A/N: Ever wonder why Mephisto joined the exorcists? A short ficlit exploring a hidden depth of Mephisto and revealing his real reason for his interest in Rin.

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Another day, another long hot boring day. No plots in action, the Exwires were off roaming the country and it was peaceful for the time being.

Oh how he hated it.

Mephisto sat, his back to the door, staring out the window at his Academy, True Cross Academy. One of the most secure facilities ever devised, both from human and demonic attack.

Amaimon curled in his hand as a small green hamster, sniffing at the air and Mephisto sighed. "Such a boring day isn't it? I have half a mind to stir things up, but our brother isn't here."

Rin. Okumura Rin. His little brother, the key to everything. All his hard work, all his research hinged around him. He needed the boy if he ever hand a chance.

He smiled softly and set Amaimon down. "Stay here and keep on eye on things would you?" he asked with a smile as he walked to the office door. He paused in front of it, lifting his umbrella up and circling the knob three times, "Eins, zwei, drei." He tapped the top of the knob and it turned, the door swinging open before he stepped through and it slammed shut behind him.

Here was the most secure room in the academy, a room with no key that only he could access. He had built the school around it for one purpose and one purpose alone. To protect them.

He stepped forward through the darkness to a small circle of light. There in the center was a large clear crystal with a woman sleeping gently inside. His wife, and his unborn child.

He placed a hand on the crystal and smiled, "Soon my dear. It will all be over soon, and you can wake up. You see my father made a mistake giving Rin those flames. The boy holds the key, he holds the cure for you and our little girl."

The cure, for two hundred years he had searched for a cure. Even joining those pesky exorcists, all for them. His wife, his daughter, poisoned by Satan with an incurable fever. Had Mephisto not sealed his wife in the crystal she would have died, never even giving their child a chance to live.

"You see, he disapproves of my love for you, a simple human, and yet he goes and knocks one up. He's becoming senile in his old age." He chuckled hollowly, his hand trembling. "Soon. His flames caused your fever, and his flames will be the cure. We can be a family, out in the country like you wanted. Wouldn't that be nice?"

She remained silent and unmoving and he ached to see those beautiful blue eyes open once more, run his hands through her lovely ebony locks, hold hre tiny form protectively in his arms once more.

"Soon," he promised, more to himself that her. "Very soon. Rest now my love. There's still much to be done."

His hand fell away and he turned to leave, face stony as a single tear dropped down his cheek.


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