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"Is he okay?"

"Stop! Someone got hit!"

Two bright eyes opened, blinking, and he sat up. Looking around he saw people panicking, and a car stopped not too far from him. Was he the one that was hit? Judging by the fact that a man was putting a hand against the back of his head, and checking his eyes, he assumed yes.

"Don't worry, it's just an android, he will be fine."

"Oh it's just another stupid robot."

"Really you can't trust robots now-a-days. Is it just me or have the logic levels gone down?"

"I heard a lot of the newer models…"

"Who's android….?"

The voices faded out of his interest as he stood up, brushing himself off, only stopping when a short man with a German lilt to his voice addressed him.

"You…" he seemed hesitant to address a robot like one would a human, like most of society after the many accidents occurring on the part of them lately. " Where is your owner? Are you marked?"

That was a good question, and for some reason, no matter how much he searched through his data files, he couldn't find an answer.

"I… don't know." He could gather that whoever owned him was wealthy though; his voice bank was smooth and had no glitches. No unnatural pause between comprehending the question and answering.

"You don't know?" the man stepped forward and began to pick at his shirts, pushing up the sleeves to check for a tag. For some reason he felt violated…..

And then it hit him. He felt.

He felt a dull pain the back of his head where his metal cranium had hit the pavement. He felt shocked at the revelation that he could feel violated, he continued to feel violated as the short, irritated man continued to look for a the black numbers that would tell his system whom he belonged to. He felt.

"Well, I can't find a tag, so I'll have to take you to the station until someone comes and claims you. I'm sure you know how it goes…" the small man turned, beginning to walk back to his squad car which he had been patrolling in until he saw what he thought was a human get hit. He was used to the compliancy of robots, not questioning that the other would follow him. But he didn't want to, and luckily, at that moment, another man came running up, out of breath.

"Alfred, there you are! Why did you go running off like that? You could get hurt!" he looked down at the short man who had stopped next to him, not recognizing him. He did recognize the name though, and he gathered that was what his name was.

"Sir, is this your robot?" the short police officer had turned around to face the new comer, and did not look amused.

"Uhm yes Officer…" the short man had composed himself and glanced at the police badge on the man's uniform for help "Officer Zwingli. Is there a problem?" Whereas before he looked worried, now the newcomer looked nervous. He glanced at Alfred like he had betrayed him, and he didn't quite understand why.

"He was hit by a car and caused a public disturbance. You do realize we could give you a ticket for this? With all the incidents with robots going around lately, having one running around loose could very well be like shouting "fire" in a crowded theatre." The officer seemed completely un-amused.

"O-oh. I'm sorry" the small man looked harshly at Alfred, who didn't care much as he was more interested in the obscene size of the fuzzy man's eyebrows. "I don't know what happened to him, he just ran off. I think he misinterpreted an order I gave him. I'm sorry… it won't happen again." he laughed nervously, hoping the officer would let him off.

"Fine…" the officer sighed and put away the electronic pad that he would have used to write up a ticket for the man. " I'm leaving you with a warning, but if this happens again we are taking your robot in for testing and decommission. Is this clear?"

"Y-yes Sir."

With that the officer went back to his car, driving off to continue his patrol after giving the pair one last unhappy glare. That's when the short man turned to him. Alfred couldn't help by think that he was having the worst luck with short people, for the fuzzy browed man looked rather angry.

"Alfred! Why did you go running off like that! What did I do?" the small man looked upset as he began walking, and Alfred fallowed him, interested in what the man had to say. The other seemed to know him anyhow. "And they know you are a robot! Alfred, no one knows you are a robot! If this gets out, you know what they'd say about me?"

Alfred simply followed where the man was leading him, and after ducking through some alleys they were soon in a really nice part of town. The other walked quickly, not looking back to see if he was following, and he continued to babble in an angry manner. Well, at least the area helped him confirm that the man was rather wealthy.

The walk was rather tense though, and as Alfred maintained his nervous, confused silence, the other's anger only grew. People stared at them, and he assumed whatever was happening was an abnormal occurrence, and he was glad when they entered the front of a building, where there was only the person behind the desk to stare at them. That small relief was short-lived though, as he was snapped at angrily.

"Alfred, are you even listening to me! What's wrong with you, you would have normally said something by now! Are you upset with me?" he was lead into an elevator, and the small man had pushed the top button. They were going to a penthouse.

"Uhm…" he didn't know what to say to this man. Would it upset him that he didn't remember him despite the fact the other obviously knew him? And why did he run away? Did this man do something to him? Was he supposed to be upset with him? Slowly, he tried to formulate an idea of something to say. "I'm sorry?"

He only looked at him confused and shocked, like he had done something wrong. So he assumed that was not how he normally would act. He figured he should probably relax and just let his instincts take control of him, like he had so far, but he didn't have any idea of what to do. Seeing as the other was still expecting some sort of explanation though he sighed. He might as well tell him now.

"I'm sorry Sir… but uh… who are you?"

The man who was sharing the elevator with him just gave him a look of disbelief.

"Alfred, come on. You are jesting with me right?" the other looked completely shocked, his eyes showing a bit of hurt. Alfred assumed that he was acting strangely enough for it to be obvious he wasn't kidding though with the desperation the other showed.

"Uh… I'm sorry. I… I don't know who you are. I don't remember anything." He stood at the back of the elevator awkwardly, only moving to move the other into the penthouse after the doors had opened. "I just remember waking up lying on the street."

The other let himself be lead out of the elevator, eyes wide with shock and heartbreak. Sitting on the first thing he came to, which ended up being an end table, he put his face in his hands and rubbed his temples.

"I'm… I'm Arthur. Arthur Kirkland. I… you…." he looked up at the other, reaching forward to grab a hold of him, but meeting air. "You have to remember…we…." Tears began to drip down his cheeks.

Alfred thought it was sad, his heart moved for the small man. Reaching, he took the others hand as he was pulling it back, stepping forward and hugging the other. He didn't really know where it came from, but even though his memory drive was whipped, he had the habits still built into his system that his body still fallowed.

"I'm sorry….. I wish I could remember." He held the other close to his chest, laying his cheek on the top of his head. It felt right; it felt like that was what he was supposed to do.

It only made the man cry harder though.

Arthur pushed the other away quickly, whipping his eyes. He had to do something. He had to do something now.

"Come with me." He took a firm hold of Alfred's hand, pulling him back towards the elevator they just came out of. He had to do something.