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"Sinclair." Rufus narrowed his eyes at the redhead standing by the door.

"Uh, yeah, bossman?"

"Come over here, would you?" He leaned back in his seat, steepling his fingers. Sparkling blue eyes watched as the Turk walked up to the desk. "Around the desk, Turk."

The redhead gave a small nod and rounded the desk, "Yeah?"

The blond stood from his chair and roughly gripped Reno's chin, forcing the aquamarine orbs to look at him, "You do realize that Tseng belongs to me, yes?"

Gritting his teeth, the Turk growled out, "He ain't a thing, yo... He's a person!"

"He's mine, you little street rat!" Rufus snarled, tightly grabbing the Turk's ponytail and pulling hard. "You'd better realize that. You think I don't know what just happened? I know everything that goes on in this building, Turk. Stop meeting with him. Stop going behind my back to fuck my pet."

"He ain't a pe-"

"Shut up!" Rufus snapped and the redhead immediately fell silent. He moved quickly, tossing the Turk to the ground roughly. He walked over to him, pressing down on the back of his head with his shoe. "If you know what's good for you, Sinclair, you better listen to me."

"Ah! F- Fine!" Tears of pain welled in the redhead's eyes and he clawed at the floor desperately, "Please, stop, boss!"

Removing his shoe from the back of his subordinate's head, Rufus crouched down and smirked, "You look good like that, Turk."

"S- Sir..?"

Shifting, Rufus took a grip on the Turk's hips and turned him. He smirked and had the redhead lift his hips so he was up on his knees. Setting his hands on the slightly older man's ass, the President grinned, "Such a nice ass... Tell me, do you let Tseng top you?"

"Ain't none o' yer bu-"

Smacking his ass hard, Rufus growled, "That's not an answer to my question, Sinclair!"

Reno let out a little yelp, "Y- Yes! W- We switch, yo!"

"Well, doesn't that give me nice images..." He chuckled, "I bet you top him more than he does you... That filthy Wutaiian loves getting fucked."

"Not by you!" Reno shouted. He instantly regret it as he got another slap.

"He fucking loves it, Sinclair."

. . . . . .

Tseng let out a soft sigh as he trailed behind Dark Nation. The Kalm Fang was very picky about where she had to do her business and she dragged the Wutaiian all around the Upper Plate until she found a good spot. She occasionally looked over her shoulder, blinking her eyes at the man behind her, just to make sure he was still alive.

She honestly had no idea why the nice treat man kept mating with her master. She had to listen to their coupling and knew it was not very fun. She made it her duty to protect the treat man in addition to her master as well as she could. Her ears perked up and she sniffed at a tree on the side of the road.

"This place good enough, Nation? We've been gone for a long while..." Tseng looked down at the animal and watched as she sniffed.

She turned her head back to look at the Wutaiian and snorted hot air from her nose. She tugged on the leash and continued walking, sniffing at the air once more. Tseng sighed but reluctantly followed her. Nation purred happily as she walked, loving her time spent with the treat man. She had always liked him the best. She did not like the red one much. He teased her too much.

The Kalm Fang let out another purr and trotted faster, her nub of a tail wagging happily. Her tongue lolled out of her mouth for a moment and she stopped by another tree, sniffing at the bottom of it. The guard hound let out a light bark. She moved closer and crouched.

Tseng looked away, wanting to give the Kalm Fang a bit of privacy.

. . . . .

The redhead Turk let out a cry of pleasure as Rufus thrust deep inside him. He clawed at the floor of the President's office and his body shuddered. The blond rocked his hips fast, pushing as deep as he could within the elder man's body. He dug his blunt fingernails into the pale flesh of Reno's hips and moved a little faster, letting out deep moans as pleasure raced through his body.

"Shit! Ruf'!" Reno cried out loudly, reaching underneath himself to stroke his cock quickly.

"What, Sinclair..?" The President breathed heatedly, reaching beneath the redhead and smacking his hand away. He gripped the other man's member tightly, making sure the other could not come until he himself was good and ready. "Do you need to come..? Do you want release?" He pushed hard against the Turk's prostate and smirked.

"Y- Yes!" The redhead whined loudly, shivering.

"Too fucking bad, Turk." Rufus snarled, slamming hard against Reno's sweet spot, causing the Turk to scream out desperately. "You won't hand Tseng over to me, I won't let you fucking come."

"Pl- Please!" Reno cried, a tear slipping down his cheek, he was that desperate. He pushed his ass back, clenching his inner muscles around the blond, trying to push him to the edge. If the redhead could just escape to the bathroom, he could take care of this himself.

"You would dare leave your jizz on your boss' floor, Sinclair?" Rufus growled, gripping his subordinate's dick tighter.

"I- I- I d- don-!" He cried out when Rufus gave another hard thrust.

"Say what you want!" The blond shouted, moving his hips faster.

"Let me come! Please!" He yowled out, eyes closing tight. He tossed his head back and screamed to what ever god was out there listening as he released, hard. The redhead whined deep in his throat seconds later when he felt the President's fluid fill his body.

Pulling out of the form under him abruptly, Rufus stood up reaching onto his desk to get a tissue. He wiped his member clean, looking down at the Turk that was on the floor, "Get up and clean that mess up. Make sure it's gone completely. Understood?"

Reno gave a slow nod, moving to stand. He blinked back fresh tears. 'This must be how Tseng always feels... this is awful... I feel like trash...' He darted into the bathroom, hoping that Rufus would think he was getting cleaning supplies, 'I'll save you from this, Tseng! I swear!'