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Luis and Ashley were at the mall buying some new clothes. When asked, Leon politely turned down the offer saying something about talking to her dad, So Ashley and Luis went alone… together… he's already hit of her six times.

"Alright, I get it… sheesh."The Spaniard said when the blonde turned him down once again.

Five minutes later, he's at it again.

"Luis! Look, I'm glad you're back and everything, but I'm with Leon now! I can't just go make out with every guy who offers!"

"That would be nice though." The Spaniard said with a wink.

"UGH! " Ashley grunted and stormed away.

"Where are you going? Luis asked.

"To call someone. Just stay here!"

Luis shrugged and did as he was told, browsing through the nearest clothing rack.

"Hello?" Leon answered Ashley's call.

"Leon, how could you leave me alone with him?"

Her boyfriend chuckled. "What has he done this time?"

"He won't stop hitting on me! He keeps asking me to kiss him, and when I said no, he practically started begging!"

"Did you tell him you're taken?"

The blonde's cheeks flared red. "Y-yes, but he still won't stop! Will you please come down here?

"Sorry sweetheart, I'm working. I'll call you later though, okay?"

"Okay…" She sighed. "Bye."


When they hung up, Ashley realized they hadn't said their 'I love you's'. But were they even at that point? Did he love her? Did she love him? She already knew the answer to that: yes, of course. How could she not? He had always been there for her, through the thickest of the thick, the thinnest of the thin. Even when the thickest was thicker than solid concrete, he was there. For her, Spain came to mind. She had been taken away multiple times and he had always come to rescue her.

Walking back to Luis, she hadn't realized she had started smiling to herself until she saw the Spaniard look at her like she was crazy.

"What are you so happy about?" He asked her.

Oh, um… nothing. I just got off the phone with Leon." She said smiling again.

"Speaking of Leon… How did you two get together, anyways?" Luis asked with a sly grin.

"O-oh… um… I-it was nothing. Ooo! Look! More… shirts!" The blonde said desperately trying to change the subject.

Luis chuckled and just played along. He would just have to ask Leon later.

Back at the White House, Leon was talking to Henry about Ada.

"Do you think she's a threat?"

"I honestly don't know, sir. But just to be safe, I would say yes. She was involved with what happened in Spain, although I don't really know why or how." Leon admitted.

"What do you mean?"

"Well, she works for a man named Albert Wesker, who is impossible to track down. And after I retrieved the sample of the T-virus, she took it from me."

"Took it from you how?"

"She held a gun to my head and forced me to give it to her."

"Well… I guess I can't blame you for that. I would have given it to her too… But what do you suppose we do?"

"Hmm… I don't really know. She's a very unpredictable person, and technically, we can't do anything until she reveals herself again."

"Do you have any idea when that might be?"

"None at all, sir." He said. "She is a spy…" and then a little quieter, "She could be here right now…"

Henry laughed. "Nonsense! My guards were trained very well, and know exactly what to do if they even have the slightest suspicion of anyone being in here."

Leon nodded, but still had a look of worry on his face as he glanced nervously around the room.

Ada Wong silently scoffed when she heard the "preppy blonde girl's" father say that his guards were too well trained to let her in the White House. She had gotten in just fine. It had been easier than that time she had snuck into her ex-boyfriends house. (Cue slip of Ada sneaking into some guys house, Family Guy style).

Looking back at Leon, she noticed that Mr. Graham had left, and Leon was almost out the door. She waited until he was gone, and then followed him out of the room.

When she walked into the hallway, she didn't see Leon. But listening more closely, she heard what sounded like footsteps going down the stairs, onto the first floor.

The spy slowly followed the muscular man down the stairs, from a safe distance. When they reached the bottom, Leon, still not noticing Ada, began walking towards the door. After looking around and making sure no one was watching and/or listening, Ada made very audible footsteps towards the man.

Recognizing the familiar sounds of heels hitting the cold, marble floor, Leo only slightly turned his head around to some-what face the woman behind him.

Ada stopped and said, "Hello, Leon."

"What is it now?" Replied said man, eager to save his new girlfriend from the pervert she was shopping with.

"I heard what you were telling him back there."

"Yeah, I kinda figured." Interrupted Leon, sarcastically.

"I should warn you not to give out too much information about me, Leon. You of all people should know how dangerous I can be."

"Is that a threat?" The blonde asked, taking a few intimidating steps closer to the spy. "I should warn you that the most powerful man in the country is in this building, and he's on my side."

"Oh?" Is that a threat?" Ada asked sarcastically, mocking Leon.

"Not a threat, a warning. I don't want any trouble, Ada."

"For once." She said, earning a glare from Leon.

Ashley and Luis were done shopping (finally…), and on the way back from the mall, they had picked up Jack and Violet.

Now they were at the at the White House, picking up Leon so they could all go back to Ashley's place and eat pizza, watch movies, etc.

They all got out of Ashley's Honda Accord, and walked up to the front doors. Ashley opened the doors and saw Ada and Leon both glaring at each other.


"Ashley, everything's okay. It's just-"

"Leon, what is she doing here?" Ashley raised her voice causing Jack, Violet, and Luis to come rushing through the doors.

"Excuse me," Ada said. "I have a name."

Luis was the first one in, so when he saw Ada he froze in place. Sure, she had saved his life and everything, but according to Leon, she shouldn't be trusted.

"Leon, why is she here?" Luis asked, but before Leon could give any answers, Ada had seen Jack walk in.

"Shh!" Leon shushed everyone, aware of the danger and gravity of the situation. "Ada, I can explain."

Everyone grew silent.

"What the hell is he doing here?"

"Ada, I sa-"

"No!" She interrupted. "I-I killed him! H-he can't be here!"

"Ada! If you would just listen to me, I could explain!"

The spy took multiple, fast, shaky breaths, but couldn't calm herself down. She was outraged, and terrified. Leon had never seen her like this, but he knew it couldn't be good.

"Leon, he can't be alive… I won't let him be." Slowly, Ada reached for her gun, and pointed it straight at Jack, who was speechless. Everyone was.

"Ada… put the gun down… and I will explain everything…"

Ada said nothing, just kept her aim on Jack.

Ashley's heart was pounding. Jack was now one of her best friends; she could not let him die. She glanced at Violet who looked just as terrified as Jack: pale-white, frozen in place. Ashley bet she probably looked the same way. She tried to say something- anything that might save Jacks life, but her voice wouldn't let her. She hadn't been this scared since Spain.

"Ada, please!" Leon begged.

"I'm sorry, Leon…" Ada said before she pulled the trigger, and two shots went off.

Right as Ada pulled the trigger on her gun, Leon had no choice but to shoot her, and make her miss.

Ada fell to the floor, and Leon rushed to her side while Violet and Jack started kissing like two people in a movie would.

"Ada!" Leon shouted. "I-I'm so sorry… I had to… I-I had to…" It sounded more like he was telling it to himself than her, but then, Leon stopped talking as he felt her body go limp.

"Oh God, Ada…" Leon still loved her, it was obvious. And he couldn't stop the few stray tears that escaped from his eyes, looking at her dead body.

Leon wiped his eyes and stood up swiftly as a surplus of guards and police officers came swarming in, followed by Mr. Graham. Everyone had their guns pointed at Leon.

"Put those things away!" ordered Mr. Graham and they did as they were told.

"Sir, I can explain."

"Please do." Henry said.

"When she saw Jack, she threatened to kill him. I tried to explain to her about his amnesia and everything, but she wouldn't listen to me. And right as she shot her gun, I had to shoot her and…" He left the sentence hanging knowing Henry knew the rest.

"Is everyone else alright?" One of the officers asked.

"Yes, we're fine." Ashley said, and the officer looked at everyone for approval, which they all gave him.

"Okay, I'll call the CSU."

"May I please be excused, sir?" Leon asked Ashley's father.

"Yes, of course." He said.

Leon quickly rushed past everyone and walked out of the White House.

"Leon, wait!" Ashley called out before Leon could get to his car. Luis, Jack, and Violet were watching from the door step.

"Ashley… I just need some time to be alone right now."

"I know… and I respect that, I do, I just wanted to apologize…" Ashley said in an almost whisper.

"Apologize? For what?"

"I-I tried to say something… I should have gotten my dad… I should have done something… But I-I couldn't Leon… I'm so sorry…" By then tears were already pouring out of her eyes.

"Hey…" Leon grabbed her face, making her look at him, and wiped the unwanted tears off her face. "It's not your fault."

"But it is! I froze up! And I'm sorry Leon, I know I'm such a pain and-"

She was interrupted by his warm, soft lips smashing against hers. If you listened closely, cheers could be heard in the background. After about a minute of passionate kissing, Leon pulled away, her face still in his hands.

"What was that for?" She asked, smiling like a fool.

"You talk too much." He joked.

She pecked him on the lips briefly and hugged him tightly.

"I love you." She said.

"I love you too."


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