll see you in a few."

"O-okay…" Even though she felt so much better knowing Leon was coming, she was still terrified from her dream.

It was a very short car ride to the White House, since Lone was doing about 80mph the whole way there. It was worth it though.

"Leon!" Ashley exclaimed as she saw Leon enter her bedroom, escorted by one of her bodyguards on night-shift.

She hugged him as tight as she had earlier that day, and when he pulled back, a look of worry crossed her eyes.

Leon noticed this and firmly placed his hands on her shoulders, looking strait into her eyes. "What's wrong?" He asked.

She immediately started crying like she had with her father.

"Oh L-Leon, it was s-so b-bad!" She sobbed. "They w-were chasing me tak-king me to S-Saddler!"

He tried to comfort her as best as he knew how. "Shh… Its okay Ashley, he's gone now. He can't hurt us anymore. "

He gently rubber her back, soothing her as she wept into his shoulder.

About fifteen minutes later, Ashley's tears had been reduced to sniffles, and they were lying next to each other on her bed.

"Leon…?" Ashley asked, mere seconds from falling asleep in his arms.

"Yes Ash?

"Please don't leave me… I… I'm scared to be alone…"

"It's okay, sweetheart, I'm not going anywhere." He gently kissed the top of her head before he, too, had fallen asleep.

The next morning Leon woke up in an unfamiliar bed. Looking over, he saw Ashley snuggling with him while she slept. Ugh, snuggling. He hated that that word.

Gently, he slid out from under her, careful not to wake her up, and headed into the kitchen where he ran into her father.

"Oh uh… hello sir. I hope you don't mind my being here, it's just that Ashley called and-" He rambled.

"Oh, not at all Leon… can I call you Leon?" Leon nodded and the President continued. "Last night I had woken to the sound of her screams and she begged me for your phone number. I hope you don't mind that I gave it to her."

"No, not at all. I was actually pretty glad to hear from her."

It took Leon a few seconds to realize what he had just said and whohe had just said it too.

Ugh, I'm such an idiot!

Yes, yes you are.

Stay out of this! He shouted to Himself, and to his surprise, there was no response.

"Huh… that was easy." He said aloud by mistake.

"What was?" asked a confused president.

"Err… uh, nothing." He answered embarrassed.

Mr. Graham studied Leon and then said "Mr. Kennedy," What happened to Leon? "You care for my daughter… don't you?"

This took Leon by surprise. Was he really about to have this conversation?

"Well, I… uh…"

"Do you, or do you not?" He interrupted. Was he being serious?

"Well, sir, I honestly don't know how to answer that. I do care about her, yes. I don't see how it's possible for two people to go through what we did and nothave some kind of bond form."

"But?" He interrupted, again.

"But… I tried not to show any romantic interest in her while we were in Spain. I was afraid that when she found out we would never see each other again; it would hurt her worse than it had yesterday."

The President scoffed which shocked and confused Leon at the same time. "Nonsense, you're her bodyguard, you'll see her all the time. And I mean allthe time."

Woah, even in the shower?

Dude, gross no! I'll probably just stand outside the door or something.

Awe, that's no fun.

Ugh, you're so perverted!

Dare I say it again? I am you; therefore you are just as perverted as I am.

Whatever, I thought I told you to leave me alone!

Fine, fine. Just make sure you let me know when she gets in the shower.

I thought you said I am you?

Mmm… Touché…

Remembering the conversation he was having with Mr. Graham, Leon quickly snapped back to reality and said "Well, I feel stupid. I just thought it would be that way because… well that's how it always works."

"Yes, well, Mr. Scott," Leon shuddered at the thought of that creepy, old midget.

He's not old, remember? He said he's only twenty.

Yeah, well, he was still creepy as hell.

Got that right.

"Did any of them ever work for the father of their subject?"

"Err… no. I guess I never though of it that way. Okay, so let me get this strait. Are you asking me to be in a relationship with Ashley?"

"Well, not exactly. Just protect her, and do anything it takes to make her happy. I would hate to see her as upset as she was last night, again."

"Okay sir. I'll do it." As Leon got up and turned to leave, Mr. Graham stopped him. "Wait, Leon!"

Why do people always stop me when I leave?

Because you're just that irresistible.

Okay seriously? Now I'm conceded? What is wrong with me?

Hey! There is nothing wrong with being beautiful!

Beautiful is a girly word.

Fine then you're hot.

Oh, so now I'm gay?

No, I said you're hot. We're not gay… are we?

NO! Absolutely not!

Okay good you had me worried there for a second.

"You know you can call me Henry." said Mr. Graham, who Leon had momentarily forgotten about.

"Okay… Henry."

Henry chuckled. "That's better."

Leon thought about their conversation for a moment and said "Okay, just so we're all clear: I'm Ashley's bodyguard, correct?"


"And does she know about this?"

"No. I haven't had the chance to tell her yet. Why do you ask?"

"Well, she seemed so sad yesterday when she thought she would never see me again. I can tell her if you want." The agent/bodyguard offered.

"Yes, that would be great. Thank you."

"No problem, Henry." The two laughed before Leon headed upstairs to tell Ashley the great news.

Ashley had awoken from her pleasant dreams to an empty bed. This surprised her because, if she remembered correctly, Leon was here last night, and he had promised not to leave. Maybe he's in the kitchen. She thought. Or maybe it was just a dream. No, she was sure it wasn't a dream. The way he held her as she cried; it was just too real. But just to be sure she called out his name.


He was there in seconds.

"What's wrong? Are you alright?" His eyes darted around the room in search of any danger, until they were focused on her.

"Yes, Leon, I'm fine. I was just making sure you were still here." She thought for a second. "Why areyou still here? Not that I want you to leave or anything, but why haven't you left yet?"

"Because," He stood proudly and smiled. "I'm your bodyguard."

She gaped at the man before her.

"M-my bodyguard?" He smiled even more. "When did this happen?"

"About five minutes ago actually. I went down to the kitchen and ran into your father and he asked- wait no he told me I was your new bodyguard. Apparently, by agreeing to rescue you, I was also agreeing to this."

Now it was her turn to smile."So I get to see you all the time?"

"Yep! ...Well sorta." He answered, thinking about the conversation he had with Himself earlier.

She squealed excitedly and threw her arms around him in a hug. At first, Leon hesitated to hug her back, by habit, but he quickly gave in and hugged her back, her fathers word's echoing in his mind: Make her happy.

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