I was thirteen when they came for me; a girl barely getting to know the world in the town of Jericho as I sat in the back of the small cabin and watched while the men in dark robes spoke to my father in hushed whispers. Mother told me about these men from that polluted city run by those crazy catholic men my father used to work for. She told me it was why we moved so far away from them. Their ways were good intentioned but corrupt beyond belief. Don't get me wrong we're devoted Catholics but crazy is crazy. Our family believed in free worship and life, and to be confined in smog choked city wasn't what my mother wanted for me.

As I sat bowing my head before my dinner plate I strained my attentive ears to listen. My father was putting up a fight with his unheard words, but when his head craned in defeat I started to worry. Soon, my mother got up from the table giving me a calm look as she padded over next to her husband and began speaking with the strangers once again. I saw her shoulders begin to shake as she shuddered a sob she tried to hide.

I wanted to know what was going on. What was making my mother and father so upset? As if the weather was reading the settings of my house it started to thunder. My large brown eyes watched as my mother regained herself and said a few more words and with a glint from the crosses hanging off their necks in the candlelight the hooded men slid out the door. Relief flooded my chest. Maybe they left for good?

Mother walked over to me. Her green eyes were watery and red. "Heather I need you to listen very closely to me". The tone in her voice scared me beyond belief. There was no softness, no smoothe words that flew from her mouth. It was a serious tone for a serious subject. I glanced at father who was still at the door tensed up and facing the direction the men had left.

"You're going to go with those men out there. They're going to take you somewhere where they'll make you strong, strong enough to fight off the monsters okay?"

Away? "What's going on mom? Aren't those the bad guys from the city?"

She brushed a strand of chocolate hair away from my forehead, "They're not bad guys dear. They're doing what God told them to do, and that is to bring you with them so that you can be strong for God". I heard it in her voice. The snake like hiss that laced around her false meanings almost made me question her, but I knew better.

"Why me?" I ask.

A smile broke, "Because you are special Heather".

"Will I ever come back home?" The thunder outside began to crack with lightening sheathing the room in a white blanket.

She pressed her lips to my forehead, "Someday".

The front door opened before one of the men with a cross tattooed to his forehead came in and nodded at my mother, "Time is short".

Mother kissed me and whispered a few short words in my ear, words I would never soon forget. Father walked over, tears in his eyes, as he strapped a leather bracelet around my wrist that had a silver cross dangling from it.

"Be strong Heather", he said hugging me tight enough I could feel his heartbeat through his clothes, "And don't forget we love you".

I didn't cry. I couldn't find myself too; maybe that was why they chose me, because I knew when to be strong and when to let loose. The tall man with a tattoo wrapped me in a dark cloak and after one final look he led me out into the thunderstorm ridden wasteland. On the fast bike I watched my small house on the outskirts of Jericho disappear onto the horizon as we headed east to the capital city.

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