Lucas watched his mate as she slept, curled on her side. Smiling slightly before bending down to press a kiss to her forehead. Sascha smiled in her sleep and turned toward him. He crawled into bed behind her and curled his body around hers, wrapping his arms around her and pulling her close. Lucas slowly slipped into a peaceful sleep. The pair were woken a few hours later when a small, child-like voice called out. "Mommy! Daddy!" An almost peircing cry before it abruptly cut off. Lucas shifted and rose before walking out of their bedroom to get their 22 month old daughter. By the time he entered the room again, Sascha was sitting up in bed waiting. Erin looked almast exactly like her mother. Same eyes, same hair that spiraled wildly. The only difference was that their daughter could shift. As soon as Erin saw her mother she reached for her and, being wrapped around her finger like he was, he complied; smiling back at his mate and child. She automatically curled up against her mother. Lucas leaned Sascha and Erin back against his chest so they could get comfortable and, knowing them, fall asleep. He loved watching them sleep.

True to form, they both fell asleep after watching cartoons. As they slept, he couldn't help but smile down at them. Sighing, he settled down on the bed and closed his eyes, fully content.

When morning rolled around, the mates were awoken to the sounds of cartoons. Looking down they saw Erin curled up between them asleep with her head on her daddy's chest just as her mother had been asleep. Lucas turned the cartoons off but "Daddy! I was watching that!" Lucas sighed but relented and turned on the cartoons for his daughter. She smiled and curled up even tighter on his chest; like the cat she was.

Sascha curled into her mate's side as they watched cartoons, Lucas drew her closer and smiled. All is well.