A/N from A.C.: Just like my fic 'Lapdog' this will have a bunch of different drabble type things about the Turks…. Most will probably be violent or smut. I love the Turks. XD The main pairing is Reno/Tseng which is why it's under that and it'll have some yummy Rufus/Tseng or maybe Reno/Rufus as well.

Glad I had some time to write… even if it was during Tropical Storm Irene.

For my dear Kickcows who shares my love of the Turks (especially Tseng).

Tseng let a low sigh pass his lips as he made his way to the parking garage under the main ShinRa building. Rufus had left something in the back seat of the limo and the Wutaiian Turk, of course, was sent to fetch it. The President's Kalm Fang, Dark Nation, was on guard while the elder male was gone so at least Tseng didn't have to worry about anything happening to the blond.

He pulled the limo's keys from his pocket and unlocked it before opening the back door and climbing in. "What did Rufus say he forgot here? A folder? Some stupid thing he needs for a meeting or some shit…"

The Turk Director got on his hands and knees on the limo floor, checking under the seats for the folder. He was able to squeeze under the seat a little so he could reach further under and feel along the carpeted floor.

"Y'know," A voice from behind spoke up and Tseng jumped a little, smacking his head on a metal bar under the seat, "ya look real good like that."

The Wutaiian pulled himself out from under the limo's seat and narrowed his chocolate eyes at the redhead peeking in through the doorway. "What do you want, Reno? I'm busy."

"Oh, I was headed ta my bike ta go get lunch. I happened ta see th'limo door open so I came over ta investigate, yo!" He gave the older man a cheesy grin, "And ta my surprise I find you bent over with yer ass in th'air. A wonderful sight, indeed, yo."

Tseng made to get out of the limo but was stopped by a hand on his shoulder. He looked up at Reno and arched a brow, "Do you mind?"

The redhead smirked, "I do, yo. Ge' back in the car for a minute, Tseng."

"Why exactly should I?"

Reno let a soft chuckle escape him as he leaned close to the other man, lips brushing gently against Tseng's, "Please, babe. We don't gotta hide it right now. No one's watchin'. I miss ya."

A faint blush painted the older man's cheeks, "Reno, can't you wait until later tonight…?" He kept his voice low, not wanting to be heard by anyone but the redhead before him.

Reno shook his head, "Can't wait, baby." He smiled, "Y'know it's been so long. Rufus' been workin' ya like a dog. I can't stand th'thought of 'im touchin' ya!"

"You know it's not my choice, Reno." Tseng sighed, moving back in the limo, sitting on one of the seats.

Reno got into the limo, looking around at the interior. He may hate the blond president for working his lover to near death and fucking him when he needed to get stress out, but the wealth of the young man was amazing in the redhead's opinion. The interior walls of the limo were white though the long couch-like seats and carpeting was black in color. The black leather seats were Reno's definite favorite part of the limo, aside from the small fridge that held cold beer.

He sat on the seat beside Tseng, resting a hand on the elder man's knee, and kissed his light pink cheek. "I know, hon. Don't worry, kay? I can make ya feel all better." He gently cupped Tseng's cheek and placed a gentle kiss on his lips, "Promise, yo."

Tseng smiled softly, "You miss my body that much, Reno?"

"Aye, your body and you, babe. Rufus takes you away from me way too much."

Chuckling softly, Tseng gave a small nod, "I know he does. I try to come back to you as often as I can though… doesn't that mean anything?"

"Tseng, babe, I haven't been laid since last week, yo! That's too damn long without ya in my arms." He smirked, "And too long without ya under me, crying out my name…"

Moving to straddle the redhead's lap, the older Turk wrapped his arms around Reno's neck, "You have no idea how hard it is not to call out your name when he's raping me, Reno… I only think of you. I only want you in me, Reno… Not him…"

The redhead cupped the older man's cheek in his hand and leaned forward to meet the soft lips in a gentle kiss. His tongue swept across the Director's lower lip, the other man's soft moan floating through the air from the action, and delved his tongue into Tseng's mouth, drawing his own muscle out to play. Reno sucked the other man's tongue into his mouth, sucking on it gently, enjoying the taste that was purely Tseng.

Like exotic spices…

The Director's back arched, breaking the kiss, as hands trailed down his chest and began to undo the buttons of his suit jacket, pushing the black fabric off of his shoulders. The redhead's hand then quickly removed the Director's tie and white dress shirt, dropping them carelessly to the floor of the limo. He moaned deeply at the plain of pale skin that was dotted with scars both large and small from the battles he's fought as a Turk.

"R- Reno… We don't have a lot of time…."

"I just gotta see all o' you, baby…" The redhead purred, his hands travelling down further to work at the button and zipper of the older man's pants. He kissed the older man's lips gently, "Get 'em off… I can't wait no more…."

The older man stood up as best he could in the limo and toed off his shoes, dropping both his pants and his boxers to the floor and stepping out to them. He slipped back onto the redhead's lap as Reno undid his own pants and pulled out his member.

Tseng let out a deep moan, "I forgot how big you were, Reno…."

The redhead chuckled softly, kissing along the older man's jaw, "I'm bigger than Ruf' right?"

"Yeah… you are…" The older man positioned himself over the other's member and slowly brought himself down, groaning deeply as he was breached.

Reno leaned his head back, hands moving to the Director's pale hips, digging fingernails in, "Baby…" He moaned low, kissing a little trail along the Wutaiian's jaw, "Babe… I ain't gonna last…. It's so hot inside ya…"

Tseng shuddered, pushing his hips back against the younger man's lap, wrapping his arms around the redhead's neck. He pressed his lips to the other man's, tilting his head a little to deepen the kiss. He moaned into the kiss, pressing his bare chest against the other's shirt.

The younger Turk arched, pushing his hips up so he could grind against the other man's prostate. He reveled in the older male's cry, even if he had to break the kiss to let the sound out. Bucking his hips faster, Reno could feel himself reaching his edge, reaching to the raven-haired man's arousal and stroking it. Using his other hand, Reno pinched and scratched at his lover's sensitive chest.

Letting out a sharp cry, Tseng let loose, tossing his head back as he came all over the redhead's hand and clothed stomach. He shuddered and clenched his muscles, milking the other's release from his member and moaning low at Reno's low groans of pleasure.

Pulling himself off the younger man, Tseng began to dress again even as his breathing was labored and his chest was heaving. He looked into pleasure clouded aquamarine eyes and smiled softly, "Thank you…"

"I expect to see you home sometime soon…"

The older man nodded, pulling on his suit jacket over his shirt, "Of course… I'll get Rude to watch Rufus over night… I miss cuddling with you."

Smiling, the redhead tucked himself away and zipped his pants up, "I love you, Tseng."

"I love you too, Reno."