Just had to get this story off of my chest!
We hadn't heard from Wes in over five years. He left, because he couldn't handle me going to college during the day and only being home on weekends and at night. And he left. Never to be heard from again. But the night he left, I was going to tell him I was pregnant with his child, and I was going to quit college.

Now Kelsie Lynn Baker was turning 5. She was so excited for her party that would be thrown in the big house that everyone that worked at Wish lived in the next day. It was 3 stories, with 5 bedrooms. Kristy had one to herself, Bert and Monica, who were happily married, shared another, Delia and her husband shared one, I had one to myself, and Rylie shared the last room with Avery, Lucy, and Tess, who was Bert and Monica's. It was a giant room, so it worked out perfectly.

I was currently singing a soft lullaby to Kelsie, who was fast asleep in her bed. She was the perfect angel. She brushed her teeth, and went to bed when told to. She said please and thank you, which came out as fank you. My train of thought was interrupted by the doorbell ringing. I quietly exited the room, not wanting to wake any of the 4 sleeping children, then bolted down the stairs. No one was in the house tonight except me and the kids. They all went out to the bar, and ever since Wes, I couldn't find it in me to go out.

I opened the door, expecting to see Kristy stumble in drunk with a boy she just met. So what I saw startled me. I saw a pair of painfully familiar eyes that I hadn't seen in over 5 years.

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